God of Music

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93 – True education is in the world (1) ———- the god of music 93 – True Education in the World ———- “Commentary unit?”

Christie Ahn and Han Joo-yeon, who rolled on the floor, got up and stood by Kang-yoon. The faces of the two men, who have been driven by the heat of practice, have become increasingly distorted as those who have seen them.

“Is this the only level you can do?”

In particular, Han Joo-yeon’s eyes included contempt. After the Scandal, it was because of disliking this article more than anyone. Christie Ahn also kicked his tongue.

“I have to change the name MG MG.”

“Why so?”

Because Han Joo-yeon’s reaction was so great, those who were curious came to Kang-yoon side by side.

– …Mr. Kim, who confessed his conscience, said that the manager of the company A, Mr. Kang Mo told him to comment on a specific article and set concrete directions such as slandering his rivals, singer, while refraining from profanity. In addition, in order to increase the number of streaming views, I played the music of my singer infinitely repeatedly.They said they used a program that periodically changed ID and IP.

I heard that CEO A Won, a company manager, was talking with his staff while he was working with the office that manipulated the public opinion.syncopation) “Why are they?”

“Crazy or not? When we were CEOs, there was no such thing. ”

Now I do not want to be promoted properly at such a time! ”

The EDDIOS members who watched the article were busy blushing and fever. For them, these measures were unacceptable. Kang-yoon, who produced them, had never used such means. Thanks to them, that means was nothing but a bad thing.

DIATEEN members, on the other hand, were slightly different.

“Is the CEO even getting paid? I stuck it properly. ”

“That’s it. Poor CEO. Did not you give the reporter money? ”

“There must have been no cash.”

The reactions of the two groups were quite different. There was a conflict because of different thoughts.

“Is that pitiful?”

Seo Han-yoo came out. It was stiff on such a problem, and it was different from my eyes.

She was always silent, so DIATEEN members became frightened. But soon Han Hyo-jeong stepped forward.

“That is also true. Yoo-ri’s comment for singer in PR Team is not guilty … It’s a manipulation, and the media is spurring it. ”

Han Hyo-jeong shook his finger, saying that it was ridiculous, but Seo Han-yoo seemed to have no intention of retiring..

“I do not think I’m a sparkle. It’s a matter of encouraging public opinion by commenting on the company. ”

“Is it a problem for the company to comment? Ew, It does not seem like that. ”

“It makes people free to judge. It’s not a light issue. ”

“On? What are you talking about? EDDIOS does not seem like a comment, what? ”

When Han Hyo-jeong started to wait for the tic-tic.

“Hyo-jeong ah.”

However, his mouth was a problem. Seo Han-yoo was the first, though the leaders tried to get it done.

Of course I do.

“funny. Are you pretentious? ”

“Not at all. You do not have the skills you’re using a strange means. ”

“awhile. So we do not have the skills to play comment … ”


Kang-yoon, who was quietly listening to the conversation, was on his way. After a while, the horses stopped and the Unnies went out.

“Han-yoo, are you kidding?”

“Hyde is. Do you want to be right? ”

Kang-yoon, who was trying to make a bitter sound of what Jung Min-ah and Kang Sye-kyung were trying to say to the maknae. I am relieved to see the leaders who know how to coordinate members well.

‘I’ll have to check this out first.’ Kang-yoon rose from his seat. Jung Min-ah, who pierced Seo Han-yoo in the middle of the night, looked around Kang-yoon.

“Where are you going?”

“In the CEO’s room.”

“Ah yes.”

Kang-yoon was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo “…Do not do this. ”

Jung Min-ah, who had frowned, pushed her arms, but Kang-yoon laughed and laid hands on her head. She made an impression but did not shake her hand.

“…..” “I’m relieved because of you.”

“…It’s funny. ”

“I have to say.”

DIATEEN members could not hear the nudging or smile at Jung Min-ah’s mouth.

I had forgotten the previous day, and Kang-yoon was talking about it like before, and I could not easily spread his hand.

Kang-yoon walked out of the practice room and called Lee Hyun-ji.

– …I do not have a quiet day.

I got out of my cell phone first, but Kang-yoon received it in bright tone.

“It’ll get better soon.”

