Apex Star - C.26: At the bottom?Nov 14, 2023

Apex Star

C.26: At the bottom?Nov 14, 2023

Grand Elder Ria continued her explanation.

"You must understand that there are 'Regions' that belong to 'Domains' in the 9 'Zones' that exist.

The 9 Zones are one for each of the 9 predominantly races. Of course, there are millions of races out there but the main roots are still within these 9.

Still, some of them may be special cases and while not having a zone of their own, they could surely compete for one if they wanted to.

Human, Demon, Elf, Beast, Dragon, Spectral, God, Spirit, and Void race. These are the Nine Ruling races.

The Human Zone is the one we currently reside in. There are 36 Domains that we humans control, with thousands of Regions and an uncountable number of Sub-Regions like the one you came from.

Which reminds me, you are a lucky case, your sub-region was so close to ours, right behind us to be more exact."

Nova felt his mind almost explode from all the explanations done by Grand Elder Ria. And he needed a moment to calm down before continuing to listen.

"Our region has 6 borders. One of them with the demon race you heard so much of, one with the elf, beast, and spectral race. And two blank borders, one of them having your sub-region included and the other being a no-man land only filled with star beasts, or different kinds of predators.

You may be wondering how the [Awakening] affects it all. Well, for you to understand it better, it's because the sub-regions have some fragments that are separated but included in them that are only showing after [Awakening] comes into play.

There is a barrier preventing weak lifeforms and planets from coming in contact with energy. That barrier is decisively broken when the [Awakening] helps with the process of integrating those fragments with a sub-region or even region in some cases.

Why? Because that's how it is, this is a piece of information that we have gotten from other human powerhouses that came here to help us sign the Regional Pact with the other races.

This Regional Pact has a lot of stipulations and rules, but everything comes at one single rule.

Immortal Stage and above can't go to another region and conquer it.

Otherwise, the race that does that will have a region of their own wiped from the other 8 Zones.

So only in extreme cases of an Immortal Stage or above completely forgetting about everything or going berserk will you see a thing like that.

It won't make sense for the demon race to wipe out our region by sending their 6 Immortal Stages when a few hours after that they and all their families will be wiped out completely.

So basically the real fighting force in a region is the Universe and Transcendent Stage.

We're still outnumbered by them even in this chapter, but still, we have allies. The elf and beast race are our allies for thousands of years, while the spectral race is mostly neutral." Grand Elder Ria finished her long speech about the power distribution of the Multiverse from what she knew.

After staying silent for a while Nova suddenly closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again and startling everyone in the room.

His eyes gave even the two grand elders a slight pressure. Golden eyes with a tinge of red in them and crimson stars that seemed to come alive from the deepest and hottest part of the universe.

His golden halo once again appeared at his back and seemingly grew a few centimeters before stopping.

Golden-Red runes started forming on his skin that was moving from his face to his arms, chest, and legs.

Nova's cultivation once again increased to Rank 2, 3, 4, until, BOOOM!

He broke to Stage 6, catching everyone off guard. The first thing he said shocked everyone in the room.

"So we are at the bottom, huh..." barely finishing his words Nova collapsed on the floor.

After Denzel woke up from the shock of Nova's cultivation and his words, he checked on him.

Breathing in relief he motioned to the other that Nova has only passed out.


Opening his eyes, the first thing Nova saw was a giant golden star of immense proportions that he couldn't see the end to.

"You finally came here, Nova." an ethereal voice sounded out of nowhere.

Nova was a little bit scared by the sudden voice that sounded especially because he thought it came from the massive star before him.

"Who are you?"

"I am the Apex Star of Origin. I was together with you for a long time." The Apex talked to Nova for the first time.

Hearing that, Nova seemingly wanted to open his mouth but couldn't.

Seeing his struggle the 'Apex' was amused by Nova's reaction.

"No need to be surprised buddy, there's no one who knows you better than me. Actually the time I'll spend with you now will be very short because of certain causal laws.

I just wanted to ask you something. Why are you holding back?" The Apex seemed to get angry at Nova.

Nova was once again baffled by the question, not understanding how he was holding back.

"I understand that you must be 'Apex', I can feel you, but I don't understand how I'm holding back." Nova carefully responded back.

"You are holding back your potential by hiding your true self and keeping it locked inside you.

Putting some shackles here and there based on how others feel or not showing your deeply ingrained arrogance, even forgetting your ambition. Tell me how are you not holding back?" said the 'Apex'.

Remaining silent for a while, Nova didn't have a reply he could tell to the 'Apex'.

"If you were not holding back all these 'emotions' let's say, you could tap into my powers even more and soar at heights never before seen.

The calamity of the worlds is coming closer and you are one of the only hopes to stop it.

So, please think about what I said before and don't hold back. Otherwise the 'Slumbering', antithesis of [Awakening] will catch up, and he won't wake us up but will put us all to sleep."


Without a chance for Nova to say anything, his consciousness once again returned to his body.

Waking up from the shocking news he heard, Nova was almost hyperventilating and had tears in his eyes, not knowing if it was from the 'Apex' words about the 'Slumbering', or himself.