Chapter 38

Soon, Gu Ran’s assumption was proven to be right.

It took over ten hours to fly from China to the United States. Gu Ran had an in-flight meal, drank a glass too much of orange juice, and must have fallen asleep after that, for she awoke some time during the trip groggily and peeled off her blanket to go to the washroom.

After washing her face, Gu Ran felt much more refreshed than before. As she headed out of the restroom, a tall silhouette blocked her path.

She ducked her head and muttered offhandedly, “Apologies. Please move.”

As she said this, the plane suddenly entered a state of turbulence. Gu Ran felt her body tilt and started to fall.

At the same moment, the silhouette suddenly reached out and steadied her. “Watch out!”

The deep tenor of the voice next to her ear gave her pause as the plane steadied once more.

“Why are you here?” Gu Ran blurted out in surprise.

Mo Yancheng let go of her hand and smiled. “There’s someone currently using the first class restroom as we speak.”

Gu Ran was stunned for a moment before smiling. She clearly asked him why he would be on this place right now.

But the United States was also the most advanced country in the world. Perhaps Mo Yancheng was not going there for the show, but to settle some business over there. As such, Gu Ran did not continue her line of questioning.

After nodding, Gu Ran returned to her seat.

When they arrived at the airport lobby of America, Ma Yunyun, Liao Ping, and the others were already waiting there.

Upon seeing Gu Ran and Qin Lin come out, Ma Yunyun screamed excitedly, “Senior Brother Qin, over here, over here!”

“Hi, Yunyun!”

Qin Lin also smiled at Ma Yunyun, going up to greet her warmly and even hugging her.

Qin Lin and Ma Yunyun graduated from the same school. He was a year older than Ma Yunyun, and so no one felt anything in particular about them being familiar with each other.

“I heard that there would be a new guest this week and had been wondering who it was. So it was apparently Senior Brother!”

“Who else would it be if not for me? Do you not want to welcome me?” Qin Lin faked a sad expression.

“Of course I’d welcome you! Of course I would!” Ma Yunyun giggled happily, and heartily introduced him to Liao Ping and Yan Hao.

Soon, the few of them started chatting as if they were old friends.

Feng Cheng had to come a day later because of some scheduling conflict. Hence, Gu Ran stood alone in the hall, clearly ssplit away from Ma Yunyun and the others, making her look exceptionally lonely.

At this moment, the live broadcast of the program had already begun, and the netizens’ comments were also starting to flood the screen!

———-“So the mystery guest was Qin Lin!”

———-“The handsome men in the program just gets more and more! I have to get my sisters to watch this, she’s a die-hard fan of Qin Lin!”

———-“This season will be much more enjoyable with Qin Lin in it!”

Qin Lin was very popular. Whenever he appeared, the netizens welcomed him enthusiastically.

“Are we still waiting for a guest?” Liao Ping asked when the production team did not leave even after a long while.

The employees pointed at somebody walking through the Arrival gate. “Our last guest has just arrived.”

Everyone looked in the direction of the pointed finger. When Mo Yancheng made his way over, every person’s eyes bugged out of their heads, and the live-stream exploded with comments!

———-“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s the Movie King! The Movie King!!”

———-“Oh lord, oh lord, is it really him?? Wasn’t he only going to appear in one season? Is he going to become a regular?”

————”I’d be damned! The Movie King really is going to be part of the cast? It’s not just a one time thing??”

———-“Tell us who were the people who made this possible! To think they managed to recruit the Move King! That’s so cool of them!”

———-“To whomever that said that the Movie King was only appearing for one season: own up, your comment aged like milk!”

———-“He hasn’t appeared on the silver screen for so long now, and the only reason he’s doing so now is to repay a heartfelt debt for the producer. This is such a sweet moment, everyone!”