After Experiencing Morning Sickness On A Livestream, Fake Young Lady Become An Internet Celebrity! - C.96 - : The Production Team’s Decision BackfiredNov 14, 2023


Chapter 96: The Production Team’s Decision Backfired

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Within a minute of leaving, someone replied. Ma Yunyun typed, “What’s going on?”

Liao Ping was speechless…

Yan Hao was speechless…

Gu Ran said, “I just found out too. Maybe the company didn’t succeed in negotiating the fees.”

Everyone knew that Gu Ran was slightly popular now. It was also a rule in the industry for the management company to increase the price.

Yan Hao asked, “Is the company asking too much? How much are you going to raise?”

Gu Ran replied, “I don’t know either, but I think it has to be at least five times more!”

Yan Hao was speechless… “Five million. Aren’t you being too greedy?”

Gu Ran was speechless…

“What five million? It’s just 100,000 yuan!”

Ma Yunyun, Liao Ping, and Yan Hao were taken aback!

“Don’t tell me that your current episode is only 20,000 yuan!” Ma Yunyun was extremely surprised. Her assistant would be more than this amount.

Gu Ran was glum. “What do you think?”

Yan Hao replied, “If it’s this amount, it’s impossible for the production team to not agree. Is there a misunderstanding? Get your manager to negotiate again.”

Liao Ping typed, “It must be that b*tch Shu Yuanyuan!”

Ma Yunyun was stunned. “Sister Ping, you actually cursed?”

Liao Ping comforted Gu Ran. “It’s fine if you don’t want to join. My manager is already discussing the termination of the contract with the production team. Yan Hao, from now on, you and the Best Actor will be the only two. Have fun.” Yan Hao was speechless…

MO Yancheng, who was looking at the screen after taking a shower, made a call with a dark expression after scrolling through all the messages.

Gu Ran was only depressed about not being able to continue participating in the show for about five minutes. After chatting, she fell asleep and the next day, she went to work as usual. She quickly forgot about this matter.

However, Director Zhou still remembered. When he was rehearsing, he suddenly said, “I’ll film your scenes in advance for the next few days. You can record them first.”

“Oh, that variety show! I’m not joining anymore,” Gu Ran said indifferently.

“Why aren’t you going? Didn’t you become popular? Recently, the Internet has been filled with your short videos.” Director Zhou was also stunned for a moment. He had even specially cleared a few days for Gu Ran.

“I don’t know. Maybe the contract renewal didn’t work out!”

Since it involved the company’s secrets, Director Zhou did not continue to ask. “Since you’re not going, I won’t give you any free time. In the next few days, focus on filming your scenes.”

Gu Ran agreed readily.

At this moment, Mengshen, who was memorizing his lines, silently took out his phone and sent a message to his brother after learning that Gu Ran was not participating in the show.

Although he felt that it was simply a fantasy for his brother to say that he wanted to woo Gu Ran, they were biological brothers after all. Information was still necessary. What if his brother really wanted to do something unimaginable?

Uh… no, but his biological brother was not a toad. No matter what, he was a frog lusting after a swan.

In the next few days, Gu Ran rushed to film her scenes day and night. It was as if she had been in the mountains for a thousand years.

When she finally had time to rest, she lay on the hotel bed and flipped through the messages in boredom. Only then did she realize that their group chat was swamped with messages

She casually scrolled and realized that other than her and Liao Ping, even Movie King MO did not join the new episode of the variety show. Instead, he had been replaced with another respected actor in the industry-

At the same time, the popularity of the show also fell below the lowest level in history. There were not even a million real-time viewers, and the topic of online discussion was basically zero. It was even trending for a few days, saying that there was something fishy about the production team and that they had chased Gu Ran and the others away.

Ma Yunyun had been paying attention to the situation of the show and would often send screenshots of the live-stream to the group chat. Especially when Shu Yuanyuan found out that MO Yancheng was not coming, her face darkened on the spot. It was simply spreading like wildfire on the Internet. Even Gu Ran could not help but laugh when she saw it.

Unexpectedly, the Best Actress’ acting skills were no longer as good!