Apex Star

C.20: Stage 2, Meeting and Human DomainNov 14, 2023

Feeling the space around him shift, Nova opened his eyes and saw a grey planet that seemed to change its form only by standing alone in the middle of nothing.

He reckoned that this was the planet that his parents were talking about. He could feel the space fluctuations around him seemingly converging with the planet.

From afar it looked like a little grey dot floating in space. It was more than 20 times smaller than Earth, and one could observe the lack of nature on the planet. It was completely solid without an ounce of water on it, and what seemed like grey dust floated in its atmosphere.

'It looks so desolate, I guess no lifeform ever existed on this planet.' Thought Nova seeing the lack of life on the planet.

With a few strides, Nova made his way to the planet until he could sense a rich space energy ready for him to plunder it all.

It was at least 10 times denser than the space energy in the dungeon's Space Mountain. Barely keeping his excitement in check, Nova got closer to the 'core' of the gray planet and started guiding the space energy to his Soul World.

A few hours later, without Nova sensing anything, two figures appeared a few kilometers behind him and were curiously watching him cultivate.

Without a doubt, the two of them were the young man and woman who wanted to invite Nova to their sect.

"He seems to be at the peak of Stage 1. It's incredible though, considering that the Awakening only arrived how many days ago?" The young man was truly impressed by Nova's fast cultivation speed.

"Let's wait for a bit until he successfully breaks through Stage 2, then we could complete our goal." said the young man to the young woman.

He barely earned a nod from her before both were focusing on watching Nova cultivating.

One hour later, the two of them were both surprised that Nova was still cultivating peacefully despite absorbing as much energy as a few Stage 2 Rank 3.

"How did he even cultivate this fast if his energy reserves are so high?!" This time the young man was truly taken aback by Nova.

Even the young woman was feeling incredulous, still she didn't let anything show on her face.

It was only after 6 hours that the space around Nova fluctuated wildly, signs that a breakthrough was going to occur.

"What powerful momentum, it feels as if I'm watching someone breaking through Late Stage 2. Though it's only to be expected of our chosen to at least be at this level."

The man barely finished his words when he saw Nova opening his eyes and savoring his gains.

"Let's go over to him," he said to the woman, or at least wanted to go before seeing Nova looking in their direction, confusion clearly written on his face.

'No way that he sensed us..' thought the man before appearing in front of Nova.

Suddenly, breaking through Nova couldn't enjoy his newfound strength before his Apex Bloodline reacted as if sensing danger and making him look over to where the young man and woman were.

Before he could get a better look, he was startled to see two persons appear in front of him.

"Who are you?" asked Nova attentively, feeling as though he didn't even have a chance against the two in front of him. He could feel that everything he could do to escape would be useless, even the silver bracelet from his parents.

"Don't worry, we're not here to hurt you, young man. My name is Denzel, and this besides me is Sophie. Please excuse her, she's not used to talking so much." said Denzel, introducing himself and Sophie.

"We are both part of the Star Sect a behemoth in the entire Human Domain, whose only purpose is to keep the borders safe.

The borders we refer to are actually the territories where we humans collide with our not-so-friendly neighbors like the demon race, spectral race, and even the beast race." Denzel just fired information after information to Nova, who grew incessantly shocked the more he heard.

From Denzel's words, it seems that the human domain was in a precarious situation for a long time.

A few years ago, one of their best 'Star Readers' predicted that in the future, there will be geniuses blessed by the stars one after another that will eventually lead the human domain to resist the attacking forces of the other domains or even zones.

It was predicted that at least two geniuses will be born in every domain, making a total of 72 geniuses from the 36 Human Domains.

The Overseers, Denzel and Sophie were required to use their sect's treasure created by the 'Star Reader' to feel where the genius blessed by the star was.

The human domain Nova is currently in, already had a genius found and taken to their sect to be recommended as a disciple.

Why only recommended and not instantly accepted? Because if the right power is born with the wrong user, everything is meaningless.

What if that person has a grudge against humans and wants to kill them all or has been mistreated by the world in the past and will hold back to putting their protection of the human domain in second place and may betray them at any moment?

These were all taken into account, and the test will mainly test their personality with talent coming second.

Another bomb news Nova heard was the fact that this Star Sect was located in the first human domain to ever exist, 'God's Domain'. The shocking thing was the fact that it was a realm higher than the upper realms, called the 'Transcendent Realm'.

Nova also learned that Stage 9 wasn't the maximum level a person could reach. There existed other levels above.

Evolver, Nebula, World, Galaxy, Cosmos, Universe, Transcendent, and Immortal. With another unverified levels that didn't appear for some time.

After hearing all this, Nova was surprisingly calm on the outside. But on the inside, his Apex Bloodline was so excited that it made him feel like standing atop the sun.