Chapter 63: Blacklisted by God

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On the third day of filming, Gu Ran arrived at the set with messy hair.

Director Zhou’s face darkened when he saw her. He said expressionlessly, “Go and put on your makeup first!”

Gu Ran scratched her head and yawned as she moved to the side. It was a makeshift changing space that was constructed with two layers of cloth.

The costume designer brought Gu Ran’s costume over and glanced at the costumes scattered all over the floor. The air was still filled with the pungent smell of sweat. Even in a semi-open space, the smell did not dissipate.

The two of them stared at each other. Looking at Gu Ran’s face, the designer could not help but drag her out and bring her to a stop in front of a row of houses.

“This is the lounge for the male lead of another production. However, he isn’t here, so the room is empty. Go in and change first!”

Gu Ran looked around at the people coming and going and felt a little uneasy. “This isn’t a good idea! What if someone finds out…”

“The male lead won’t be able to join the cast until half a month later! By then, your scenes will be almost done. If you don’t want to use this, you can only go to the open space over there. Decide by yourself!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Gu Ran had already run into the lounge. The stylist closed the door for her and turned to go back to the production team to get clothes for the others.

Gu Ran quickly took off her clothes and turned around to get the costume on the chair. However, just as she put it on, she realized that the clothes were stuck and it wouldn’t budge. She tried to reach for the knot on the side, but she could not reach it.

“You’re finally here! I’ve been waiting for you!”

The voice of an unfamiliar man came from outside the lounge. Gu Ran’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t be so unlucky, could she! She had been caught red-handed the first time she occupied someone else’s lounge!

The point was that she was only wearing her underwear now. If anyone saw her…

Gu Ran hurriedly took off her clothes. Without caring about anything else, she curled the costume into a ball in front of her chest and ran towards the back door.


The door was pushed open from the outside and a towering figure stepped into the room. Gu Ran held her breath and kept praying in her heart that the other party could not see her! 𝙗𝒆𝙙𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎

But she might have been blacklisted by God today, and her luck was so terrible.

Not only did the other party enter, but he also turned around and instantly spotted Gu Ran hiding behind the door.

Their gazes met in the air. Gu Ran opened her mouth to explain, but someone suddenly covered her mouth. At the same time, she heard a loud bang as the door was slammed shut, blocking everyone outside.

“MO Yancheng, what happened? Why did you close the door! Hey!” The person outside knocked hard on the door.

MO Yancheng glanced at Gu Ran and quickly retracted his gaze. He turned around and locked the door, saying in a low voice, “I want to be alone for a while. ”

“Alone? Why do you need to be alone right now! I still have so much to update you! It’s not like you don’t know how hectic your schedule is. I…”

“One more word and I’ll leave now.”

Silence fell outside.

“Then… then be alone for a while! Remember to call me when you’re done!”

After a series of footsteps, silence returned. Gu Ran finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The moment she relaxed, she lost her grip and her costume fell to the ground.

MO Yancheng heard something fall and subconsciously turned back to look. Their gazes met again. Gu Ran was stunned at first and followed his gaze to look down. Under the black bra, her fair skin was faintly discernible…

“Where are you looking!” Gu Ran hurriedly squatted down and pulled her costume to her chest, glaring at the man above her in anger.

MO Yancheng’s face was stoic as he silently averted his gaze and turned around. “Get dressed.”

Gu Ran snorted, untied the knot of the costume, and quickly put it on..