God of Music

C.308Mar 06, 2023

89 – Sweep the Continent (6) “Threatening. Who does this to the CEO … ”

The reporter stuttered and the reporter, sitting next to him, shook his hand holding the cup.

Some money-hungry reporters have traded some sort of entertainment company with entertaining knight’s weapons. Everyone knows what happened to the Hidden Catch that wrote the Han Joo-yeon Scandal article regardless of the fact.

Kang-yoon said to both of them calmly.

“Yesterday, CEO Jung Hwan Ming of Capture Entertainment has come to our office with 10 photos. and also Kang-yoon Yeoju was the CEO of CCTV video. Mong Jung Hwan, who has been in the office and talked happily, has just stepped out of his office.

After the video was over, Ha Seokho reporter, who had not been able to take the horse out, took his breath and made a difficult speech.

“…It sure looks like there was something wrong with the video. But what happened with the video alone … It’s hard to know for sure. I can not prove exactly what the threat is. ”

Reporter Jang Man – chun also had the same idea that I put on my arm.

Lee Hyun-ji pulled out his cell phone and turned on the app, and the voice of the man’s conversation spread to the office.

– …Will the one who is going to do great things have to be every little thing? Let the little guy like me do the trick, and this CEO sees more. I thought you were a soldier …

– …I must refuse.

The voice of a man with a sarcastic man and the man who refuses it. There was a scene of intimidation.

“…..” “…..” Lee Hyun-ah, as well as two reporters who listened to all the recorded contents, did not speak for a long time with a frowned expression.

Lee Hyun-ji asked reporters.

“Can I do this?”

“…..” “Choi reporter? Jean Reporter? ”

The reporter shook her head in her call and shook her eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes. Huh … ”

“Do you need anything more?”

“No, it is not. That’s enough. ”

Lee Hyun-ji asked the reporter Ha Seok Ho. The more demanding here was the act of fool.

“I am asking you to believe that Ramyeon will write a deep story.”.

“…Clear right. I thought Scandal was an autograph, but it was social. I will use my power for a long time. ”

“So you brought two of you from the Department of Social Affairs? Let’s talk more about us. ”

Lee Hyun-ji naturally went to his office with two people.


Lee Hyun-ah was worried that he had to follow, but Kang-yoon restrained her.

“I do not think I’ll need to go with you.”

Four Was not it my romance? When Lee Hyun-ah looked into the questionable eye, Kang-yoon sat her in the seat and replied.

“Tomorrow your romance will not be so important.”

“that… What do you mean?”

“The reporter who threatened with the wit and Lee Hyun-ah’s devotion will be stoned. People like stimulation, but they hate cowardice more than that. A reporter who was intimidated by the romance of naughty and idol romance. Which one would you throw at? ”

Ah… But is it really what we think? ”

“That’s it.”

Kang-yoon confidently said, but Lee Hyun-ah was still uneasy.

I have been prepared to talk about everything from one to ten about the enthusiasm to the call of the Company.

Sure! I do not want to interview? ”

“I think it will be in the atmosphere now.”

“…”Here’s hoping.” I was just asking if … Why did you say to come? ”

When Lee Hyun-ah carefully asked, Kang-yoon turned to the window and replied.

“Try to be a little chewy.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Lee Hyun-ah bowed his head toward Kang-yoon, the window, and he smiled.




The next day, seven o’clock.

Ha Seok Ho reporter of Daily Entertainment and Jang Manchun reporter of entertainer made articles according to the time of work.

The fact that Lee Hyun-ah of World Entertainment and Yun’s entertainment wit are devoted to the news that Y reporter was threatened. The public opinion has begun to run on publicity because it exposes CCTV video and conversation transcript.

– This is a legacy class ㅋ ㅋ Well ~~~~~ – He is alone, he is kicking his jaws properly.

– Big ~ recording was a god number – This time too! Let’s not write a world article.

– I think I’ve buried an important thing …

People at reporter’s threat were angry. It is the sin of Ramyeon, who is not guilty of sin, and who uses it to intimidate.

Of course, there was public opinion burning in the heat.

