God of Music

C.332Mar 06, 2023

94 – Shake the center of the world, Lee Kang-yoon (4) 姑 在 送 里 的 日子 就 (Look at me standing here) 射 我 來 銳 仰 明 ~ (My only name is Yehyeon ~) Eleven voices burst at once. Kang-yoon’s eyes were accompanied by a large number of musical notes and white light spread out. Kang-yoon narrowed his eyes as he watched the white light.

‘Start is not bad.’ The more the fireworks burst out and the more colorful the lights were, the more silvery it was. Stage and Jung Min-ah danced in front of the stage and at the bottom of the screen, people did not get along and Han Joo-yeon and Kim Hyeon-jung’s songs fascinated everyone.

My ear dyestuffs’ (I whisper to my ear —-) The gauge of the mixer got bigger and the eyes of the sounder knocked up at the concert of the fans gathered in the concert hall. At the end of the song, Lee Sam-soon and Han Hyo-jeong shook his fingers with one eye.

Whisper in my ear – My Audition – (Waaaa —-) The vocals of the two voices echoed, and music gradually disappeared. fadeOut As the lighting gradually got darker with the music getting smaller, the surroundings became darker.

Oh. What…

When the fans were going to shake because they got dark all over, the video of EDDIOS and DIATEEN appeared on the screen.

– Annyeong-hase-yo. EDDIOS, DIATEEN.

A brief concert preparation process was quickly drawn and two groups of struggling staffs were drawn. From the sweat in the practice room to the final rehearsal at the concert. Many of them went quickly. And last.

– Now it’s your turn.

EDDIOS pushed DIATEEN’s back and the video ended. The floor screen was opened with him, and the cake-shaped device came up. On top of that cake was the member Kang Syeong Kyung of DIATEEN.

(It is a strong bond!) (Oh oh!!) When he changed clothes, the barbie-like Kang Sye-kyung made a cheerful pop-pin dance like a doll. She was like a real doll, dancing on a slow-moving cake. Her mouth was opened with a microphone.

射 我 而言 是 端 清 的 结 的 王子 (You are the shining prince to me ~) Throw away the 依 里 里 的 的 的 上 上 上))))))))) 想 溫 温 廣 的 我 的 王子 (I dream of the warmth, my prince —) Fans breathed in her appearance when she was only breathtaking. The accompaniment that was leisurely slowed down slowly. So the music stopped, and the bell was stopped. 1,2,3 …4. The cake was opened with drums banging and colorful music burst out. A group of women, DIATEEN members, with him, jumped out of cheers.

想 和 保 一起 走 新 的 白色 路 (I want to walk the pure white road with you) (Wow ah ah — !!) Fans looking at four female singers with a microphone in one hand shouted with their hands. People who were watching the stage at the stage showing another glamor than the opening could not get up. Rwen Tao, who was sitting in the top floor, could not keep his mouth open.

(Oh, oh!) I knew Korean singer was high level.

Liu Yang (Yes Yes?!) Good going doc! He sat down beside Liu Yang Director, shaking his shoulders and shouting with his hands. The usual coldness has long been gone.

‘That guy is a cloak.’ Looking at the far-away Kang-yoon, director Liu Yang laughed. Shin erroneously rewrites his wearing glasses several times and asks Lee Hyun-ji, who was next to him.

(Our kids can be like that, right?) Lee Hyun-ji nodded strongly at the sincere words.


(… Excellent.

I believed it before, but it was different from what I saw with my eyes. Looking at the seats seated by the singer and his younger sisters who were cheered by so many people, the god of error smiled fervently.

————— – Mr. X. I’m dirty, I’m dirty! – It’s a dirty place. I do not know when.

Comprehensive entertainment, when it was not a restructuring wind was blowing. Restructuring against trainees. It was the conclusion that MG and Yulan would merge and could not take all the trainees twice as many. The trainees who were in the majors at a major agency in the morning did not stay calm, but they did not have any money or rights to return because they did not have a down payment. In the end, only the holy place of the inquirer, Yeonhwanget, was the place to be filled..