– I will. Did you call because of the article? “Yeah. I feel like I have something. Can you find out? ”

– Is there something? You mean there’s a back door? “Yeah. The timing of the article is also strange … I confess my conscience to the public. Besides, the person in the picture is CEO of Won Jin-pyo. Why did the amateur take such a picture? ”

– Something was weird. The evidence is obvious, too. It was not easy to get a picture of that quality even if I had taken it.

Right exactly. I think it’s clear that someone wrote a way to shake it … I do not know the profit that I can get. Global Navigation Bar Will there be any profit from you? Is not he also? ”

– Yeah. No.

Kang-yoon exchanged his cell phone for the other ear while thinking for a moment.

“Anyway, there will be someone who will profit from this. I’ll find out. ”

– It may take a while, but … Got I’ll report later.

After finishing the conversation, I was going to go to the CEO ‘s room and I felt the vibration again.

(GNB Han Young-suk CEO) Kang-yoon confirmed his name on the LCD and took a brief breath and received a call.

“Yes, Lee Kang-yoon.”

– Annyeong-hase-yo, this is Chairman. I’m busy, but I do not know if I was interrupting.

no I wonder if it’s related to the Scandal that stood on the corner. Kang-yoon was nervous and heart-wrenching. But on the surface, there was a simple peace of mind. Not long after, Han Young-suk CEO told the story.

– You heard that all the world singer are managed by Chairman himself.

Right exactly. What happened to our singer? ”

No. I wanted to make things work, so I contacted you.

“Make work? What do you mean? ”

– Collaboration stage? Kang-yoon could not give an answer easily to the horse that left her mouth.

———— “Do not

ume you are — a day person – a night person —”

The clear voice of Yoon Na-yeon spreads through the gap between open doors. The song spreading with piano playing with fern-like fingers was soft and beautiful.

When her fingers danced violently on the piano, the slightly opened door opened wide.

“What, what?”

Surprised, she stopped playing the moment.

But suddenly, she, Hae – rie, lifted her face shamelessly.

“It’s time.”

hours Your time Naga The practice room is not only here …

He did not give Yoon Na-yeon the time to answer and Hae-ri pulled the power line.

“Hey! “I’m going to write it here.”

“…..” It was a series of ridiculous situations. The practice room is not only here. Yoon Na-yeon stared at her for a moment and then put the music in his bag. I have to buy it for my own sake.

I grabbed my bag and grabbed Yoon Na-yeon.

“Hey, wait a minute. I have to ask. ”


“World, her. Who is it. Kim Ji-min. How about her? ”

It was a shameless voice, but Yoon Na-yeon pressed down and answered.

“…Good. ”

“You are sick. Who knows? Tell me more. That… Lee Kang-yoon. About him. ”

I heard something breaking in my head. Yoon Na-yeon turned with his backpack down.

“Shut up and say something to a senior.”

Yoon Na-yeon’s eyes flashed in the eyes, but she snarled.

“What is Senior Senior Motive? And what singer? Star thing, Star thing. ”

“…..” “Did you put on your mouth? Can you tell me? ”

As Ha-ee-ri’s horse became rougher, Yoon Na-yeon grabbed his dropped bag and turned. When she was about to leave without speaking, Hae – rie grasped her shoulders as she faced her face.

“Hey. Do you cheat? ”

“Let go.”

Yoon Na-yeon turned around after Hagiri’s hand was smeared. Then I stopped for a while thinking something.

“I’ll tell you one thing. Hae-ri, you go to the world like you do here? ”

“It’s a shit. Are you the world? ”

“…Do it. It’s a girl who speaks nonsense. ”

“What are you sick?”

Yoon Na-yeon sighs and sinks her eyes to her, shaking her hand with her profanity.

“Company I do not want to disgrace. Listen to me. World is completely different from GNB. If you hit it like you do, you can singer life. Wait moderately. ”


Kim Ji-min went away.

“Hey. You do not … That … ”

Will you chase him and kill him? There was a flame on my eyes. However, playfulness sank down her face.

“It’s Coke. World is different. Eunha? huh. I guess that’s the same. ”

As she laughed at the door, she spread her sweets on her desk.

———- Lee Hyun-ji, who had pods in both hands, looked at the complicated eyes of Han Young-suk CEO, who sipped coffee on the other side.

‘HONEY MINT’s Mirin and Eunha’s Collabo? What do you think of the alternative Chairman? ‘ GNB Entertainment’s Girl Group, HONEY MINT. The member, Mirim, was a flagship member who substantially led the popularity of HONEY MINT. It is a singer who plays in various places recently broadcasting with a long voice in the face of the baby, and a vocal voice with good sense of volume.

