"Tell me, why would you even take a fancy to a scumbag like Feng Cheng? Your taste in partners really isn't very good, is it!"

Gu Ran sneered. He didn't say! Not only had she been painfully oblivious to it in the past, but she had been blindly smitten with him too!

"However, it seems like he still had some value, at least. He's been with you so long, and yet your body remains surprisingly unsullied! Looks like he'd long planned to sell you for some good money!"

Director Li felt his heart itch with anticipation at the thought of this beautiful woman lying under him and being intimate with him very soon. "Don't worry about it and follow me. You will know nothing but a pleasurable life from now on!"

Gu Ran felt weak all over. The drug's effects had not yet dissipated in her body. If she were to fight head-on with Director Li now, she would definitely be at a disadvantage.

Thus, she pretended to comply and said, with the air of someone being wronged, "I also know that I met a scumbag, but I was fortunate enough to have met you today. However, I have little strength in my body as it is. I couldn't serve you like this even if I wanted to."

When Director Li heard this, he thought that this little lady was being rather thoughtful; for she knew how to add some spice into it by playing coy.

That was not a bad idea either. It would have indeed been quite boring without any foreplay.

"Well, how do you want to play this game, then?"

Gu Ran looked around the room and struggled to push herself up from the bed. Then, she turned her head to pull an antique table lamp down from where it was standing on the bedside table. She grabbed the coil of electric wire from the lamp and gestured it towards herself. "For example, tying me up like this…" 𝚋𝚎dnov𝚎𝚕.𝚌om

Director Li's eyes lit up. Just the thought of such a scene was exhilarating!

"Come over here!"

The beauty called out in a sweet, sultry voice. Director Li's legs seemed to grow a mind of its own as he walked towards the bed. But before his hand could even touch Gu Ran, he saw her raise the table lamp and throw it at his head with all her might!

"F*ck! You're crazy!"

The antique table lamp weighed a few kilograms and was covered entirely in metal. Moreover, Gu Ran had given the throw her all - the back of Director Li's head was now bleeding profusely. He couldn't stand properly, and fell to the ground after a few shaky steps.

Gu Ran took the opportunity to jump off the bed and run.

Unfortunately, she still did not have much strength. The drug in her body was acting up again and she felt weak all over. As she passed by Director Li, he grabbed her ankle, making her lose her balance and she fell to the floor.

"D*mn girl, you dare hit me! I see that you have a death wish!"

Director Li pulled Gu Ran towards him with all his might. Gu Ran, however, had finally seen the hope for survival and would naturally refuse to cooperate with him. She kicked at his legs wildly and stepped over them without a care. After a long while of struggling, she finally broke free from his grip in the scuffle and stumbled clumsily to her feet. She fumbled at the door's lock before opening it, and ran out.

As she passed the living room, she caught a glimpse of a plate of fruits on the coffee table with a peeler lying by its side. Turning back, she caught side of Director Li who was about to climb to his feet, and quickly lunged towards the table to take the peeler in her hand.

Director Li stumbled out of the room. With his head dripping blood messily all over his clothes, he looked like he had just stepped out from Hell itself. He glared malevolently at Gu Ran. "Run! Why aren't you running anymore?! D*mn girl, if I don't teach you a lesson today, I'll have wasted all my years in this circle!"

Director Li was getting closer and closer. Gu Ran tightened her grip on the peeler in her hand. Just as he was about to reach her, she forcefully plunged the peeler deep into his thigh.


Director Li screeched loudly. Gu Ran's eyes were filled with pure hatred as she stomped on that area in his lower body.

"Ugh!" Director Li was in so much pain that his veins were bulging from his skin.

Shoving him away, Gu Ran ran for the suite's door at breakneck speed. She unlocked the door from within and quickly escaped.