Evolving Silver Dragon

C.2 - : 001 Do you think it’s a True Dragon? Actually, it’s a Dragon Beast!_1Mar 11, 2024

Chapter 2: 001 Do you think it’s a True Dragon? Actually, it’s a Dragon Beast!_1

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After an unknown period of time, a newborn life slowly opened its eyes.

Surrounded by darkness, the newly awakened consciousness was initially frightened. After getting used to the darkness, it cautiously touched the hard objects around it.

“It seems like I’m inside an egg?”

A soul from Earth was recalling its last memories from its previous life, lamenting about the unfinished regrets.

However, it soon accepted its new fate with a smile. The past was already gone, so what’s the point of dwelling on it?

Now, it seemed as if it had become a member of the transmigrating group, but its new body seemed a little strange.

It was very different from the familiar human form, and most importantly, it was oviparous…

It noticed that its body seemed to be covered with scales, and there was a tail behind it. Combining these with the fact that it was inside an egg,

After exposure to many fantasies, it boldly speculated, could it have become a huge dragon?

At this moment, a torrent of information suddenly flooded its brain.

It instinctively felt that this large amount of information was full of useful knowledge.

However, the moment the information entered its brain, it was absorbed by a strange light ball, leaving it with only the knowledge of a foreign language and a complicated and hard-to-pronounce name.

“Otto Vitellius Augustin, this is… my real name!”

With its new name, Otto’s expression became serious. This familiar development seemed to confirm that it had indeed turned into a dragon!

Whether one turned into a True Dragon or a goblin through transmigration, the difference was heaven and earth. Otto could already envision its glorious future lying on top of a mountain of treasures.

Maybe it could even play the role of the evil dragon and princess! At this thought, its mouth watered.

However, it was somewhat worried about the mysteriously disappearing information, which seemed to be very helpful to it.

But Otto didn’t think too much about it, as things had already happened, and there were more important things to do now.

With expectations for the future, Otto began to work hard to break the surrounding eggshell.

Finally, it found a weak spot and forcefully nudged it with the small horn on its nose, creating a tiny crack in the eggshell.

As it continued to strike, fresh air and blinding light flooded into the broken eggshell, and a new life was successfully born!

Without having time to observe its surroundings, hunger prompted Otto to turn around and start gnawing on its own eggshell.

At first, it was somewhat reluctant, but after one bite, it found that the texture of the eggshell was similar to chocolate. It couldn’t help but gobble down the remaining eggshell.

With some food in its stomach, Otto finally began to observe its surroundings, only to find that things were quite different from what it had imagined.

This place wasn’t a dragon’s lair, nor was there a mother dragon guarding the eggs. Instead, it was in a large hall built from neatly arranged, solid stones.

It was positioned on a raised platform in the center of the hall, with a magic circle inscribed on it. It was right in the center of the magic circle.

Several blond, blue-eyed middle-aged men in medieval European clothing stood around the platform, pointing and discussing Otto.

This made Otto feel a sense of unease…

The remaining knowledge allowed Otto to understand their conversation.

A man who seemed to be their leader frowned and said discontentedly, “We wasted so much expensive magical material, just to end up with another Dragon Beast…”

A subordinate lowered his head, “I’m sorry, Lord Walton. We can’t determine if a dragon egg can give birth to a True Dragon before it hatches successfully…”

Walton, the leader, obviously didn’t want to waste more time on this matter.

He waved his hand and said, “Recover as much of the magic circle material as possible. There is no need to waste a contract on a Dragon Beast. Send it to the Arena and try to sell it for a good price!”

“As you wish!”

After Walton left the hall, several servants entered under the orders of his subordinates and began to carefully remove the precious magical materials from the platform.

Meanwhile, Otto, who had just been born, was easily captured and put in a cage before being loaded onto a carriage.

“That guy called me a Dragon Beast?”

Otto wanted to frown, but its scaled head couldn’t perform such a complex expression.

Soon, Otto understood why he was not considered a True Dragon, for he found that he had no wings…

Whether it was his size or the light gray-blue scales, there wasn’t much difference between him and the huge dragons in Otto’s memory.

But as soon as he looked behind, his heart sank. A wingless dragon was not only regarded differently by others but was also frustrating for Otto himself.

“This is just a giant lizard, isn’t it!”