– Lee Hyun-ah X year …T_T – I gave Oppa all my youth …

– I will send you now – It’s a world …ㅠ world lani …T_T Wit’s fan club was shaky, but the aftermath was not severe.

White Moonlight, on the other hand, was calm.

– Hyun-ah, make it romance – I’ll go to a show if I can get a date.

– Unnie, let’s hang out with Witt Oppa.

The portal site was also full of wit and Lee Hyun-ah, threats of the world and all day long.

World and Yunlee employees were contacted in advance and went to work in the emergency room and had to struggle with the phone call. However, it was more ironic that there was more facts about the intimidation than phone calls.

After about half a day, public opinion was slow and Kang-yoon headed to the airport to go to China.

Usually Ramyeon Lee Hyun-ji would drive a car, but the driver was different today.

Oh. Hee-yoon’a. I have to go now. ”

Highway to the airport.

Hee-yoon grabbing the handle shook his arm and could not break the handle easily.

“Oh, Oppa. Back, behind the car? ”

“There is a street. You can come in. ”

Kang-yoon, who sat in the next seat as much as Hee-yoon did, had to fall into anxiety.

‘Just take a limousine …’ I regretted it several times, but it was already stiff. I did not know how I got out of Seoul. But I could not deny my brother’s heart to take me to Oppa …

It was only a sigh.

‘Still, you do not drive as fast as Jin-seo.’ I was only comforting that I was driving safe. He recalls when Min Jin-seo was just driving on his license, and hee-yoon was a man.

At the end, I had to go through the entrance twice, because I got to the airport and missed the way to the entrance.

“…Oppa, sorry. ”

Hee-yoon could not lift his head as he watched Kang-yoon unloading in front of the departure hall.

“No! Thanks to you, thanks to you. ”

“Comfortable … I’ve been around a few times … ”

“Really? Oppa will go now. Hee-yoon goes in. ”

Behind the Hee-yoon, Kang-yoon hurriedly headed into the airport. Fortunately, there were not many people, so I was able to get in quickly.

While waiting for the plane, Kang-yoon watched people’s reactions to Lee Hyun-ah and Wit on his cell phone.

– Kirei is dead. Kill twice.

– Threatening to romance with naught.

– Wit Oppa romance is bad, but threatening is more sirda The article, which started with two reporters, has already created several articles on the Internet, and public opinion has long turned to Lee Hyun-ah and Wit.

‘May I have a chance to leave.’ Then Kang-yoon, who was in the mood, put on a plane with his cell phone.

—————————— “This crazy man !! Why go to Lee Kang-yoon !! ”

Famous for his reddened face, he grabbed the CEO’s thumb and pulled it up.

“Crazy birdie, catch me!”

Mong Jung Hwan chuckled his hands grabbing his neck, but after he was famous he grabbed his neck again.

“Lee Kang-yoon said several times that he should be careful. Hmm… I could not wait to get it. Why did I purposely not light my face and move from behind ?! The stupid kitty !! I ruined everything for you! It ruined everything !!! ”

“I want to hear it!”

Once again, Moo Jung-hwan, the CEO, shook his hand with his fingers and pushed the famous Fu.

Famous Fu, who is relatively small in size, sprang on the sofa, and CEO Moo Jung Hwan raised his eyes roughly.

“Who the hell did you put the information in the first place? But what? For me? This baby … !! I thought Lee Kang-yoon would come out that way? ”

“You have no ears? Did not you know that Lee Kang-yoon was not a compromise man in the first place? Why did I go to Yun? Lee Kang-yoon is not going to move in there first! Watch the time !! Move Chu Man-ji !! GNB is all up to you! Lee Kang-yoon You should not choke him! You are … ”

After the celebrity, I sat down on the sofa and watched the tears.

Lee Kang-yoon was the chance to feed him properly. He ruined everything.

Mong Jung Hwan chuckled with a froward face and hit the table with his fist.

“Mr. X! X like, real !! ”

The lament of the two men continued for hours.

—————————— China Studio of Yunsul Entertainment.

I was talking to someone in a sorry tone.

“…You gave me a good chance, and I’m sorry to say this. ”

GNB Entertainment’s Manager, Kim Jung-hoon, stood up for a while after the refusal and asked calmly.