No matter how popular they are, Eunha has been recognized as one of the best singer singers in their 20s. However, I endorse the girl group member and collaborator named Mirim … Would you like to grab the GNB that you see between Gee Ye and World? Han Young-suk, the CEO of Han Young-suk who revealed the complicated Lee Hyun-ji’s mind, revealed the white.

“I like the taste of coffee. Can I find out the name of the bean? ”

“Colombian Excel.”

Han Young-suk, CEO, took a cup with a strange smile. The fragrant incense was relaxing, but the head was complicated.

‘Lee Hyun-ji said that Lee Kang-yoon was free to leave his seat?’ Some have called this little woman a real real world.

‘I think Roe Ramyeon shakes this two-person relationship. Well, I’ll take care of it. ‘ Now GNB had no profit to get to shake the world. She woke up thinking about Lee Hyun-ji.

Shortly thereafter, the door opened and two people entered. Kang-yoon arrived at Memang Airport and Kim Ji-min finished the schedule.

“I was a little late. Our apologies.

Han Young-suk, the CEO, smiled as she grabbed hands with Kang-yoon.

Good I want to make a job. Chairman is different from when he was in China. ”

“I mean. Oh, this girl is Mirin. ”

Kang-yoon turned to Han Ye-ri, who was next to Han Young-suk’s CEO, on a cell phone. However, Hae-rie seemed to be less interested in Kang-yoon, who pretended to know, and was only interested in his cell phone.

‘Hagiri!’ Surprised Han Young-suk, CEO, stabbed Hari’s side Guri.

“Oh! Younger (female) to older (female) What are you doing … ”

uniee “…CEO. ”

Han Young-suk CEO gave a lot of power to her eyes, and she humbled her head.

“…HONEY MINT is the Mirim who is responsible for the jinoki. ”

The voice and ambassador sinking did not fit. Kang-yoon and Lee Hyun-ji were unhappy.

‘Since Jun-yeol, this stuff has been around for a long time.’ ‘I mean it.’ It was a typical Star Disease idol. Instead, Lee Hyun-ji kicked his tongue out of why he brought this idol member. After seeing Han Young-suk CEO who could not lift his head to shame, Kang-yoon extended his right hand toward Hae-ri.

“It’s Lee Kang-yoon. Glad your back.

Looking at Kang-yoon’s hands, Hahari took his cell phone out of his seat.

“…..” The CEO of Han Young-suk was upset and Kang-yoon was nervous. After setting up the world, it was not until I became a Producer that I had been ignored so far. To a woman who seems to be twenty-something.

Even Han Young-suk CEO could not lift his head.

It was then.

“I believe in popularity and show.”

Kang-yoon and Lee Hyun-ji looked sideways with their familiar voices. The main character of the voice, Kim Ji-min was no different.

“What? X years worth. ”

“You do not have anything like that.”

“The CX years have been bad.”

Lee Hyun-ji and Kang-yoon were also embarrassed. Kim Ji-min could not find such a figure so far. However, my grandmother was a Yeoju who had a feast for me.

But soon Kang-yoon, who was in the mood, gave strength to the eyes.

“Up there.”

“…..” Kim Ji-min, who sparkled in the snow, sat down in a boil. Kang-yoon, a respectful Producer and a benefactor, could not resist without saying a word to singer, Hayley.

Hajiri also poisoned his eyes.

“You are sick. Fucked … ”

“You too.”

“What is a …”

Hae-ri tried to sneer, but his eyes were blocked when he saw his eyes with the sinking Kang-yoon. I felt a strange feeling of strangulation, and I turned my head to the mouth.

“…Tooth. ”

Eventually she grumbled and sat down beside Han Young-suk CEO. Han Young-suk, CEO, watched the situation and took a deep sigh.


I missed the timing to go out. Immediately, I wanted to twist the neck of Hae-ri, touching his cell phone from the side. What is this mok rookie …

‘It’s like this …’ In this way, the colabo stage was glazed. I thought it would be better to save even my face.

“It does not seem like day. Later “Was the stage HMC Showtime music?”

“Ah yes.”

That’s good! How about releasing a single at that stage? ”

“Poetry, single ?!”

Han Young-suk CEO’s eyes fluttered at the word single.

Episode 93 – True Education in the World (1) End