After Experiencing Morning Sickness On A Livestream, Fake Young Lady Become An Internet Celebrity! - C.77 - : How Pretentious!Nov 05, 2023


Chapter 77: How Pretentious!

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“Teacher MO, long time no see! ”

The woman walked to MO Yancheng in her stilettos. She tilted her head slightly and reached out to his arm playfully, her face full of smiles and enthusiasm.

Shu Yuanyuan and MO Yancheng had worked together years ago. It was very natural for the two of them to greet each other on the same program.

However, MO Yancheng did not even spare her a glance. With his hands in his pockets, he treated Shu Yuanyuan like air and did not seem to want to speak to her at all. The sight was extremely awkward.

“I didn’t expect the Movie King to still be so aloof.”

Shu Yuanyuan retracted her hand awkwardly and pretended to brush her hair awkwardly. “I thought that after so many years, you would change if you could participate in a variety show!”

MO Yancheng did not reply.

Fortunately, because of Shu Yuanyuan’s appearance, the guests present were all very excited. Even the comments in the live-stream were occupied by their movie fans of the couple, so no one noticed the unusual interaction between the two leads.

However, Gu Ran noticed it and could not help but glance at MO Yancheng.

The moment their eyes met, she realized that MO Yancheng was also looking at her. Moreover, his eyes seemed to be conveying something.

Gu Ran did not understand. Before she could figure it out, she heard someone curse beside her. She turned around and saw the usually gentle Liao Ping glaring coldly at Shu Yuanyuan, who was interacting with the other guests not far away.

Shu Yuanyuan was very popular with the male guests. After greeting them one by one, she walked over to the ladies with a smile. “Ah! Sister Ping, so you’re here too! It has been so long!”

Six years ago, Liao Ping had partnered with Shu Yuanyuan in a movie. At that time, Shu Yuanyuan had become famous because of her movie with MO Yancheng. Liao Ping was already slightly famous, but she could only lower her status to be a supporting actress to accommodate a newcomer like Shu Yuanyuan.

Liao Ping looked like she didn’t want to talk to Shu Yuanyuan, but the cameraman kept following her. She could only swallow the disgust in her heart and nod casually.

“This must be Miss Gu? I’ve been following the previous episodes. You’re really amazing! ” Shu Yuanyuan greeted Gu Ran again.

She had been following shows all this while, yet she was still so surprised to see Liao Ping just now?

How pretentious!

Gu Ran was very calm. “Hello.”

Shu Yuanyuan was stunned for a moment, as if she had not expected Gu Ran to treat her so coldly.

However, the soon to be best actress’ performance was not to be trifled with. Her expression changed very quickly, and she did not show it in front of the camera at all.

After a simple introduction, the production team began to introduce the rules as usual. The group left the airport lobby and prepared to head to their destination for this episode.

Along the way, Liao Ping and Gu Ran walked at the back of the group. She looked at Gu Ran with slight envy. “Sometimes, I’m quite envious of you. If you have anything to say, just say it. At least I feel better.” Gu Ran understood immediately. “Do you hate Shu Yuanyuan?”

“I’ll dirty my own mouth if I say her name.”

Gu Ran was speechless…

To be able to make the usually approachable Liao Ping say something so blunt, it was obvious that this Shu Yuanyuan was not a pushover either.

This time, the production team had spent a lot of money to invite Shu Yuanyuan. It was obvious that they wanted to pull the famous couple together and use their popularity to hype up the show. Therefore, during the allocation of tasks this time, the production team had very sneakily changed the rules. 𝗯𝗲𝗱𝗻𝗼𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗰𝗼𝐦

“It’s already the third episode of our program, so the production team intends to innovate the game.” The production team had already prepared for this beforehand.

“This season, we’ve increased our clocking-in points to ten. Of course, the corresponding funds have also doubled, but the timing remains the same.”

“Of course, we’ve also considered the fact that you have to clock in so many places in two days. This is a huge test of your stamina. In order to ensure everyone’s health, I’ve decided to allow you to complete this mission in groups. According to your preference, all of you can be divided in twos or threes.”

Shu Yuanyuan said with some grievance and a hint of coquettishness, “This is only my first episode, and the production team is already changing the rules..

This is so unfair to a newbie like her!”