Chapter 30

Once off the plane, everybody parted ways.

Gu Ran really had nowhere to return to now, and could only call for a taxi to bring her back to the agency and see if the accommodations Yu Xiang had prepared to her was ready or not.

“You still dare to come back!”

As soon as she entered, Yu Xiang slapped the board. “What did I tell you before I sent you off? To talk less and not cause trouble for yourself! And what do you do? Dump water on Feng Cheng and take charge in the show! Do you know how much the Feng Cheng fans want to eat you alive right now?!”

“They were the ones who insisted on me taking charge.” Gu Ran curled her lips. “I said that I wanted to break off and do my own thing, but they didn’t want that. Do I really have to take the fall alongside that intellectually-impaired Feng Cheng?”


Yu Xiang was beyond furious, but even she had to admit that although Gu Ran had thoroughly offended Feng Cheng this time, from the feedback of the show, most of the netizens were still on Gu Ran’s side. A small portion of them had even changed their impression of her.

Despite the small number, it was nonetheless a good start.

“By the way, Yu Xiang, has the payment for this gig come through yet? I only have 300 yuan left in my bank card. I won’t even have enough money to eat soon!”

“Aren’t you very capable and able to find free hotels and restaurants everywhere. Why aren’t you showing off now?!” Yu Xiang retorted.

Gu Ran rubbed her nose and did not speak. Yu Xiang glared at her, but she still dialed her private line to ask the financial department to settle Gu Ran’s bill.


Yu Xiang slammed a folder on the table and pointed at the cover. “I’ve accepted this role for you. It’s the role of the fifth female lead. Go back and take a look.”

Fifth female lead… as the name inplies, it would be a crowd role, the kind of role where she would not have much screentime.

Gu Ran gave a single glance to the script in hand and furrowed her eyebrows slightly. “I don’t want it.”

“You still dare to be so picky!”

Yu Xiang pointed at the script. “Even though I have managed to get you the role of the fifth female lead, you would still be able to try for the lead female role during tomorrow’s auditions. But I’m going to warm you now, you better go through the script thoroughly and no try any underhanded tactics! In this career path, your best bet is to have good acting skills. If you don’t get the lead role, you will take that fifth female role! Do you hear me!”

Yu Xiang’s words made Gu Ran remember Mo Yancheng.

During the trip this time, even a veteran actor like Yan Hao had acted deferentially to Mo Yancheng. Those actions had come from the respect within himself, because Mo Yancheng is the prime example of acting for everyone in the industry and does deserve the respect that everyone has of him.

When one’s acting skills are recognized by everyone else, they can be themselves without hiding anything from the world. As long as they do not break the law, they will be treated akin to a god in this industry, and as their retinue continues to grow, they will not abandon them because of age.

Feng Cheng’s income and livelihood comes from his ability to put up the front of an idol at any given point in time. Even with the kind of popularity and attention he gets, it is not a life that people would ever admire.

Gu Ran felt like she had suddenly been enlightened. Everything became clear in an instant.

“Okay, Yu Xiang, I am prepared.”

Gu Ran packed up her script, and asked, “Oh, yes, in the next season, the Movie King won’t be there anymore?”

Yu Xiang frowned. “I did not expect Chairman Ma to actually be able to convince the Movie King to participate in this season. I heard that he had tried persuading him several times before with no success and the Movie King only had rejections for him. I had no idea how he got him to agree in the end, but even if he’d agreed, showing his face in one season is already giving a lot of face to Chairman Ma. Did you really think that he’d accompany you to the end!”

“No, I just asked from the top of my mind.”

“Stop thinking nonsense and go back to memorizing the script!”