Chapter 87: Girl With the Hidden Treasure

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Under the surprised and admiring gaze of the host, he invited Gu Ran and MO Yancheng to a private room and sat them down. He even enthusiastically served them drinks. Even the staff members in the team were given a room alone and could enjoy the signature sushi in the shop for free.

As soon as Gu Ran sat down, she looked at MO Yancheng next to her with a smile on her face.

MO Yancheng’s eyes curved into crescents as he praised her sincerely, “You’re great!”

Gu Ran smiled smugly, but her smile did not last more than three seconds. She immediately retracted it and reached out to him expressionlessly. “I mean, return my bag to me.”

MO Yancheng was speechless… Why did she look at him with such deep affection!

MO Yancheng threw her backpack heavily into her arms and turned around stoically. He drank mouthful after mouthful of water to suppress the anger in his heart…

Being with this woman would make him explode sooner or later.

Soon, the staff brought in luxurious sashimi, sushi, and other dishes one after another. Gu Ran boldly said to MO Yancheng, “Eat. Eat as much as you want today. If you follow me, I’ll treat you well! ”

MO Yancheng snorted almost inaudibly.

He picked up his chopsticks and did not eat the sushi. Instead, he ate the sashimi.

That was the plate that Gu Ran had sliced.

The crew members were all happily eating next door. There was a cameraman following them in their room, as he had to keep filming them.

“Sit down and eat with us.”

The cameraman declined politely. They were not allowed to eat during work.

Gu Ran was now a rich person. She immediately got the shop assistant to find two takeaway boxes and stuffed one box of sashimi and sushi that they had not touched on the table into the cameraman’s hands.

“Pack it up and eat it slowly.” be𝚍𝚗𝚘ve𝚕.c𝚘𝚖

At the same time, Gu Ran’s phone rang. Liao Ping and the others had returned.

Gu Ran invited them over enthusiastically. In any case, they would not be able to finish the entire table of food.

Liao Ping and Yan Hao came in very quickly. When they saw the table full of food, they almost thought that Gu Ran had brought MO Yancheng to rob a bank.

After knowing the reason, Liao Ping’s admiration was obvious. “I couldn’t tell!

You usually hide your skills. Don’t tell me you’re the last disciple of some master!”

The corners of Gu Ran’s mouth curled smugly. Her legs trembled as she said smugly to Liao Ping, “This is nothing! It’s just like sprinkling water! However, this boss is really stupid. There’s no difficulty at all in holding such a challenge.

He’ll make himself suffer!”

Liao Ping, Yan Hao, and MO Yancheng were speechless…

“To be able to say that world-class competitions are not difficult, this is very

Gu Ran!”

“What kind of godly reincarnation is Gu Ran! I can’t see her technique clearly even if I repeat the video endlessly at half the speed!”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. Just based on Gu Ran’s performance just now, I won’t be convinced even if Guinness doesn’t present the award!” “Someone once ottered to pay me to be Gu Ran’s professional hater. Now, I just want to say that young people are too insensible. Is it too late to leave now?”

“I have to say that Gu Ran’s management company is really trash! Leaving such a treasure behind and not digging it up and letting her scandals fly everywhere!”

“I’m begging Gu Ran to leave her company! Hurry up and have an awesome agent poach her!”

Yu Xiang, who happened to have time to pay attention to the live broadcast today, was speechless.

On the show, Gu Ran and the other three ate until their stomachs were filled, but they still did not finish the entire table of sushi. In the end, they could only pack the untouched food.

“Not bad, all three meals tomorrow are settled! And you don’t even need to spend money, yay!”

Liao Ping could not help but laugh. She leaned on Gu Ran’s shoulder helplessly. “You’re really stingy!”

Gu Ran was not ashamed but feeling proud instead. “This is called being diligent and virtuous! Where can you find an outstanding and frugal woman like me?!”

Yan Hao also smiled and kept nodding. “It’s indeed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

In the camera, even the unsmiling MO Yancheng nodded silently.

Indeed, the girl with the hidden treasure!