Binding System

C.10 Binding Partner ModeSep 30, 2023

[Evelyn's affection parameter: 70% --> 75%]

His heart leaped up for joy when he saw a notification about Evelyn's affection parameter.

'Her affection parameter went up again?!' 𝗯𝐞𝗱𝐧𝐨𝘃𝐞𝐥.𝗼𝗿𝐠

Previously, Evelyn's affection parameter rose from fifty-three percent to seventy percent, and now it went up to seventy-five percent.

There was only one meaning for this.

He managed to make her happy!

She felt comfortable around him, so her affection parameter rose again.

'I can't wait to check out the system's new feature and read the descriptions of all the cards I get from the system.'

Previously, Xiao Ming did not have time to check all the new cards given by the system, so he decided to read them after entering the cave.

"Here, eat again." Evelyn fed him again.

"Thank you." Xiao Ming spoke as he consumed the Juwi fruit.

At this moment, both of them looked like a young couple who were deeply in love with each other.

Of course, they were still not at that stage yet, but their relationship was already more than friends.


Forest, Cave.

Xiao Ming and Evelyn were currently sitting on the stone platform. The duo chatted happily as they consumed the Juwi fruit.

"Big sister, I have something for you." Xiao Ming uttered.

"What is it?" Evelyn asked curiously.

He took a necklace out of his pocket and showed it to Evelyn. "A necklace."

The necklace on his right palm was the necklace he got from the system. It was the Angel Spark necklace that he got after completing a quest from the system.

Angle Spark necklace looked like a luxurious silver necklace.

Dramatic frames featuring tranquil teardrop and classic round white rhinestones delicately connected below the collar for a showstopping look.

A unique half-moon locket picture hung from the center, creating a luxurious feel and adding to the beauty of the necklace.

In short, it looked like an extraordinary necklace.

"A necklace?" even though Evelyn was shocked, she did not show it on her face. "Why do you want to give me that necklace?"

"This necklace is not ordinary one. It's a defense artifact necklace." Previously, he activated the Angel Spark necklace card when Evelyn did not pay attention to him. "The name of this item is Angel Spark necklace. It can protect the wearer from attacks of Elite rank level and below."

"A defense artifact? Isn't that a precious item?" previously, Evelyn thought it was only an ordinary necklace.

"Big sis, you are under the Winged Tiger's seal now, so this item is perfect for you." After saying that, Xiao Ming placed the necklace in Evelyn's hands.

Evelyn did not say anything.

She only looked at the necklace in her hands before finally returning her attention to Xiao Ming.

Of course, she was touched by his actions. After all, he had done many things for her. He even gave a precious necklace to her.

"Please don't reject my good intentions because I don't want something bad to happen to you." There were two reasons why he decided to give a precious necklace to her.

First, it was to protect her and last, it was to make her remember him every day.

Sure, he would lose a good item, but he did not mind it because the Angel Spark necklace could secure his future.

Xiao Ming knew that they would go off separately sooner or later, so Angel Spark necklace could keep her from forgetting him.

The system said he had to maintain Evelyn's affection parameter by at least sixty percent if he wanted to use binding partner mode, so the necklace was a great item to help maintain her affection parameter.

"Thank you, Ren." Evelyn decided to accept the gift because she really needed a defense artifact to protect her.

Actually, Xiao Ming was the main reason why she accepted the gift. If it were from another man, she would have rejected it even if she needed a defense artifact.

"Un." Xiao Ming smiled happily.

'Good! With this, she will remember me every time she sees the necklace.'

Happiness glowed inside him.

'Good necklace, please help me maintain her affection parameter. I'm counting on you, good necklace.'

He suddenly felt lucky to get a necklace as a gift for saving Evelyn from a magical beast.

Of course, Evelyn had no idea what he had in mind. "Ren, can you help me put it on?"

"Sure." After saying that, Xiao Ming sat behind her.

