Chapter 29

In the next two days, Gu Ran successfully led everyone to complete the mission, leaving them with 30 pounds by the end of it all.

“Oh my God! Somehow, with so little cash, we still managed to leave some spare, did we really do this?” Ma Yunyun almost jumped up and cheered.

The past few days had really frightened her. She was too afraid to buy anything, and afraid that she would end up sleeping on the streets.

Yan Hao also smiled and nodded. “These few days have indeed been a valuable experience. However, we have to thank Xiao Gu for helping us successfully complete the mission. If not for her, we would have definitely given up on the first day.”

Mo Yancheng also smiled and nodded.

“Why don’t we use this money to buy something! As a souvenir!” Ma Yunyun suggested.

Gu Ran frowned. “No.”

“Why!” Ma Yunyun wheedled unhappily. “I haven’t bought anything for days. I’ll just buy a little!”

Gu Ran remained unmoved. “You have to save this money and use it for your next trip.”

“Ah! No! Gu Ran…”

Gu Ran couldn’t be bothered to talk to her. Instead, she looked at Yan Hao and the others. “What do you think?”

Yan Hao smiled and said, “We’ll listen to you. It’ll be good to use it in the next episode, perhaps we’d even be a little richer.”

Gu Ran nodded in satisfaction. “The minority obeys the majority.”

“Fine!” Ma Yunyun shrugged helplessly.

Fortunately, this episode was over. When she returned to the country, she was going to go on a proper shopping spree!

On the plane back, Ma Yunyun excitedly told Liao Ping what she was going to buy once she reached home Liao Ping responded perfunctorily and looked back at Mo Yancheng, who was sitting in the back row.

“There won’t be the Movie King in the next episode, I think!”

“Huh? Movie King only appears for one episode?”

Ma Yunyun was a little disappointed. This was her first time recording a show with her idol, and they hadn’t even spoken that much! And now, they are going to separate soon.

“I heard that the show’s chief producer, Chairman Ma, had high hopes for him when the Movie King debuted. He kept fighting for resources for him. Later, he even introduced Sister Hua to be his manager. That’s how he became an entertainment legend.”

Sister Hua was the top manager in the whole entertainment industry. It was said that everyone who had been trained by her would eventually get a Best Actor or Best Actress Award.

Chairman Ma had been investing quite a lot in movies for the past few years. Recently, the movie market had been in a slump. It was said that he had lost a lot of money and his connections and worth had plummeted, which was why he had made the switch to the variety market.

This was Chairman Ma’s first program. He had spent a lot of effort to invite Mo Yancheng to his show. However, Mo Yancheng’s status was fundamentally different now. Even when Chairman Ma had personally come forward, he had only agreed to guest star in one episode.

“Then who’s in the next episode?” Ma Yunyun asked.

Liao Ping shook her head. “I haven’t heard anything either.”

“What a pity! If I had known, I wouldn’t have watched the movie last night. It would have been good to talk to the Movie King!” Ma Yunyun was extremely regretful.

Gu Ran was sitting between Liao Ping and Mo Yancheng. As she listened to the two of them whispering to each other, she slowly opened her eyes and cast a look back.

Unexpectedly, when she turned around, she met Mo Yancheng’s eyes. Their gazes connected, and her heart skipped a beat, before she nodded, turned around, and closed her eyes to rest again.

They were supposed to be two unrelated people who should return to their own walks of life.

However, without the support of Mo Yancheng in the next episode, she wondered if the remaining people would still listen to her. She definitely did not want another Feng Cheng situation on her hands!

Thinking of this, Gu Ran frowned. She had to ask Yu Xiang when she returned.