Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon - C.96: Beyond The Jade Gate (2)Apr 02, 2024

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon

C.96: Beyond The Jade Gate (2)Apr 02, 2024

Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon

Chapter 95 – Beyond the Jade Gate (1)

Translated by : moonchildkhz


Thanks to the Four Sea Courier Group and the Head Representative, Woon-seong announced that he would be leaving shortly after crossing the Jade Gate.

“It looks like it’s time we go our separate ways.”

“I’m sorry that’s all I can do for my life’s savior.”

Woon-seong shook his head. “No, you’ve been a lot of help already.”

Of course, Woon-seong was not talking about how the Head Representative had bought him new clothes.

Woon-seong could have solved that himself.

Instead, the Head Representative had been much more helpful in other ways.

Thanks to him, I was able to learn the general state of affairs in Zhongyuan.

And thanks to his talkative nature, I’m sure he’ll start the rumor of how I defeated the Snake Spear Poison Artist.

Some amount of fame will help me during my journey in Zhongyuan.

The two identities that I must hide are: (1) Leader of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon and (2) sole apprentice of the Spear Master Sect.

I don’t have to worry about the latter, as that person is already dead in Murim.

But if the former one gets discovered, that becomes a big problem. The Leader of the Cult of the Heavenly Demon setting foot into Zhongyuan by himself is not some ordinary occurrence.

That was the main reason Woon-seong needed to build a reputation.

I hope he does a good job with those rumors, he thought as he glanced at the now distant Four Sea Courier Group.

After parting ways with the Four Sea Courier Group, Woon-seong started heading straight to Hezuo [1], where the secret safehouse was located.

Traveling from the Jade Gate to the Spear Master Sect’s safehouse in Hezuo would take a long time, even by horse.

But with Woon-seong’s movement skills, it wasn’t an impossible distance. Currently, he could run faster than a horse without rest for three days and three nights.

If Woon-seong wished to, he would reach Hezuo within ten days.

But those ten days on the road weren’t eventless.

There was a minor incident which took place near the Qilian Mountains. [2]

The Qilian Mountains were a place where numerous cliffs created walls of spectacles, and many high peaks supported the sky.

Woon-seong ended up staying the night in a town near the mountain range.

As he entered the town, the chatter of guests greeted him. Around this time of evening, there was a crowd in every restaurant or inn in sight.

Many of them were drunk and causing a scene.

Woon-seong frowned. This place is noisy
 I should find some place quiet.

He wanted somewhere with as few people as possible, an environment where he could sit and eat a meal in relaxed silence.

At the end of his search, Woon-seong found a suitable place a little further up the alley.

Old-fashioned, yet elegant.

It was a very nice place, except that it was not in the best location.

But above all else, Woon-seong preferred how quiet it was.

This place seems quiet. I like it.

As Woon-seong entered the inn, a bell at the entrance rang.

At the sound, a boy who had been sleeping in the corner of the room ran up to him.

“Welcome, sir!”

The boy looked very young, possibly malnourished.

A girl, who looked about sixteen, popped her head out of the kitchen and greeted.

“Welcome to the Golden Sunset Inn.”

An inn called the Golden Sunset.

Woon-seong followed the young boy to a corner of the room and settled down, ordering dinner.

“I’d like something to eat as a light meal. Is there anything you can get me?”

“How about fried rice made with minced meat, vegetables, and chili oil?”

Red pepper chili sauce, or chili oil, was originally a commonly used ingredient in Sichuan regional cuisine.

However, there was no law forbidding people in other provinces from using it!

Occasionally, there were people who enjoyed spicy flavors, so most inns kept a stock of chili oil.

Woon-seong nodded instead of answering.

The boy lowered his head and said, “Thank you.”

The little boy then ran to the front window of the kitchen. He glanced back at Woon-seong.

To be precise, he glanced at the spear strapped to Woon-seong’s back.

Most children admired the heroes of Murim. But the little boy’s eyes did not seem to hold admiration.

The boy shot one last glance at Woon-seong, then repeated his order.

Woon-seong heard the boy call the girl ‘noona’.

I was wondering why they seemed so young. It looks like this place is run by those two alone.

It did not take long for the food to come out.

Without hesitation, Woon-seong started to eat.

I was worried that maybe the lack of customers was because of the food, but it looks like I was wrong. This is some quality cooking for a child. Then why are there no customers here?

His question was soon answered.

By the time Woon-seong was halfway through his meal, a group of people burst into the inn, chattering amongst themselves.

“That was another productive day?”

“You’re damn right. Everyone, good job. If we just keep it up like this, people will start treating us like winners.”

“Hehe. So this is what it’s like to be in the Black Way.”

“The life of real men, right?”

A group of four men had just entered.

Woon-seong didn’t think that they had mastered any martial arts, but each man had a blade strapped to his waist.

The blades were of terrible quality, something you could get without paying much.

