A Husband For Killer Mom - C.306 - The Most Suitable RevengeMay 05, 2023

A Husband For Killer Mom

C.306 - The Most Suitable RevengeMay 05, 2023

306 Ch. 306 The Most Suitable Revenge

Luckily, apart from the two people who happened to pass by Mei Yin, no one else approached the area near the router’s cable bundle. It would be easier for Mei Yin to sneak in the Cerberus team’s router cable so they could enter the Luen group’s security system.

After confirming that no one was around, Mei Yin opened a door and entered without a sound. Then she searched for a panel box containing a lot of wires with a quick walk. Once she found what she was looking for, Mei Yin opened the box and unplugged one of the internet router cables for this place. She immediately clamped something to the end of the cable and connected it to the Cerberus team’s network channel.

At the same time, the team of Cerberus members waiting in the van with various computer screens on the long table sprang into action as soon as their internet signal appeared.

“We’re in,” instantly, the hacker from Cerberus operated his skills and stole important secret files belonging to the Luen group.

At the same time, they entered what was given by the Guardian Angel.

A few days ago, when most of the Cerberus team went to Etros on orders from Richard, they were discussing ways to get back at Yu Long for destroying the life of the Anxia family.

“I know the right way to punish Yu Long so that he wishes to die right then and there,” Richard said that night to Anxia along with Mei Yin and Xuemin. “Hawkeye. His only weakness is the contents taken from Hawkeye.”

Anxia frowned at her husband’s words. How did her husband know about Hawkeye? And also… why are these three pairs of eyes looking at her strangely?



“Anxia ??weren’t you… the last person to hold it? If I remember correctly, your mother… That woman told us Hawkeye was gone, and the only one holding her was you,” guessed Mei Yin.

“No. I don’t even know…” then Anxia remembered her conversation with the fake Loraine about Hawkeye.

“Qiao Qiao, Hawkeye is the data chip that you once stored. Master Yu is hunting you for this chip. If you hadn’t taken the chip away, he wouldn’t have chased you to the ends of the earth.”

“Ooo…” was Anxia’s only reaction, as if she wasn’t interested in the chip’s contents that had once resided in her brain.

“Just an ‘Ooo’? Master Yu is sure you have memorized all the contents of that data. Could it be that you have forgotten it?” Although Xuemin didn’t expect much that Anxia would still remember the contents of the chip, only that data was the only way to make Yu Long’s life miserable for a lifetime.

“You think I’m a robot? Of course, those names will disappear over time. Besides…” Anxia turned to her husband in a spoiled manner as she wrapped her arms around his husband’s. “My husband makes me want to forget the past. Why should I memorize them?”

Richard and Mei Yin chuckled while Xuemin rolled his eyes lazily as he raised his hands in surrender. “Okay. As you wish, then.”

“Darling, is there no way to make you remember it? I can’t believe you left no clues at all.”

Anxia frowned. How could her husband know her way of thinking so well?

Finally, she stood on tiptoe to whisper something in her husband’s ear.

“Ask Ling Meng. She will help you find out the names.”

Richard raised an eyebrow at this sentence. Ultimately, he acted ignorant because he knew they couldn’t tell Xuemin that Ling Meng was still alive and had now joined the Cerberus team.

When Richard asked Ling Meng about this, the girl gave him a U-tube channel instead. They saw that several videos had been uploaded regularly since five years ago for a hundred weeks.

These videos were uploaded once a week, and a hundred videos made Richard and the others wonder. What did the hundred videos have to do with the names he wanted?

The uploaded video was not impressive―the contents were in the form of disease news or traffic accidents that occurred many years ago. There were also videos about variety shows like got talent shows and the like. Nothing suspicious about these videos left the Cerberus team members confused.

“If you investigate the scene in the video and trace the location and owner of the building, you will find out,” explained Ling Meng with a proud smile.

Without asking too many questions, Richard told his team members to find the locations in each video. And it was true; they started to see the names of the businessmen who had been hidden all this time but had been the target of Cerberus for a long time.

It had been long since Richard wanted to punish and arrest most of the people involved in the seemingly insignificant video. However, Cerberus still needs to find solid evidence to expose their corruption and crimes.

Who would have thought that they were all related to the Luen group?

No wonder they pressured Yu Long to quickly find the chip before it leaked to Interpol and caught them in their respective countries. Yu Long must be anxious every day for fear that these powerful men would chop off his head. The man was lucky to be alive today because there was no movement from Interpol.

Now they knew the names on the chip; they wasted no time by taking data about them and sending it to each of those names.

All illegal trade and criminal acts committed by the ten largest syndicates in the world were stored in the Luen group database. Cerberus took all the data and sent it via hacked Yu Long’s email to the ten syndicates.

After that, they didn’t need to do anything and waited for the reactions of the ten syndicates whose members numbered more than a hundred businessmen who were quite influential in their respective countries.

They would hunt down Yu Long, and that man’s life would no longer be peaceful. Just like when Yu Long hunted down Anxia, that made her unable to live peacefully and always lived a life filled with moving around since she was pregnant, they also did the same to Yu Long.

The difference was that Anxia was now living a quiet and peaceful life with Richard and their children, while Yu Long… they would ensure that this man would never live in peace.

Meanwhile, Mei Yin, still in the headquarters, was now surrounded by people… who were covering their noses because of the unbearable stench.

Mei Yin didn’t know if she should laugh or cry because dozens of people surrounded her. Even if she was a fighter… she couldn’t possibly defeat these people by herself. She started to regret getting herself in a nasty stench.

Yup. Her existence was discovered because of her super-duper, extraordinarily unpleasant body odor.