Ascension Through Skills - C.179: The World Of The Arrogant Giant (5)Mar 24, 2024

Ascension Through Skills

C.179: The World Of The Arrogant Giant (5)Mar 24, 2024

I dont know about that.

He had always been like this.

Even when he encountered an Apostle or met a god, he wasnt greatly shaken mentally.

The Giant King laughed.

What an amazing ability. It seems you dont fully understand it either.

The Giant King spoke softly.

Anyway, its fortunate that we can get help from such a being. Otherwise, we are doomed to destruction.

The Giant King turned his gaze towards the flickering monster.

You must have realized something strange about the monsters on your way here.

They were too weak.

At best, they were C-class. Even ordinary giants could easily defeat them. They werent capable of destroying the world.

Taesan guessed the reason.

Is it because of that monster?

The High Gods have a limit on how much they can interfere in a world. Most of that was used on that monster. Thats why they cant send monsters above a certain level.

The Giant King laughed bitterly.

But we are getting weaker. Even for me, its overwhelming just to suppress the monsters waves to let the great warriors use magic.

The Giant King was immortal. He transcended the limits of life, but he looked so aged.

Taesan asked.

Why dont you just kill it?

The monster certainly had a terrifying presence, but Taesan thought the Giant King could kill it. However, the Giant King shook his head.

If I could, I would have done it several times.

The Giant King raised his hand and clenched his fist.


Then, thousands of magic arrows were driven into the monster inside the barrier. The Giant King calmly watched the arrows that were piercing the monster so much that its form was unrecognizable.

This monster is designed to be unkillable by giants.

The monster writhed and stood up.

Its damaged flesh began to crawl and merge back together.

The monster is making us forget magic, but it cant be killed by a giant. Over time, it will even corrode our bodies. It exists solely to kill us.

Taesan realized why the god of magic had sent him here.

Thats why Im asking you. Please kill it.

The Giant Kings flickering eyes turned to Taesan.

You are not affected by the monsters waves. Youre not a giant, so you can inflict effective damage on the monster. Thats probably why the god of magic sent you. Please, human.

Taesan nodded.


He had come here for that very purpose.

Though different from his initial expectations, defeating the monster seemed like it would clear the quest. So, there was no reason to refuse.

Above all, his opponents were the High Gods.

The thought of giving them a hard time, they who were trampling on the earth, made Taesan happy.

Taesan agreed. The Giant King smiled.

Thank you. I will ensure you are amply rewarded.

So, what should I do? Just kill it?

That wont do.

The Giant King shook his head.

This monster is not only killing us but also serves as a kind of limit. The moment you touch the monster, the High Gods will open the space and call forth more monsters.

You can stop them, cant you?

The Giant King was immortal. He had power incomparable even to the leaders of the Guides of Sin.

He could easily crush a monster with his fingers, but the Giant King smiled bitterly.

I cannot touch the monster.

The Giant King pointed at the monster with his finger.

Waves were still violently emanating from the monster.

If I release the seal suppressing the monster, it will spread its waves more intensely and widely. Then everyone, except for me and the great warriors, will go mad. I must prevent that.

So, even the immortals power is not enough?

If it were a simple monster, I would have eradicated them all long ago. The High Gods are cunning and sly.

Taesan knew this well enough. He had suffered from them in his previous life.

So, how do you plan to stop the monsters?

Taesan had to focus on defeating this monster. The Giant King replied.

Thats why we need to gather those who can withstand the monsters.

The Giant King commanded the great warriors.

Except for Habriam, the three of you go to each territory and summon the lords. Tell them their king has summoned them. Tell them to prepare for battle.

The great warriors left in silent agreement.

It will take some time to gather everyone. Its not much of a reward, but take this.

The Giant King waved his finger. A mystical power flowed out and settled in Taesan.

[You have learned the beginner rune magic [White Rune Shield].]

[Beginner Rune Magic: White Rune Shield]

[Mana Consumption: 30]

[Proficiency: 1%]

[Mystical runes are inscribed on small shields summoned around you. The mystery contained in the shields is quite insignificant.]

Taesans eyes shone. The Giant King spoke.

Its our magic. It may be inferior compared to the god of magics, but it will be useful. You can spar with Habriam for practice.

Got it.

Taesan followed the Giant Kings words.

Taesan continued training with the great warrior while the giants gathered in the castle. The warriors power was weaker than his, but the level of magic was significantly higher, making it a decent sparring match.

Taesans proficiency in magic slightly increased, and he roughly grasped how to use the White Rune Shield.

And then, as time passed, all the giants finally arrived.

Everyones here.

Umberak murmured as he looked around at the gathered giants. He recognized quite a few faces.

All of them were lords of their respective territories.

Not just small territories, but even those managing lands ten times his size were present.

About a hundred such lords had gathered.

