After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

C.1868 - : The Strawberries Are DamagedMar 14, 2024

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As the days passed, Qiao Mei’s strawberry plants had already bore perfect fruits. The strawberries looked very attractive. Everyone felt that the fruits must be delicious!

When Xie Jing saw Qiao Mei’s strawberries, he felt very anxious. The fruits of his strawberry plants were still green! At the end of the specified timeframe, they definitely would not be as nice as the ones planted by Qiao Mei.

He went home that night and told Cui Hua about all these. Cui Hua gently stroked Xie Jings chest and said, “Don’t be anxious~ I have a way to make her lose the opportunity to study abroad.”

“Do you have any good ideas?” Xie Jing asked as he raised his eyebrows.

Cui Hua leaned over and whispered her plan into Xie Jings ear. Xie Jing smiled happily. At times like this, he really did not want to lose Cui Hua. It would be great if he could bring her along when he went abroad to study. After all, it was rare to meet such a silly woman who would come up with schemes for him so wholeheartedly.

However, Cui Hua could not become his wife. If he could go overseas to study, his future would be very bright. His partner must be worthy of him. Cui Hua was only good enough to be his tool to climb up the social ladder and could never become his partner.

Cui Hua sent food to Xie Jing as usual. However, this time, she did not go home directly. Instead, she went to look for Wang Wei inside the glass greenhouse. She only talked to him for a while before he fell head over heels for her.

There were many stray cats and dogs in the school. Everyone would occasionally bring some food to feed them. There was one particular dog who was very lively and could eat a lot. As long as there was delicious food, it would rush forward without regard for anything.

A few days later, when night fell, Wang Wei threw a few chicken bones into Qiao Mei’s strawberry shed and then lured the dog over. Seeing the dog feasting on Qiao Mei’s strawberries, Wang Wei felt completely at ease, In order to avoid being discovered, he quickly left the place and carefully covered up his footprints. (f)reenovelkiss

The weather was not good and it rained heavily. Not long after, there were many puddles of water on the ground. Xie Jing had already built a plastic shed for his strawberries to ensure that there were no accidents.

Xie Jing was worried about Wang Wei not completing the task well. He waited for the rain to subside before he went to Qiao Mei’s strawberry shed to take a closer look. The strawberries had all been gnawed by the dog and there was not a single one left. The entire spot was muddy and the strawberry seedlings had fallen all over the place.

Xie Jing smiled with satisfaction. This time, Qiao Mei definitely had no chance of winning.

The next morning, Wu Duo came to the field to do a check as usual. He had arrived earlier than his usual timing as he felt a little uneasy given the heavy rain last night. However, he had seen with his own eyes that Qiao Mei t s plastic shed was covered very tightly and that there was no problem so he did not come to do a check at night.

He was shocked when he saw the mess in the field and thought that his eyes were playing a trick on him. After rubbing his eyes to confirm that what he saw was real, he hurriedly ran to the agricultural faculty’s office to look for the teacher.

The news about the tragic situation in the strawberry field quickly spread throughout the entire school. Everyone came to the experimental field to watch the commotion.

“What a pity about Qiao Mei’s strawberries. I have been waiting to see the results!”

“If the harvest is good, I’m thinking of asking for a taste!”

“Look at the miserable state of the plastic shed. There must be nothing left!”

“We can only blame that stray dog! Why is it so greedy!’

“Qiao Mei deserves it for being so smug. Let’s see how she can still be so smug now! Let’s see how she can study abroad!”

While some people felt sorry about what happened to Qiao Mei’s strawberries, others mocked her for not being able to study abroad anymore. There were many different opinions and everyone was just waiting to watch the drama.

The dean and the teachers from the agriculture faculty rushed to the experimental field together. Looking at the broken strawberry shed, the teachers’ hearts shattered.

“These are the seedlings that are most similar to the experiments we have been doing! How can this be! Who did this!” the dean said agitatedly.

“Professor… it’s this dog…” a student from the agricultural faculty said, finding it hard to speak.

“What did you say? A dog? Did a dog do all this?” the dean asked. “That’s right. Yesterday, one of our classmates saw a dog heading in this direction and there are also dog footprints on the ground. Qiao Mei’s strawberries were probably all eaten by the dog,” the agricultural faculty student said.

Qiao Mei’s house was located quite far away and she rushed over as soon as she received the news. Everyone waited for a long time but Qiao Mei did not look too surprised as they expected..

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