Apex Star - C.16: Perfect in every way, Rank 7Nov 14, 2023

Apex Star

C.16: Perfect in every way, Rank 7Nov 14, 2023

For the next 23 hours, Nova was absorbing the surrounding energy like crazy. From his point of view, not even 10 Rank 7's could absorb so much energy without imploding, maybe not even a Rank 8 could do it. He finally felt how his Limitless Ability really was limitless.

Like a black hole, it continued to absorb and refine everything because of his Apex Bloodline he was once again 'upgraded' in everything.

With a little over an hour left, the space and time around Nova creaked and then broke apart, revealing a figure almost like painted.

After the Awakening Nova became an extremely handsome man, but now he has transcended that term.

His height was almost 2 meters tall, and the combination of his hair and eyes, both white-gray, was phenomenal.

It was only further complimented by the little blue stars floating in his eyes.

His muscles were very well-defined, like a Greek God descending in the mortal world. Clearly, girls would faint just from seeing him looking at them.

After feeling his power, he realized that he may be the strongest human on Earth. His ability and bloodline synergy only accentuated this fact even more.

Without a doubt, because everything about him was so perfect, not unlike a warrior who only grows his strength or a ranger who focuses on his dexterity.

Now he realized that maybe not even a Rank 8, or 9, could have as many energy reserves as him. Perhaps, only a Stage 2 Rank 1 has.

When he looked around him, he found the place he was staying at completely black. That's when a foul smell assaulted his nose.

'This should be me clearing my impurities like in those novels?' thought Nova. Something that was completely true and a thing one could normally start doing only after arriving at Stage 4 when one ascends the Lower Realms to achieve a greater one.

For now, Nova decided to exit the dungeon and continue looking for his parents. It was a day and a half from the Awakening until now, and he hoped that nothing had happened to them.

If he knew that his parents were treated like royalty at this moment, what face would he make?

After finding the portal and exiting the dungeon, Nova was once again in the giant green forest.

Using his senses, he discovered that he could 'see' for almost five kilometers.

He tried using 'Space Eyes' and the result left him shocked because he could perfectly see everything around 25 kilometers around him in all directions, even to the smallest details like an ant crawling on the ground or the veins on a leaf.

Nova decided that for the next few hours, he would continue modifying his techniques before making way to Metropolitan City.


A few hours later, he finally succeeded in modifying all his techniques to bring out the maximum potential for his rank.

Doing low-level teleportation for 50 meters at the same time moving and being aware of his surroundings wasn't a problem anymore.

He could now create hundreds of 'Space Arrows' at the same time without much energy consumption but what made his ability extremely terrifying was his newly created skill 'Mark', just like its name it marks a target with space energy creating a homecoming effect for his arrows.

'Space-Time Stop' is now also less taxing for his energy reserve, and it could affect targets higher in Rank than him.

The best modifications were brought to 'Speeding', who is now 'Air Walking', helping him move at higher speeds and even walking on air.

'Enforce' and 'Repel' were changed to make the base of an incomplete space technique.

His newly created fake domain could potentially make his enemies unable to move when in his range, which is about ten meters. With him having absolute control of the space.

'Space Punch' and 'Space Cut' were deemed useless by him because it was actually just releasing space energy through his punch or sword, not really a refined technique to speak of.

After Nova settled his mind, he once again started going in Metropolitan City's direction. He was extremely worried about his parent's unknown situation, he could only hope for everything to be fine.

It took Nova two hours to get to Metropolitan City.

Finally, arriving at his destination, Nova was shocked by his actual speed to actually cross over one thousand kilometers with his foot in only about two hours. As a feat like this was impossible for a normal human being before the [Awakening].

Taking a look at the city, which should have a few million people in population being so barren and ragged as if it was wartime, Nova got an uneasy feeling.

He reached what remained of his house in a few minutes and was enraged seeing it almost crashing to the ground and not feeling a single soul inside.

His energy was out of control, and the ground and space around him cracked. If someone was there at that moment, he would undoubtedly die just by standing close to Nova.

Nova couldn't think clearly right now, as his otherwise perfect judgment of a logical situation was completely overtaken by extreme rage.

When he saw his house collapsing, especially at a critical time like this, Nova already assumed the worst.

Still, not all hope was lost. Nova stood in front of his collapsed house for a few minutes without doing anything.

After calming down, he made his way to what remained of his house. After being disappointed that he didn't find even a single message from his parents, Nova once again started getting angry at the lack of human presence.

Thinking of the memories with his parents and every happy occasion, even the sad ones... Nova felt a tear slipping down his cheek.

'I swear to God, if my parents were killed by someone... I'm going to slaughter his entire family and friends!' Nova made an oath, he was once again enraged.

He gritted his teeth so much that they started bleeding. Right now Nova only wanted to vent his fury on everything in his way.

"FUCK!" He shouted at the top of his lungs before smashing his fist with all his power at the floor, or what remained of it.

BOOM! The floor and ground underneath it instantly collapsed, what remained though, surprised Nova. 'How could the basement door still be standing?!'

Using his senses, he picked something strange. The door to the basement was completely fine, unlike the house, who almost collapsed and everything inside it that was broken.

Nova started walking toward the old door...