Card Apprentice Daily Log - C.1923 Sleep-flying DreDreMar 26, 2024

Card Apprentice Daily Log

C.1923 Sleep-flying DreDreMar 26, 2024

Date- 18 April 2321

Time- 05:44

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, TSR Guild Headquarters, Blood Rock Cave Dungeon, Seed world

Wyatt returned to his clone's side after exiting the hidden space while pondering to create an enhancer, that would hence the Deviant Devil's blood. Such that he could use a tiny part of the Devil's blood sample he had collected to help Bloodette and Cortney awaken from their slumber.

However, there was a problem with that method. The Devil's blood sample still had the Devil's will in it. It was strong enough to resist the will of the blood-rule source. When someone spills blood in the blood-rule source, it instantly gets absorbed by it but in the Devil's case, its strong will resisted the blood-rule source's absorption and remained separated refusing to become a part of the blood-rule source and continuing to be part of the deviant devil even after being separated from it. Making it possible for Wyatt to collect the blood sample of the deviant devil.

Now the very will of the deviant devil inside its blood sample that allowed Wyatt to collect it in the blood-rule source of all places had become Wyatt's problem stopping him from using it. Wyatt was worried that once he removed the blood sample from his storage card, the will in the blood sample would signal the devil his location.

As such Wyatt's idea to use the blood sample of the deviant devil to wake up Bloodette and Cortney came to a halt having met a roadblock. He has the best remedy for the Elder Anesthesia Dragon's sleep breath on him but he cannot use it as it will invite not just his but the entire card world's doom.

Wyatt then began to contemplate another way to help awaken Bloodette and Cortney from their prolonged sleep. It did not take Wyatt to think of a solution. The only thing that Wyatt knew had immunity to the Anesthesia Dragon's sleep breath other than the Deviant Devil was the World Calamity Tree.

The world calamity tree's seed cover protected his spiritual body from the Elder Anesthesia Dragon's sleep breath. In World Calamity Tree's physical body, he was able to roam around right next to a sleeping Elder Anesthesia Dragon and not be affected by its sleep breath. So the answer to Wyatt's problem was himself.

Knowing what he had to do, Wyatt made use of his myriad devil transformation skills to morph into a world calamity tree. Then scraped a bark of his trunk. He was planning to create incense using the bark, which can be burned to create a smell that would counter the sleeping breath of the Elder Anesthesia Dragon, awakening Bloodette and Cortney from their prolonged sleep.

The reason Wyatt decided to create incense instead of a pill or potion was because the bark was his skin in a sense. The thought of Bloodette and Corteny chewing on his skin did not sit right with Wyatt, it felt weird and cannibalistic. He believed Cortney would agree with him. So he decided to create an incense stick instead. Besides the incense stick made from the bark of the world calamity tree was quite popular before they were whipped out of existence by the Librarian. Many strong dark races liked to get high on it.

ƈοm After collecting the bark, as Wyatt was about to morph back into his human form, he saw something astonishing. He saw Dredre break through the isolation and fly into the isolated space in her sleep. It was like she was being pulled a string in the air.

In Wyatt's moment of astonishment, Dredre had already flown next to one of his branches. She hugged it and fell asleep on that branch. Wyatt stared at Dredre in bafflement, he did not understand how she was able to smell him with the space isolation separating them.

Wyatt and Dredre, both were in a single space but a part of it was isolated by a partition at Wyatt's will for his use. Wyatt wondered how Dredre smelled him in isolation but then a thought occurred to him that, even with isolation, Dredre could feel the entire space within the seed world which meant the isolated space and the hidden space Wyatt had created in the seed world were not so isolated and hidden.

Realizing this, Wyatt instantly freaked, but understanding that Dredre would not be in a place she was not supposed to be he felt a little relief. It was not like Dredre lied to him, he never asked her. So she did not have reason to tell him unless it came up. But it never came up, so Dredre neither lied nor tried to hide it from him.

Amidst this, there was another greater sense of relief to Wyatt, that he did not feel hungry, or any kind of craving when he saw defenseless Dredre in his current form. He might have used the World Calamity tree seed to forge his ego gem but he was still a human. The stupid Elder Anesthesia Dragon was wrong again. Wyatt was human through and through.

Seeing Dredre break through the space isolation, and fly to a world calamity tree on her own accord Wyatt felt that the pixie race did not even make the world calamity trees work for their food. They just walked to them and handed themselves to the tree on a silver platter. These pixies were really— whats the word— let us just go with naive. This made Wyatt wonder why the Pixies were the ones to be alive while the World calamity trees were extinct.

'Should I awaken her or continue to work in my current form?' Wyatt wondered, looking at the peaceful and serene face of the asleep Dredre. He thought she was the cutest being in the entire myriad realms and could not bring himself to awaken someone so cute.

So Wyatt not only ended up deciding to work with Dredre asleep on one of his branches, but he removed a few more barks from his trunk to create a few more incense sticks. These extra incense sticks were for Dredre. Since she liked the world calamity tree's fragrance so much Wyatt believed she would love calamity incense sticks created from its brak. It would make a good present for her when her forest's spirit was finally born.

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