Ancient Eden

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~End of chapter 70

Thinking about it again, there was no physiology nor hygiene class here. She guessed that no one had told him that a woman having her period indicated that she was not pregnant, and seeing how he himself was usually nonchalant, she guessed that he wasn’t paying attention to these things at all, which was the reason why he was totally ignorant and unaware about women periods, right?

Mu Qing suddenly felt it was a little funny, but she didn’t show it on her face. She just took a dry leaf that she used as toilet paper to wipe the stains on the animal skin. After using a few leaves, it was no longer wet, but a mark remained.

She suddenly raised her head, and saw Li Mang, tilting his head, watching her busying herself. The curious look he had just now had disappeared, replaced by an expression that looked as if he was watching a good show.

Chapter 71


Mu Qing, a little embarrassed at first, now became angry, and rolled her eyes at him. Pushing him to make him stand, she rolled up the whole animal skin, and planned to take it to the stream, to wash it entirely and then dry it under the sun.

Li Mang laughed and took the rolled up animal skin from her hand and carried it on his shoulder, walking with her in the direction of the stream.

There was still humidity in the air. Mu Qing was wearing her pair of flip-flops, the soles got wet from the grass where she walked, which was full of humidity which had yet to transform into dew drops by the heat of the sun, so she felt a chill.

Li Mang always walked faster than her, and now it was the same, so he very quickly left her behind by a large section. Mu Qing slowly followed behind, looking at his tall back, feeling warm in her heart.

As if he sensed her looking at him behind his back, Li Mang stopped and turned around and then smiled at her. Mu Qing was about to take a few steps to catch up with him when she suddenly hesitated.

She saw Yi Jia and Naonao suddenly coming from the opposite path, looking as if they were going back to the settlement. Naonao’s hair was somewhat disheveled. Naonao usually woke up late, so it was the first time she met her so early.

As soon as Naonao saw them, her expression turned very ugly, she stood still, her black eyes coldly squinted at Mu Qing. An unconcerned smile was hanging on Yi Jia’s face beside her. When he saw Mu Qing, his smile became deeper, and he quickly winked at her.

When Li Mang saw Mu Qing standing still, he thought she was blaming him for walking too fast without waiting for her, and that she was throwing a little temper so he laughed loudly, and strode back to her side. Mu Qing’s line of sight was blocked by him.

When Li Mang took her hand and turned around to continue walking forward, the two of them had already disappeared, just like spirits suddenly disappear.

The path was lined with dense trees on both sides, so they probably moved sideways and took another path, if they didn’t want to meet up with Li Mang like this.

When Mu Qing passed by where they were standing just now, if not for the fact that the branches on the side were still shaking slightly, she would have thought she was seeing things.

Mu Qing’s good mood was gone. She was troubled by Naonao’s dark eyes squinting at her, and her mood strangely became somewhat low.

Li Mang very keenly noticed her difference and lowered his head to look at her face carefully. Mu Qing looked up and smiled at him, and also helped him get rid of a dry leaf in his hair. Li Mang immediately took her hand without hesitation. The two of them reached the stream together and washed the animal skin, shook it and then rolled it again, to take it back to dry.

Mu Qing threw that morning’s encounter to the back of her mind. Her period also passed.

That evening, she went with Naduo to the stream. Naduo went upstream to get water to boil the rice, and then went back after getting the water. Mu Qing squatted by the stream to wash and change her menstrual pad. 𝐛𝐞𝐝𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝗺

There was nothing here to help wash things, not even soap bars. Just now, she could only use the grass ash that she brought over in a bowl, as an alkaline detergent, to try her best to wash the fabric clean, so that it could last longer.

Mu Qing scrubbed the fabric in the water, but her mind couldn’t help but think of the embarrassing things Li Mang did these few days. The first night of her period, he was back to his antics, and bent down to try and smell her again, but she grabbed his hair and strictly forbade it. Although it was resolved like this, but he looked very unhappy.

For the next two nights, this embarrassing scene was repeated between them. Mu Qing vowed that she would continue to forbid him from doing so, so that he would not develop the bad habit of always sniffing her. She estimated that he would not dare do anything to her now.

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