What in the world is happening

Umberak narrowed his eyebrows.

A human had come to his territory, then suddenly strong monsters appeared, and the human defeated them.

Following the humans request, he sent a message to the Giant King, but before it even arrived, four great warriors came to take the human away.

Just when he thought it was all over, a great warrior returned after a few days, saying the king had summoned him and told him to follow.

With so many events unfolding in such a short time, Umberak was still struggling to fully grasp the situation.

Taesan, who had personally met and somewhat understood the situation, felt this way; thus, it was even more so for the other giants. They waited in anticipation for their meeting with their king.


The door opened.

The Giant King appeared. The giants hastily bowed.

We greet our King!

The giants shouted in unison. In their eyes, looking at the Giant King, there was only admiration.

The strongest giant, who had protected them for hundreds of years, was their king.

However, there was also a hint of doubt in the eyes of the giants.

Seeing their king in person was a very rare event, happening only once every few years. And now that they all gathered like this, it was natural for them to be curious.

The Giant King, looking down at them, spoke.

I have something to tell you all.

The Giant King began to speak about the monster established in the castle, how they had forgotten magic, and that he was trying to kill the monster.

The giants were confused upon hearing the story.

Your Majesty? What do you mean by that?

We have forgotten magic? That cant be.

The giants denied their kings words. The interference had not happened overnight but over a thousand years, and the giants had slowly forgotten the existence of magic itself.

Anticipating this, the Giant King turned around.

Follow me.

The Giant King headed towards where the monster was. As they got closer, the giants faces began to contort. Some couldnt bear it and collapsed on the ground.

This is as far as we go.


Some of them even vomited.

A terrible force shook their brains and ravaged their bodies.

Eventually, they couldnt go any further.

The Giant King returned to the battlefield with them. Those who had barely regained their senses gasped for air.

Something strange and terrible was inside the castle.

The Giant King said.

Do you believe it now?


The giants barely nodded their heads. They couldnt be sure about magic, but they understood that something was attacking them.

That was enough.

You are strong ones. Thats why you became lords.

The Giants revered strength. To rule a territory, one had to be at least stronger than any of their subjects. All of them had the power to defeat B-class monsters.

Will you help me fight those who interfere with us?


They all shouted energetically.

Their eyes were ablaze with fighting spirit.

The Giant King smiled satisfactorily.

Thats right.

The Giant King explained one by one. To kill the monster in the castle, the seal must be broken. But if the seal was broken, monsters would pour out.

Thats why he called them, to stop it.

Upon hearing this, Umberak quietly asked.

Your Majesty. Are we the only ones gathered?

If I release the seal, the monster will spread strong waves, and I must focus on blocking them. However, those weaker than you will still be affected by the monster despite my protection. They would be of no help.

Then, will Your Majesty deal with the monster in the castle?

No. I have to concentrate on blocking the waves. Someone else will handle that.

The Giant King turned his gaze.

Come out.

Taesan appeared.

The giants were taken aback at the sight of him.

A human?

Why is a human here?

Only Umberak looked calmly, while the rest showed agitation and distrust in their eyes.

He will defeat the monster.

But Your Majesty, he is a

A human?

The giant fell silent. His gaze towards Taesan held the answer.

The Giant King smiled.

Im asking you.

Ill need to repay you later.

Dont worry. Ill generously repay you once everything is over.

Taesan stepped forward and waved his hand at the one who had raised an objection.

I dont feel like explaining; just come at me.

The giant looked at Taesan with an ambiguous gaze.

Human. You seem to have some strength, but its not enough to match us. We are the strongest race

Be quiet.

Taesan frowned and stamped his foot.

In an instant, as Taesan charged, the giant was startled and shielded himself with his arms. free(w)ebnovel

Taesan swung his fist.



The defense broke, and the giant flew far away, crashing into a wall.

Everyones eyes widened. Taesan spoke with an indifferent face.

If you want to check, then come at me, all of you.

Ill step back.

Umberak withdrew.

The giants eyes gleamed.

They moved their bodies.

And the next day, no one dared to open their mouth about Taesans presence.

Umberak approached Taesan with a grin.

Nice to see you again like this.


Heh. So theres such a monster inside Surprising. It seems your words were right. novelbuddy. com

Umberak muttered with a strange expression.

Then, did the god of magic directly entrust you with this task for our sake?

Taesan nodded. Umberak smiled bitterly.

We who have forgotten magic. The High Gods. And the god of magic. So many things happening. So, has the god of magic been watching over us all this time?


Taesan had been pondering over this as well.

Why couldnt the god of magic descend here?

It was likely due to the interference of the High Gods.

Then, if the interference of the High Gods disappeared, would the god of magic descend here?

Depending on the situation, that could be a strategy.

Taesan was assessing the situation.

And the next day, all preparations were complete.

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