In the long red corridor outside the hotel, Gu Ran held onto the wall and did not dare to delay a single step as she walked forward. She was direction-less and could not find the exit, and could only rely on her intuition to stumble ahead.

The world before her became more and more unfocused. She felt as though an inferno was raging within her body, desperately waiting to be extinguished by someone.

Just as she was about to reach the mouth of the corridor, somebody walked out from a neighboring room.

Gu Ran could not see that person's face clearly. She could only vaguely see a black figure. She was still holding the bloody peeler in her hand and her hair was a mess. Her clothes were rumpled beyond recognition, and in a daze, she fell heavily into the person's embrace.

The man caught her instinctively.

With her last shred of consciousness, Gu Ran grabbed the front of his shirt and studied it cautiously. It belonged to neither Feng Cheng or Director Li.

That was good.

Gu Ran heaved a sigh of relief and felt her body relax completely. She whispered softly, "Help me call the police… 120…"

With that, she blacked out completely. 𝒃𝒆𝒅𝒏𝒐𝒗𝙚𝙡.𝙘𝙤𝒎

"Chairman Mo, the car is ready. We can…"

Executive Assistant Qi had just received a call from the chauffeur and was about to escort Mo Yancheng downstairs when he saw his boss half-kneeling at the door of his room with a girl in his arms.

Not only that, the aforementioned girl's clothes were in a mess, and there was an abnormal expression on her face. There were many bloodstains on her body, and she even held a knife in her hand.

"Chairman Mo, are you alright?" Executive Assistant Qi quickly walked over, giving Mo Yancheng a quick once-over to make sure he was alright.

"This isn't my blood." Mo Yancheng glanced at him, then looked at the unconscious woman in his arms. "It shouldn't be her blood either."

Judging from the direction she had come from, there should be a room from within the corridor. He turned his head, and indeed saw a room with its door hanging ajar. The sounds of a man whimpering in pain could be vaguely heard from within.

"It should be from that room!" Mo Yancheng pointed in that direction.

Executive Assistant Qi stood up and walked over in quick strides. Standing at the door's threshold and looking in quickly confirmed that the man lying on the ground was none other than the circle's famous veteran director himself .

Thinking back to the debacle he had just seen, it wasn't too hard to guess what had happened in this room.

He walked to Mo Yancheng's side and briefly reported, "It seems like Director Li wanted to use the 'unspoken rules', and was discovered by this girl. She hence used a knife to injure him, and then escaped afterwards."

Mo Yancheng furrowed his brows with a frown. He, too, had been an actor since he was young, but his journey had been nothing if not smooth-sailing. Having won so many awards that his hands felt weak from its collected weight, he was a classic case of having received God's blessing.

After reaching the peak of his acting career, Mo Yancheng ventured into the business world with such success that, were he to stomp his feet now, the entire stock market of C-City would feel its tremors.

"The usual practice when dealing with girls like her would be to drug them. The fact that she was able to hold out and escape already makes her stronger than most." Looking at Gu Ran's disheveled state, even a man such as Executive Assistant Qi could not help but to feel just slightly afraid.

"Why don't we call the police?"

Mo Yancheng shook his head. "That would alert too many people. If word of this ever got out, the entertainment world would eat her alive."

"But we can't just leave her like this, right?"

Executive Assistant Qi frowned. "Why don't I get a room and put her to rest there before calling Doctor Song over for a checkup?"

Before he could finish his sentence, Mo Yancheng had already bent down to pick her up. He turned around and walked towards the room where he had just been resting.

Oh my god!

Mo Yancheng, who was so unapproachable that even his Executive Assistant of eight years only obtained the permission to enter his rooms this year, had taken the initiative to bring a girl he'd never met before into his room!