However, because of the crude appearance, the general public was even more fearful.

Black Way scum. On top of that, they’re low-lives who haven’t even learned any martial arts.

Based on the clothing, cruel looks, and poorly maintained weapons, Woon-seong had quickly guessed their identity.

No wonder there are no guests. If people of the Black Way are frequent guests of this place, it makes sense.

And how do the two owners of this place react

Just as I expected

The little boy refused to make eye contact with the crown.

Not only that, the young girl hid inside the kitchen, shivering.

That was an unusual reaction, one that could not be explained by fear of the Black Way alone.

As soon as they sat down, the group glanced at Woon-seong before ordering a drink, not caring much about him. A young man probably wouldn’t amount to much.

Woon-seong also turned his eyes away from them.

They’re a bit annoying, but I want to stay out of trouble
 I’ll just bear with it.

As long as they don’t cross the line.

At that moment, the man with an eye-patch stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

As he stepped inside, the rest of the group laughed, as the girl cowered further inside.

“Go easy on her, boss!”

“Hmm. How are you doing today?”

The man went inside and crouched next to the girl.

He teased the girl as they were very familiar. The whole time, he did not stop poking and prodding her with his fingers as he spoke sleazy words.


The frightened girl trembled and tried to reply.

Her response only made the man tease her even more, liking her crying face.

No one helped her.

Poor girl

But Woon-seong didn’t particularly have a reason to help her either.

Just as he was standing up to leave, something caught his attention.


Aside from the voices and footsteps was the sound of someone gripping an object very hard. It was very faint, but Woon-seong still heard it.

It sounded a little like metal hitting wood.

Woon-seong glanced to the side.

It was the boy, presumed to be the girl’s younger brother.

The boy had grabbed a kitchen knife and glared at the man harassing his sister.

Eyes filled with hatred.

Maybe he wished to stab the guy. But did he have the courage to do so?

The boy grabbed the knife and shuddered, but didn’t make any further movement.

This action caught the eyes of the other men as well.

“Huh? Look at this kid! He’s holding a knife!”

“Hey. What are you going to do with that knife?”

“Were you trying to stab us? Hahaha! This little brat?”

The men of the Black Way surrounded the boy and sneered at him.

The one-eyed man walked out from the kitchen area and stood in front of the little boy. Bowing his head to make eye contact, he taunted, “What are you planning to do with that knife? Stab me because I harassed your sister?”

The man reached out and grabbed the boy by the wrist. With a slight exertion of power, a crunch sound could be heard.


The boy’s bones had not broken, but it was still an adult male’s grip. The boy groaned in agony.

Before the boy could regain his bearings, the man kicked him in the abdomen.


The boy flew into the air and fell to the ground a few feet away.


The boy groaned in pain.

The girl tried to run towards him, screaming, “What are you doing to my brother?!”

“No you don’t!”

The girl’s arms and legs were grabbed by one of the other Black Way men, who giggled. Although she struggled with all her might, the strength of an adult, a man at that, was not one she could overcome.

“So-san!” the girl could only scream.

The one-eyed man was ruthless as he violently hit the boy, whose name appeared to be So-san.


Pah! Pah!

“I’m doing my best here to end up with your sister, you know?”

The one-eyed man was now kicking the boy in the stomach. Every time a kick landed, the boy would groan in pain.

“And you dare try to stab the person who might be your brother-in-law?”

Nevertheless, the boy did not let go of the knife in his hand.

He could not move, but that was the best he could do.

Seeing this, Woon-seong sighed.

The scene reminded him of some bad memories.

I was just like that before Master Nok Yu-on took me as his apprentice.

Of course, Woon-seong’s situation was even worse back then. There was neither a roof to escape from the rainstorms nor a sister to cry for him.

But that was how Woon-seong had survived.

One night he’d said, “How dare you beat me down today,” then stoned a man of the Black Way to death.

When Master Nok Yu-on chanced upon that scene, the Spearmaster concluded that the sins of the Black Way man had made him unworthy of life. He’d then taken Woon-seong to learn the spear and walk the righteous path.

Of course, Woon-seong’s talent and potential also played a part, but he had been way too young for the normal apprenticing process.

Maybe I was more suited to be a demonic practitioner than a righteous man ever since then.

Woon-seong raised his hand and covered his face, upset all of a sudden.

I didn’t need to remember those times.

I’d really just rather destroy those Black Way scum for making me remember this

But that would mean I would be helping those two children.

Venting out is fine, but I don’t want to play a hero.

I hope you at least show me one reason for me to help you.

Slowly, Woon-seong started to murmur.

The boy, who Woon-seong was watching take the hits, soon heard a voice beside his ear.

— Hold on to the knife.

[1] Hezuo is a city in the southern part of the Gansu province of Western China

[2] The Qilian Mountains form the border between the Qinghai and Gansu provinces.