A Vicious Cycle (2)

The burned location, neither medicine nor magic could heal, was dripping pus downward all the time.

“What happened?” the man in the darkness asked.

“Lord dragon didn’t seem to be satisfied with our plan.” The black-robed man hung his head mournfully and replied in a deep, pained voice.

He pressed one hand on his injured knee and his body trembled slightly.

Yet, it was as if he did not feel the pain but more like he was trembling in joy.

“But don’t worry. I have thought of a plan.”


“I hope you can let me use those treasures from lord dragon’s cave.”

“This time, I will live up to your expectations.”


Mu Heng leaned down and kissed the young man’s moist and trembling lips.

“I will wait for you downstairs.”

After saying that, he straightened his disheveled collar, turned around, and walked toward the door.

Shi An was left alone in the room.

He blinked his eyes and the final faltering tear fell, landing with a snap on the pillow, staining a small wet mark.

Shi An finally broke free from the previous state of being half awake and groggy.

The images just now rushed into his mind in a messy and crowded manner.

Shi An felt his face flushing quickly, hot to the point of being painful. His face was damp, not knowing whether it was sweat or tears.

It’s just hands.

It’s just…

Ahhhhhhhhhh, what was that just now?!

Shi An buried his head deep into the pillow and closed his eyes in despair.

Although he was not exactly familiar with how humans got along with each other, even so, he knew very well that what had just happened was not supposed to happen.

And the worst of it was–

Mu Heng had asked.

And he agreed.

It was even… he who had initiated the request.

Shi An curled himself into a ball in shame.

However, the memory of being touched could not disappear even so.

The texture of the other’s fingers, the temperature, the rough calluses, the delicate fingertips, the hot palm, the edges of the nails that were neatly trimmed.

It was powerful and flexible, with an irresistible toughness.

It was as if it was branded on his body, with no sign of dissipation.

In that chaotic and hot atmosphere, the young man’s vision was blurred, and he looked confused.

The excessive pile of pleasure seemed to outweigh the pain, and large tears coalesced and fell one after another.

His back was weak, his legs were limp, and his toes trembled and curled.

This is not right.

It wasn’t right.

He strained backward, trying to escape from the strange and magnified perception but was pinned lightly in place.

Shi An forced himself to stop thinking back.

He buried himself in the soft, dark bedding, and closed his eyes evasively, wishing he could burrow back to the bottom of the abyss and sleep for another 50,000 to 60,000 years.

At that moment, Shi An was slightly stunned and opened his eyes.

He found that the gray magic had dissipated faster and his body’s power had made a fantastic leap. 𝗳𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐰𝐞𝗯𝗻𝗼𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

… Could it be?

Was this even possible?

Shi An sat up and began to think carefully.

The only explanation would be that as his magic power increased, the drug that inhibited the estrus period gradually failed.

It should not have started immediately because this feeling came and went quickly. After the last experience, he feared that he would have no lucid interval if the estrus began.

While Mu Heng’s touch would make his magic power grow faster, the estrus period would come more quickly, and the reaction would be greater…

Then… it was simply a vicious circle!

Shi An was stupefied.


Downstairs, Mu Heng raised his eyes and looked toward Shi An, who was walking down slowly.

“How do you feel?”

Shi An was startled. “???”

Mu Heng asked, “Do you still feel anything weird in your body?”

Shi An pursed his lips, shook his head slightly, and moved in the direction away from Mu Heng.

However, Mu Heng unhurriedly unfolded the e-folder in his hand and spread it out on the desktop in front of himself.

“Come here and take a look.”

Shi An: “…”

He stiffened his face and reluctantly moved over.

“Have you accidentally eaten any of these things?” The man’s voice was low and calm, without any abnormalities, but Shi An couldn’t help but feel his ears start to heat up.

He remembered that the other party was whispering in his ears just now upstairs with such a gentle and considerate voice.

Shi An blushed and averted his eyes.

He hurriedly swept through the introduction files and pointed to one of them haphazardly.

Mu Heng nodded. “It’s not bad. There’s no need to go to the hospital, but it’s still better to examine it if you’re willing–”

“No, no, no need.” Shi An shook his head vigorously.

Mu Heng intertwined his fingers and said lightly, “That’s fine. You can wait until your body metabolizes it naturally, but there should be a few more recurrences.”

He stood up and walked to stand beside Shi An.

Shi An restrained himself from the urge to step back.

The man lowered his silver-white eyelashes, his eyes distant and blue, with an imposing and impenetrable lust and coldness.

He raised his hand and gently swept his fingertips over the bite mark on the young man’s lower lip.

The other person’s voice was clear and cold, calm and indifferent, with a little, if any, smirk.

“Next time, I can use my mouth to help you.”


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