Soon, he stopped dwelling on it, because he was hungry again…

The eggshells could only provide minimal nourishment, which had already been digested.

The newly hatched dragonling was now extremely eager to consume meat for sustenance.

Not knowing how much time had passed, the carriage finally stopped, and a pungent, bloody smell immediately filled Otto’s nose.Ugh… Otto, weak from hunger, lay in the cage covering his nose with his paw.

A few human servants moved Otto, along with his cage, and placed it under a shed made of thatched straw.

The shed was already filled with cages containing various wild beasts and creatures.

Once Otto was placed on an empty spot, the human servants covered their noses and left with disgusted expressions on their faces, leaving Otto in despair as he surveyed his surroundings.

In the cages around him were fearsome creatures, like a scar-riddled gnoll growling at him.

Even from several meters away, Otto could smell the foul odor coming from the monster’s mouth.

In another cage was a dire wolf that was drooling at Otto, seemingly regarding him as its next meal.

What surprised Otto even more was the sight of a skeletal, clearly malnourished Chimera, around four or five meters long including its tail, locked in the corner of the shed.

The Chimera seemed to sense Otto’s gaze and lifted its red dragon head, glancing at him.

Upon realizing that Otto was just a wingless young dragon-beast, it lost interest and dropped its nearly skinless head back to the ground, unconcerned with the world.

During that brief moment when the Chimera had raised its dragon head, all the creatures around Otto closed their mouths and stared at it with caution.

The dire wolf that had been salivating at the sight of Otto collapsed in its cage and hadn’t recovered yet, and a yellow liquid seeped out slowly.

The smell in the shed grew even more unbearable.

But soon, the creatures around it became restless again, smelling the presence of humans entering the shed filled with monsters.

Most of the creatures had a habit of eating humans, considering them a delectable delicacy.

However, they were all locked up, and the enormous Chimera was bound tight in the corner.

So, the newcomers were not afraid. They simply covered their noses, obviously having a hard time dealing with the stench.

A tall and short figure approached Otto’s cage, and the tall, dark-skinned man with a chubby face examined Otto before nodding slightly.

Then, he coldly told the short figure, “From now on, you’ll be in charge of this dragon-beast’s care. Be diligent, and I might even find you a good buyer!”

This dark-skinned fat man was the owner of the arena, and people called him Blackheart George.

He was also involved in the slave trade, notoriously breaking apart countless previously happy families as a ruthless slave trader.

The short figure nodded silently, watching Blackheart George leave the stinky place.

The short figure then squatted down in front of Otto’s cage, allowing Otto to finally see the figure clearly.

Skinny, covered in dirt, one could only tell it was a child by the size…

Her silver hair was draped over her petite forehead, and her red pupils were like captivating rubies.

Dirt obscured her facial features, but the pointed ears on both sides of her cheeks caught Otto’s attention.

“Is this an elf?”

Confused, Otto looked at her, and her tattered clothes spoke for her status.

Even the human servants who had brought Otto here had decent clothes to wear.

She must be a slave…

“My name is Sofia. Nice to meet you!”

Her voice was clear and gentle, like the chimes of a bell in the summer breeze. It was only at this moment that Otto realized she was a young girl.

Naturally, Otto wouldn’t speak so easily, but his protesting stomach responded for him as hunger took hold.

At first, Sofia was taken aback, but then she giggled and ran off.

She soon returned, struggling to drag a mysterious creature’s leg meat to Otto’s cage.

Upon seeing the food, Otto’s stomach growled even louder.

Although he didn’t scream like the other monsters at the sight of the blood, the desire in his eyes for the food reached its apex.

Sofia then used a rusty knife to cut the leg meat into pieces small enough to fit through the cage, and watched quietly as Otto ate.

Otto never thought that he would end up devouring raw meat like a wild beast, but he didn’t have any other options at this point.

The extreme hunger made him eat and swallow the bloody pieces of meat in front of him like a madman. Surprisingly, the taste was quite good, and the texture was like tofu under his sharp teeth.

As a few pieces of meat filled his stomach, the unusual light ball appeared in Otto’s mind, along with a message floating on it.

“Successfully devoured Barbaric Bull, gained Low-Level Monstrous Strength 1/10, do you wish to keep…”

As Otto was eating, he paused for a moment, then realized that the golden finger of transmigration had finally arrived!

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