(Oh, no. after Suddenly you made that decision … May I ask?) Scout before. It has not been several days since I have said that I will consider it positively. But the rejection. About 80% of them thought he had passed, and he was embarrassed.

“I can not help thinking about the existing company.”

Kim Jung – hoon persuaded him a few more times, but the mind was already stuck.

(…Clear right. I hope to see you in the next better relationship.) “Yeah. then…”

After finishing the conversation, Jin-Sung stretched out.

“Huh, this is all done.”

I did not think that the problems surrounding myself in a few days would be quickly concluded.

From Scandal to renewal.

I did not think Chu Man-ji CEO would acknowledge his romance with Lee Hyun-ah. In addition, it will be recognized in the world. The public opinion there was not more negative than thought.

“Huh ~”

I felt like flying. Because of that, ‘Rainbow’ work was also going to work Sacheon Lee.

“It’s all over.”

I inserted a string sound called ‘SIME-0105’ and controlled special effects such as pitch and reverb. I listened to the music with the headset and nodded several times to be satisfied.

“Okay, the end!”

Shortly after the store was finished, the door opened and two women entered. Kim Ji-sook of DIATEEN and Han Joo-yeon of EDDIOS.


Three people sat in a chair and talked.

There was no difficulty in conversation because there was a face between each other. Especially Han Joo-yeon showed interest in ‘Rainbow’ so I could talk a lot about the song.

It was when I was talking about the song.

The door opened slightly, but this time a man came in.

“Oh, CEO. ”

“Composition Guy !!”

The two women were welcomed, and the man was hit with a sigh.

He was no different than Kang-yoon.

“Are you here as soon as you arrive?”

“Huh. I came to see Mr. Jinsung. ”

“Is that you?”

In the question of Han Joo-yeon, Kang-yoon responded effortlessly.

On the other hand, the party, Yi Ji-sung, was a nervous phenomenon. In his appearance, Kang-yoon looked back at the innocence with his soft face.

“You do not have to be so nervous. I do not want to fake it. ”

“…..” “I should have a soul.”


Kim Ji-sook and Han Joo-yeon giggled at the joke of Kang-yoon and laughed.

“I do not want to be

ociated with reporters like this in the future.”

Clear right. I’m sorry … Thank you.

Thanks to Kang-yoon, I was able to sign another contract, and I did not have to avoid people’s eyes because of love. For him, Kang-yoon was like a benefactor.

Kang-yoon knocked on the shoulder of the innocent person and turned to Han Joo-yeon.

“Tomorrow was a debut stage?”

“Yeah. CEO. Alas… I’m nervous. ”

EDDIOS debut, D-DAY was tomorrow. This is why Kang-yoon came to China in a hurry.

“Did you tell everyone to rest today?”

Four “Joo-yeon is too early to go in.”

Clear right. But CEO. Why did you go here because you did not go directly to your accommodation? ”

At the question of Han Joo-yeon, Kang-yoon looked back at the truth.

“I was curious about a man who met us Hyun-ah.”

“…..” Kim Ji-sook and Han Joo-yeon burst into laughter, while Jin-Sung made a curtain of extinction that Kang-yoon’s smiling eyes were scared.

Next day.

Video recording of DAWANG TOP 5 ‘s music broadcasting on the east broadcasting station, AFDN.

EDDIOS was China debut day.

EDDIOS members and Kang-yoon gathered early in the morning in the practice room of the Yunsul Entertainment.

“How’s the condition?”

After the last Choreography, all of the lightly sweating EDDIOS members turned out to be good.

Especially, Jung Min-ah and Christie Ahn seemed to be more vigorous than usual.

OK, great.

“This Manager. Was there anything special? ”

When Kang-yoon asked Lee Min-hye Manager, she approached Kang-yoon and whispered with a whisper.

‘Yeah. Ellie is fine except for a

day. ‘ ‘Please pay particular attention. It is important today. ‘ Yeah.

Kang-yoon has been known for many times because women’s condition is more difficult to match than men’s. I talked to other Managers and Coddies to talk to them and looked around.

“I’ll go.”

Along the lead Kang-yoon, everyone, including EDDIOS, set off with AFDN stations.

89 – Sweep the Continent (6) End