Evelyn instantly lifted the ends of her hair so that he could put the necklace easily.

"Done!" Xiao Ming uttered.

[God of Harem says I like your method!]

[Goddess of Love utters real men should treat women like this.]

[Goddess of Love is satisfied with how you treat Evelyn.]

"Thank you, Ren." Evelyn responded.

[Evelyn's affection parameter: 75% --> 79%]

Xiao Ming was pleasantly surprised.

'It rose again!'

He did not expect her affection parameter to rise again.

Of course, it made him happy.

Like before, they began to chat again. When Evelyn was sleeping, Xiao Ming instantly read all the cards he got from the system.

He only had five cards left now; Power Loan card, Duji poison and antidote card, Wind Shield card, Invisibility card, and Deadly Sword Slash card.

He had read the descriptions of the first two cards, so he only needed to read the descriptions of the Wind Shield card, Invisibility card, and Deadly Sword Slash card.

'I see.'

It was said a huge shield formed from the wind would appear after activating the Wind Shield card.

If the Wind Shield card was good for defense, the Deadly Sword slash card was amazing for attack.

He would be able to use a powerful and terrifying slash after activating the Deadly Sword Slash card.

It stated the slash had a terrifying aura and could split a mountain in two.

As for the invisibility card, it could make him invisible to naked eyes. However, the effect of the card would immediately disappear if he used the energy within his body.

In other words, this card was good for scouting in the enemy's territory.

'System, tell me about the binding partner mode now.'

He had read all the cards, so he wanted to know about the binding partner mode.

[After activating binding partner mode, Host will get the partner's inspiration as well as a bonus level based on the partner's class.]

'Inspiration? Does that mean I will understand everything as easily as they do?'

He threw another question in his head.

[Yes. It's as if Host is borrowing their inspiration or intelligence.]

'What about the bonus level?'

Actually, he was thrilled when he learned that he would get a bonus level based on the partner's class.

[Host will get bonus level based on partner's class after activating the binding partner mode.]

The system gave a simple example to Xiao Ming.

If he activated the binding partner mode and his target was Evelyn, he would get a bonus level in his mana capacity because she was a mage.

If his target were someone who awakened the Knight class, he would get a bonus level in his strength.

And if his target were Archer class, he would get a bonus level in his speed.

The bonus level would instantly disappear once he was no longer in the binding partner mode.

Xiao Ming's eyes shone brightly.

'Then how many bonus levels will I get after activating the binding partner mode?'

[It's based on the partner's class level. Every ten levels, Host will get one bonus level.]

The system used Evelyn as an example again. Evelyn was a mage, and her mana capacity was level 57.

This meant Xiao Ming would get five bonus levels in mana capacity if he used binding partner mode and his target was Evelyn.

[Host, why don't you try it yourself?]

'Good idea!'

Xiao Ming agreed instantly.

"System, activate the binding partner mode. Target: Evelyn." He said in a low voice.

[Ding! Binding partner mode activated. Target: Evelyn.]

[Mana Capacity: Lvl 7 --> Lvl 12.]

'Yes. I can feel the difference!'

Xiao Ming's heart trembled in happiness.

'This is a good system!'

He praised his system.

'How long can I maintain the binding partner mode?'

He threw another question in his head.

[As long as you want. However, the system will deactivate the binding partner mode automatically if Host no longer needs it.]

'So, I can't stay in the binding partner mode forever, huh?'

Xiao Ming did not mind it because the benefit was already good.

'I suddenly can't wait to have multiple binding partners.'

After asking so many questions, he decided to sleep.

The air that night was much colder than usual. They immediately felt cold when the bonfire went out.

For this reason, they move closer to each other before finally hugging each other. Of course, they did not know this because they were still sleeping.

Yes, they moved closer to each other when they were still sleeping!

In short, they were still half asleep when they hugged each other.

When they woke up in the morning, both of them were surprised and looked at each other in the eyes.