– You cut the kids who trainee for 10 years in a morning? – Fortress is only top star. It seems to be money or not. – I do not have a day to relax. rookie did not even know when it was going to be settled.

As far as the work on restructuring is concerned, the evaluation of the situation which had not been good since then deteriorated. This situation was reported to CEO Kang Si-myeong through PR Team.

“These things just leave it squished.” “……”

The CEO of Kang Si-myeong replied with dismissal at the end of the PR Team, which says it is unimaginable.

“These rumors are not good for a reputation later …”

“How many times do you say you do not need to hear the freaking things? Leave it alone. ”

“… “Got it.”

The PR Team had a few mouths, but eventually did not get the story in it. CEO Kang Si-myeong put up his arms and raised his eyes.

“How did it come from China?”

“that… Not yet…


CEO Kang Si-myeong kicked his tongue out.

“I can not afford the money I have … Are you awake? ”

“I’m sorry.” Contact me right away … ”

“Take it fast.”

It was the moment to throw anything that was in your hand. After the PR Team ran aggressively, Kang Si-myeong CEO murmured roughly.

“There is no one who likes to work. Whether inside or outside. ”

I turned on the internet, lighting the cigarette. When I saw the article, nothing was different.

“… How ridiculous. ”

I was connected to ‘Yeonhwang Net’ with anxious mind. I did not know that the trainee community was important.

– I’m going to apply for the guidance. Senior, how are you? – The trainee is in the third year. Never support. I do not know when. – I’d like to apply to the world to support it. It is difficult to enter even if it is difficult to enter. – World Chan. World civil servant chan chan man. – Oh, I want to go to the world …. Thank you.

Public opinion was atrocious. It was atmosphere that likes the world rather than the ground. It is the story of the worst kind of things, but it is an itch when you hear such stories. CEO Kang Si-myeong shook his head and turned off the Internet.

“I can not swing at the story of those things that are good.”

He was offended and turned off his computer and turned his eyes to the window.

“It’s more important than the new ones.”

When I was resting for a while, I turned on the cigarette again, and the phone rang. It was PR Team that went down a little before.

– CEO. I got a call from China.

“Oh, really? Is it a river? What did he say – … I ask for a little time.

“… How long will the freak get it? ”

I listened to the phone with an expectant face and frowned. However, I soon recovered the cold.

“… You got it. I will tell you that I will not wait long. ”

Clear right.

After hanging up, Kang Si-myeong CEO closed his eyes.

okay . . . Let’s see how big it is. ‘ Guil Entertainment, Public Relations Office. Kang Si-myeong After he had just talked with the CEO, the Heungbo Team Leader knocked on the shoulder of the employee sitting next to him with his face submerged in the water.

“Let’s burn one.”

The translator, who was translating the document from China, took his clothes and followed him. As he climbed onto the rooftop and lit a cigarette, the Hungry Team Leader sigh with a deep Acting.

“Our CEO, do not you think you’re obsessed with the world too?”

“… “Now you have.”

To the cautious staff, the PR Team continued to speak with grimaces.

“It is. How many things do I have to do without the world. Before that, one of the CEOs will be kicked out for some reason … ”

“Team Leader!”

The staff surprised the PR Team, but the open mouth did not stop.

I’m fine. There is nobody at this time. ”

“Even though… I do not know where the ears are. ”

“Yes, the trainees are cut off, but it’s my life like Paris.”


“Kang CEO is like a person with a world affinity. Ignorantly. What are you doing like a boy? ”

“Tee, Team Leader.”

Without careful attention to the unstoppable staff, the PR Team cascaded through the burning mouth.

———— “The concert is going to be well.”

Watching the clock, Min Jin-seo muttered, thinking about the concert EDDIOS. Kim Dae-hyun Manager, who listened to the miserable voice, asked the steering wheel lightly.

