Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - C.3399 - : Breaking Through Into Extreme Bone TierMar 07, 2024

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

C.3399 - : Breaking Through Into Extreme Bone TierMar 07, 2024

Chapter 3399: Breaking Through Into Extreme Bone Tier

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Ling Han accepted the invitation and began to break through to the Extreme Bone Tier.

Meridian Opening Tier, opening up all the meridians in the body, this was the channel for the storage and passage of mystical power, the foundation of martial arts. Without this step, there was naturally no need to talk about martial arts.

Next was the Blood Transformation Tier, which truly involved an advancement in level of being.

After the Blood Transformation Tier, it was Extreme Bone Tier.

In essence, this was still an increase in level of being, but the specific manifestation was the evolution of the bones in the body. After shattering and expelling the bone dregs time and time again, it finally turned into pure gold, giving cultivators an extremely strong defense.

For example, Ling Han’s battle prowess in the Blood Transformation Tier was incomparably shocking, but if a blow landed on the bones of an Extreme Bone Tier elite, then the opponent could completely rely on the firmness of the bones to forcefully withstand this attack.

Therefore, unless one’s power was overwhelming, if one were to fight against an Extreme Bone Tier cultivator, one had to find a gap in between the bones.

In this way, the Extreme Bone Tier undoubtedly reduced a cultivator’s vital points by a lot, and their relatively fragile bodies had the protection of firm bones, greatly improving their defense.

Ling Han consumed a Treasured Fruit of Life, and began to break through.

Boom, tempestuous waves immediately rose in his body, and his level of being began to soar.

In theory, as long as one’s cultivation level was increasing, one’s level of being would increase. However, when one’s cultivation level broke through, it would undoubtedly be a leap, especially when one was breaking through into a major tier.

Ling Han immediately felt the emptiness in his body. Even consuming a Treasured Fruit of Life was not enough.

The higher the cultivation level, the higher the level of the Treasured Fruit of Life needed to break through.

Ling Han had eaten the Long Rainbow Fruit just now. It was not a problem for him to break through a minor level, but a major tier was a little difficult, not to mention that it was a freakish person like Ling Han. The amount of vitality he needed was even more astonishing.

It was no wonder that the Four Great Generals and the other elites had been stuck at the Inscription Tier. Without a corresponding Treasured Fruit of Life, how would they dare to break through? That would simply be courting death.

Because of the environment of heaven and earth, there were too few Great Herbs.

From this point of view, the Demon Race was truly blessed by the heavens. Firstly, they could access everything in the sea, land, and air. The range and difficulty of picking herbs were completely different. In addition, the level of being of a Demonic Beast was high, so the Treasured Fruits of Life needed to break through could be appropriately lowered.

Therefore, the Demon Race had more elites than the human race. Their overall strength was also higher.

Fortunately, Chen Fengyan appeared and supported the human race single-handedly.

If not for Chen Fengyan, what fate would the human race have now?

This thought flashed through Ling Han’s mind. He took another bite of the Long Rainbow Fruit and continued to guide his body’s great evolution.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Terrifying sounds rang out from within his body, but breaking through into a major tier was a matter of course. Thus, the abnormal phenomenon of heaven and earth did not occur.

F*ck, Ling Han discovered that one Long Rainbow Fruit was completely useless. He had no choice but to consume the third one. freewe(b)novel.c(o)m

This was just a drop in the bucket. The Long Rainbow Fruits turned into surging life energy, but they were immediately exhausted, almost useless.

Very quickly, the remaining Long Rainbow Fruits were finished, but Ling Han had only walked a quarter of his path of evolution at most.

He took out the Treasured Fruit of Life that he had stolen from Princess Bixiao and ate it without hesitation.

This was Enlightenment Tier-level. With just one bite, Ling Han felt an ocean-like energy surge into his body, instantly filling him up.

If the Four Great Generals, Grand Tutor Hong, and the others saw this, they would definitely scold Ling Han for being extravagant. If this Treasured Fruit was given to them, it would be enough for them to break through to the Enlightenment Tier. Now, Ling Han was actually only using it to break through into the Extreme Bone Tier. What a waste, what a waste.

However, Ling Han didn’t care at all. He could get more Treasured Fruits after eating them, but how could he miss the time to increase his abilities?

On the contrary, as long as one had sufficient strength, what treasure could they not obtain?

‘Open the cultivation level barrier!’

Ling Han continuously tore apart the shackles in his body, all the way to the Enlightenment Tier. All cultivators were tearing apart the shackles in their bodies, but some tore apart more, while others tore apart less. This was the foundation to climb the path to immortality.

Some people could have stronger battle prowess at the same cultivation level, while others could strive for the peak stage of great dao because their foundations were stronger.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Every time Ling Han tore open a shackle, he felt his body relax. At the same time, he would also consume a large amount of life essence. After he tore open a total of 17 shackles, his ferocious evolution finally slowed down.

Ling Han took a few more bites of the Treasured Fruit, and continued to advance his cultivation level.

Pa, pa, pa! The shackles were still being torn apart, but their speed was much slower. In fact, they were about to stop.

Breaking through to the next cultivation level would tear open a completely indefinite number of shackles. Generally speaking, breaking through a small cultivation level would tear open a shackle, and breaking through a large cultivation level would tear open five shackles. This was the case for most people.

Ling Han had already torn open 27 shackles. Theoretically speaking, this was already incomparably astonishing, but he was not satisfied. From Blood Transformation to Enlightenment Tier, there were only a few major tiers and minor levels in total. How many opportunities could he have to tear open the shackles?

If he wanted to pursue his goal to be the strongest, he had to tear open all the shackles before embarking on the path to immortality. Therefore, he had to do his best with every step.

Again! Again! Again!

Ling Han mustered his remaining strength, and tried his best to make his breakthrough reach perfection.

Pa, he tore open the 28th shackle.

If it wasn’t enough, he would try again.

Pa, the 29th shackle was broken.

It wasn’t enough.

Pa, the thirtieth shackle shattered.

‘Can I do it again?’

Ling Han mustered his remaining courage and charged towards the 31st shackle, but his evolution had already slowed down. Like a tide, it was completely blocked by the dam.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He tried nine times in a row, but none of them worked.

‘Is that all I can do?’

No way!

Ling Han ate the remaining half of the Treasured Fruit, and then gathered all the power of life to attack this shackle.

This was his last gamble. If he didn’t succeed, there wouldn’t be a next time.


The life force turned into a huge wave that heavily struck the shackles. Hong, even the dam couldn’t stop this type of huge wave, breaking apart with a bang.

Ling Han instantly felt his entire body relax. It was not just his body, but also his psychological satisfaction.

He had exceeded his limits.

Of course, this limit was for himself. It would already be considered as having exceeded limits if others had broken through six shackles, but to him, only this was the limit.

This was truly his limit. As the 31st shackle was broken, Ling Han felt his body turn into stagnant water, without even a single ripple managing to rise.

Extreme Bone Tier.

Ling Han smiled. The next step was to refine his bones, and slowly boil out the bone residue. This was an extremely time-consuming process. Even if he had the Treasured Fruit to increase his cultivation, it was still impossible for it to be that fast.

With that said, he took out the Treasured Fruit to increase cultivation and ate it.

Now that the upper limit of his cultivation level had been opened, he could naturally raise his mystical power again.

Only at night did Ling Han stop.

From the perspective of mystical power, he had already reached the middle stage of First Extreme, but he only had two Enlightenment Tier-level Treasured Fruits of Life left in his hands, and he had already eaten the other Treasured Fruits..

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