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Chapter 90: Best Actress ‘s Acting

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If it were anyone else, they would definitely feel uneasy and quickly stand up to give up their seats.

But Gu Ran was no one else.

Not only was she sitting in peace, but she was also in the mood to watch the show.

Shu Yuanyuan leaned close to MO Yancheng and lowered her head, saying aggrievedly, “Teacher MO, this is my first time participating in a show. I really don’t know there are so many rules. I didn’t mean to cause trouble for you. Can you not be angry?”

MO Yancheng ignored her. Shu Yuanyuan pouted and felt even more aggrieved. She reached out and grabbed the corner of MO Yancheng’s shirt, twisting it coquettishly.

The two of them were only a few dozen centimeters away from Gu Ran. Gu Ran had witnessed Shu Yuanyuan’s every move. She watched the two of them with interest as though they were acting in an idol drama. She also sighed at how capable the soon-to-be movie queen was. Her pure and innocent expression was flawless. There were no traces of her acting at all.

“Take your hand away!” A cold voice sounded. The man glanced at Shu Yuanyuan sternly.

Shu Yuanyuan was stunned for a moment before her eyes turned red. She looked at MO Yancheng aggrievedly, looking even more upset than being jilted by her boyfriend.

Feng Cheng couldn’t stand it anymore and jumped out to smooth things over. “Ms. Shu, stand next to me. Your side is the vent. You’ll have a headache if the wind keeps blowing at you.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk! There was no more drama to watch.

Gu Ran was slightly disappointed. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes to rest.

The bus drove slowly. Among the people on the bus, Gu Ran was sleeping, MO

Yancheng was staring at her sleeping face, Shu Yuanyuan was staring at MO Yancheng, and Feng Cheng was making all kinds of poses in front of the camera, giving him more chances to appear on screen.

Shu Yuanyuan had always known that MO Yancheng was cold, but she did not expect him to not give her any respect.

Most importantly, he took such good care of Gu Ran!

She couldn’t help but think of her agent’s call last night.

“Gu Ran is covered in scandals and has a bad reputation, but for some reason, Movie King MO has always taken good care of her. In the previous episodes, if not for his cooperation, Gu Ran would not have been able to gain a foothold in the show so smoothly. Just now, Gu Ran’s knife skills video became popular online and has already attracted a large number of passerby fans. You have to be careful in the show!”

Before today, Shu Yuanyuan had never taken this matter to heart. However, at this moment, she gradually realized that Gu Ran was not easy to deal with!

Gu Ran, who was about to fall asleep, suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.

She opened her eyes in dissatisfaction and suddenly met Shu Yuanyuan’s fierce gaze. Her eyes were filled with hostility. b𝚎dn𝚘v𝚎l.𝚌𝚘m

Gu Ran was speechless. This woman must be crazy!

MO Yancheng’s attitude towards her was bad. If she had the ability, she should shout at MO Yancheng! Why was she staring at her?! Her dream was disturbed!

Unable to sleep, the bus stopped, and Gu Ran got out without looking back. MO Yancheng followed closely behind, and Shu Yuanyuan and Feng Cheng stuck close to her.

Today was the last day of the mission. There was no need to worry about food today. Gu Ran had plenty of money in her hands and was in a good mood.

The last mission was the opera house. Today was a holiday, and the ticket booths were packed.

Gu Ran and MO Yancheng stood in line. Shu Yuanyuan and Feng Cheng saw them from afar and immediately followed.

“Hello, two tickets…

“No, four,” Feng Cheng said immediately. “Gu Ran, there’s still us!”

Gu Ran looked at him in confusion and hurriedly waved at the ticket seller. “We don’t know him. It has nothing to do with him. Thank you, two tickets please.” The ticket seller looked at them and finally offered two tickets.

Feng Cheng panicked when he saw the two tickets. “Gu Ran, what do you mean? We’re all from the same production team.”

“So what if it’s a production team! If you want to buy tickets, you have to queue up. What does our queue have to do with you? Do you know the rules!” Gu Ran retorted.

Feng Cheng and Shu Yuanyuan’s actions of cutting the queue were already displeasing. Now that the tourists in line heard Gu Ran’s words, they pointed at them even more, attracting the security guards to come over and ask.

After learning that Feng Cheng had cut the queue, they immediately led more of his team to pull them apart and asked them to line up again.

Meanwhile, Gu Ran and MO Yancheng happily entered the venue with the