Apex Star

C.17: His parents messageNov 14, 2023

After Nova arrived in front of the door, he was stunned to see that he couldn't open it. One has to remember that even before the Awakening, he could probably smash this old door open only with a kick. Much less the current him who could probably collapse a ten floor building.

Not giving up, Nova tried channeling the space energy to enter his fist. He used all his power, without holding back and smashed his fist at the wooden door.

BOOM! BOOM! The hit resounded so powerfully, all the rubble around was cleaned, there remained standing only the wooden door and the walls enclosing the basement.

'What the heck?! Not even my full power can break the door?! How did I even get there in the past?' Thinking of this, Nova suddenly thought of something and really wanted to slap himself hard.

He actually started looking for the key of the door. A few seconds later, his senses picked it up from under the pile of rubble. He found the key, which looked intact, Nova once again made his way back to the door.

After trying to unlock the door, he discovered that it really opened.

In the middle of the basement, there was only a little box of unknown materials. He easily opened the box and found a strange ring and a letter inside.

'What is this? This box wasn't there before. ' Nova thought this situation to be extremely strange.

For his basement door to become so hard all of a sudden, this strange box that contained only two items.

Nova suddenly thought of his conversation with Imperia, where she asked him if he was part of the Space-Time Shrine...the only known power to have a Space-Time Bloodline.

'I also have a Space-Time Bloodline, and my bloodline was passed from my parents, it can't be that...right?'

Nova's mind worked at full speed, and he thought he made a mistake in his earlier conclusion.

That was until he read the first sentence in the letter. His earlier conclusion came back.

"Dear Nova, you must be pretty confused right now, so let us tell our secret." After seeing this, Nova had a hunch about what was to come. And he only felt more right as he read out.

"We left this as a backup plan in case the Awakening comes faster than our prediction, and we surely hit the spot by the fact that you are reading this letter.

For starter, let us begin with our real origins. Your father and I are both Stage 9 Powerhouses and are part of one of the most powerful forces in the entire Universe, the Space-Time Shrine."

Reading until this point, Nova was left out of breath, remembering his conversation with Imperia about this same Space-Time Shrine. It seemed his earlier conclusion was spot on.

"We came to Earth only to conceive you in a peaceful way, and then we planned to tell you everything a month before the Awakening began, and take you with us back to the Shrine.

We wanted to keep you a secret from the other powers, especially our arch enemies, that damned Death Shrine. Alas, our efforts have gone to waste, and now you have to climb alone until you reach the Higher Realms.

I, and your father will reach you in a few seconds no matter where you are as long as you reach the 7th Realm and contact one of our subsidiary forces. You need to know that our subsidiary forces all have a shrine depicted along their symbol.

We will contact every single one of them and tell them that if a youth named Nova ever makes his appearance known, they should contact us immediately.

The ring we left for you is a storage ring full of resources for you to even reach Stage 9. You just need to put a drop of blood on it, and it will automatically recognize you as its master.

For now, make sure to cultivate as fast as possible. Be aware of the others. Don't trust anybody blindly or let yourself get scammed.

It's a dangerous world out there, outside of Earth, where survival is everyone's number one priority.

Mom and dad love you, and we hope we'll see each other soon." The letter ended with complex feelings coming out if Nova. He was glad that his parents were fine, but also somewhat disappointed because they didn't tell him this sooner.

After reading the letter, Nova took out a drop of blood and put it on the ring. He instantly felt a connection with it and let his consciousness enter it. He was stunned by what was inside.

Mountains of Space and Time Energy Crystals.

Weapons and Armor, different kinds of items one could only dream of. There was even a house with 9 floors corresponding to the 9 stages, full of techniques that would make one lose his mind.

It was simply a treasure trove, that even those Stage 9 powerhouses would salivate to look at, and it was all in the hands of a little boy, not even 100 years old.

Only now did Nova realize how loaded his parents were. He was surprised by the sheer amount of things he could choose from, especially seeing the many treasures and energy crystals ready to be absorbed.

The disappointment from earlier was gone like the wind, instead excitement took over Nova. He was like a kid who received his allocation for the first time and could spend it on everything he wanted.

His Limitless Ability was salivating, or at least that was what Nova thought after receiving a few signals from his Soul World. It surprised him, as usually no ability could communicate with its user.

It was a strange thing to actually happen, but Nova didn't pay much attention to it. This was because his mind was fully occupied trying to regain his senses and take his look away from the shiny mountains before his eyes.

From a pauper to a rich kid overnight, there would surely be millions of people willing to kill Nova for being so lucky.

'I guess I should stay silent about this sudden windfall, especially considering the fact that there are probably enough treasures here to buy the entire Earth a few times over.' Thought Nova while still glancing at the inside of the storage ring.

Maybe Earth won't ever be able to produce as many treasures as there are in this storage ring.' Nova felt extremely lucky, but also a little complex about his family not telling him these things sooner.