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In the end, Gu Ran successfully obtained a hundred dollars. Ma Yunyun was overjoyed. This was also the first time Qin Lin had seen this scene. He smiled playfully and whispered to Ma Yunyun on the way to the hotel.

"Has she always been like this? Going head-to-head with the program team? Or was it set in the script?"

Ma Yunyun glanced towards the filming camera. When she saw that it was not aimed at them, she whispered back, softly, "Gu Ran's temperament has always been as such. Did you know that last season, she even poured a bucket of cold water onto Feng Cheng! She's domineering and very authoritative, but when it comes to it she is very good at solving problems. If it weren't for her last season, we would have been sleeping in the streets!"

A beauty with an attitude… Qin Lin rubbed his chin speculatively. This was interesting!

"Anyway, jsut don't bother or annoy her or she'll really beat you up regardless of whether we're in front of a camera or not!"

Qin Lin raised his eyebrows. He didn't believe that Gu Ran would do this. It must be a personality trait of hers.

Everyone left the airport and followed Gu Ran to the bus stop. It took them three consecutive trips to reach the hotel she's chosen.

This time, the hotel was also in the suburbs. It might not have been in a literal graveyard like their last hotel back in France, but even then, the current environment wasn't exactly much better. Still, the rent was cheap, and it was close to several of the tasked attractions that the program team had set up. They could walk to the locations and skip out on the bus fare.

"Three rooms in total. We girls will take a room. Boys, feel free to divide the remaining two rooms between yourselves. These are you key cards."

Gu Ran handed over the room fee to the receptionist and gave the key cards to Yan Hao to divide between the men.

"It's twelve o'clock right now. Let us gather at the hall at one and go to our first assigned attraction spot. We can grab a spot of lunch along the way, but we must finish two of the assigned locations today." Gu Ran droned monotonously.

Ma Yunyun was feeling rather lethargic, but in the face of Gu Ran she dared not speak, and could only swallow back her tears and nod.

At one, everyone gathered at the hall, besides Qin Lin who was nowhere to be seen.

Gu Ran frowned and asked, "Who's bunking with Qin Lin?"

Yan Hao shook his head. "I'm bunking with the Movie King, he's with Feng Cheng. But Feng Cheng isn't here yet. Here, let me call him and see."

After several calls with radio silence at the other end, Yan Hao was out of ideas. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝑜𝑚

Gu Ran wanted nothing more than to just ditch Qin Lin, but after using him to get extra expenses back at the airport, it would be hypocritical of her to leave him behind.

With no choice left, Gu Ran could only go back up to check in on him personally.

Mo Yancheng furrowed his brows from where he was seated in the lobby as he watched Gu Ran leave. Feeling that something was off, he rose and said, "I need to take something from my room."

Nobody dared ask him what he had left behind and could only watch him leave as well.

Gu Ran arrived outside Qin Lin's room and pressed the doorbell. In an instant, the door was opened.

Qin Lin's upper body was bare and was only clad in a pair of boxers. Leaning against the doorframe, he looked hungrily into Gu Ran's eyes. "I knew you would come."

At this point, the filming cameras were all downstairs, which means none were aimed at them. Qin Lin grinned playfully and pulled Gu Ran into the room before trapping her against a wall. Lifting both his hands, he then hauled her into his embrace.

"The hell is your problem!" Gu Ran snarled, twisting her face.

"Tsk tsk! You're so cute when you're mad!" Qin Lin lowered his head and breathed in the scent of her hair. "My, this smell is heavenly! Divine, alongside the rest of your body scent!"

"What's so fun about travelling, anyway? Why don't we play some… adult games instead, hmm?"

Gu Ran narrowed her eyes and lowered her head. Upon seeing the prominent bulge on his lower body, she sneered. "Alright! Let me play with you."

Hearing this, Qin Lin thought that the fish had taken the bait. He turned around and was about to close the door when he was suddenly pushed hard. His entire body hit the door frame and he instantly saw stars from the impact.

Followed immediately thereafter, Gu Ran seized his wrist and shouldered him into the ground, before raising her Doc Martens-clad foot and stomped heavily onto his lower body.


A miserable scream echoed in the corridor. As Mo Yancheng alighted the elevator and heard it, his expression became thunderous and he sprinted towards Qin Lin's room!