Chapter 45: Why Do They Suddenly Look Rather Compatible?

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Although it was considered a scenic area, it was actually a large park with many small stalls.

Gu Ran walked to a small game stall with balloons. When she saw the huge sign on it saying that she would get ten US dollars for every shot, she could not help but be interested.

“Young lady, are you interested in playing? You can get a doll if you hit ten,” the boss said enthusiastically. “How much is the registration fee?” “One dollar.”

Gu Ran frowned. “Is there a limit?”

The boss said generously, “Of course not.”

Gu Ran nodded and took out a dollar for the boss. She took the toy gun from him and adjusted the angle. Just as the boss turned around, she fired.

All the balloons on the panel exploded. The boss was dumbfounded.

“This young lady has really… well hidden skills! ” The boss’s heart ached a little when he reluctantly handed over ten dollars.

Gu Ran accepted nine dollars and handed a dollar to the boss. “One more time.”

The boss was speechless.

-“The boss looks like he has nothing to live for!”

—-“Gu Ran is here to cause trouble, isn’t she? She paid one dollar and earned ten dollars in profit!”

—-“I didn’t expect Gu Ran to have such a unique skill! Her marksmanship is too accurate! Usually, the guns in such shops are modified, so it’s very difficult to hit the targets accurately!”

—-“So Gu Ran has been leading everyone on missions in the last episode because she can earn money? No wonder they have enough money to spend! ”

-“I’ve finally met someone with brains! Although I’m not a fan of Gu Ran, it’s obvious that the production team must have a special purpose for giving so little money and not arranging missions! Do they really think that everyone wants to watch celebrities take a walk around the park?”

The boss pulled Gu Ran aside and quietly handed her twenty dollars. “Young lady, we’re all here to make a living. It’s not easy to support a family. Let’s forget about today!”

Gu Ran looked at the money in her hand and pretended to be troubled. “But I…”

The boss added another five dollars. “Let’s be friends!”

Gu Ran nodded in satisfaction. “Let’s be friends then!”

After putting the thirty-five dollars into her pocket, Gu Ran returned in triumph.

Humming a little tune, she walked leisurely along the boulevard. Suddenly, cheers came from ahead. After a while, MO Yancheng pushed through the crowd and emerged. He looked up and saw Gu Ran walking over.

“Here.” MO Yancheng handed Gu Ran a few US dollars. Gu Ran was surprised and looked at him blankly. “For me?”

“Team funds,” MO Yancheng explained.

Gu Ran came to a sudden realization. It turned out that MO Yancheng had also gone to earn money just now. Furthermore, he had earned fifty dollars in just a few minutes.

The award-winning actor was indeed capable. His acting skills were outstanding, and he was even better at earning money than ordinary people.

Gu Ran did not stand on ceremony. She accepted the US dollars and placed them together with the thirty-five dollars she had just earned.

Just as she was about to put it in her pocket, Gu Ran took out some money and waved it at MO Yancheng. “I’ll treat you to coffee.”

Gu Ran bought two cups of Americano and sat on the edge of the flower bed with MO Yancheng. The sun shone through the mottled leaves and onto their backs. The park was bustling with people, and the bustling city was becoming lively.

“To be honest, this scene is even more beautiful than a magazine photoshoot or a blockbuster.”

—”Ahh! I’ve hit it, I’ve hit it! A handsome man and a beautiful woman, what a magical pairing!” 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝑜𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝘰𝑟𝑔

—”Is the person who wrote the above comment blind? Doesn’t she know who Gu Ran is? How can such a person be compared to the Movie King?”

-“Putting aside Gu Ran’s character, her face is indeed one of the most beautiful in the industry. Moreover, she has achieved success with the award -winning actor! ”

-“Our Movie King would never fall for such a woman.. Stay away from us, thank you! “