What? Do you want to go? ”

“… I can not. Can not you just hold the steering wheel now? ”

“What can I do?”

Kim Dae-hyun Manager bitterly

. CEO Kang Gi-joon said that because of the interview, Min Jin-seo’s manager was in Korea, saying that he was sick. In addition, there were other managers who were in charge of entertainers and others who remained as the King Team Leader. Min Jin-seo closed his eyes with his seat back.

“I’ll sleep for a little bit.”

Okay After Min Jin-seo fell asleep, Kim Dae-hyun Manager stepped on the accelerator and headed for the schedule. I’ve been driving for a while, and I’ve been seeing a car coming in the rearview mirror for a while.

“What is that white car coming from behind?”

“…YES! Min Jin-seo took off his lips and woke up.



no Who’s chasing you? ”

Oh. I’ve been following it from before. Hold on tight.


Kim Dae-hyun Manager started to speed up in earnest. Then, the white car that was behind it came to follow the speed full speed. I did not see the white car for a while.

“What is that car?”

“Iknow, right…”

What was that? Is it paparazzi? ”

Kim Dae-hyun Manager listened to the phone with a strange feeling, and Min Jin-seo’s face became serious.

———– The first part of the DIATEEN stage was a duet song, a rainbow. Kang-yoon helped, and the colors of the two companies came in abundantly. There, the voices of Kim Hyeon-jung and Kim Ji-sook were laid and a beautiful harmony was produced. In addition, I made a rainbow by spraying water, and I caught everyone’s eyes by adding spring rain effect.

Aya-kei, the sky-scrolling town of the prefecture (Ha-neul with a prism) (Kim Hyeon-jung !! Kim Ji-sook !!) As a duet of two people, DIATEEN ‘s stage went to the peak. Finally, DIATEEN’s 1st title song, “My Sweet Daring,” made people crazy. The stage, which started with white light and led to silverlight, was so finished. Shortly thereafter, a person playing the Chinese traditional instrument ‘Lee Ho’ was spotted under the spotlight.

(Ahhh–) A woman dressed in red tea paul was exposed. The guest of the concert concert, Zhang Fei.

(Wow Aaa —) The fans cheered on the unexpected person at all. Among the most popular singer was a singer that was in ten fingers. It was a rare singer who had a long leg in one face and a singing voice.

‘I like the flow.’ Kang-yoon nodded as he watched the silence continue. But something was disappointing.

‘What do you need to be golden?’ It was the worry that I had been doing from before. Listening to the song of Zhang Fei, Kang-yoon fell in thought.

‘Finally the silver ended.’ I did rehearsals dozens of times at this concert but I did not see the golden color after all. That was the problem. The silver stage was also great. But I could not be satisfied there.

‘It’s not all big and colorful. I have Moon-hee. ”

The human stage was much smaller than this, but it was a golden stage. Meanwhile, Samuel Jackson was big and gorgeous, but golden. I did not get a sense. While I was thinking about it, the stage of Zhang Fei was over and soon EDDIOS appeared.

One day I suddenly get out of my mind T 傍 魂 和 依 一 一 去 的 公共 (One day, EDDIOS appeared with colorful flames and moved aggressively with high fives with fans in front of the stage. Especially, Seo Han-yoo went down to the stage to match his fans and eyes.


Some polar fans attempted to drag Seo Han-yoo towards them, but security personnel stopped it in advance. It was a dangerous moment. Lee Sam-soon, who was on stage, performed a wave with light body. There were pink candy and cotton candy on the screen to direct femininity. EDDIOS members also took cute hands with both hands. So EDDIOS unfolded the silver stage.

‘… What the hell do you need? ‘ Kang-yoon’s worries continued even as the EDDIOS stage continued. A clue was caught, not caught. The difference between silver and gold. I wanted to solve a serious problem that I was worried about before. While I was worried, the stage became Jung Min-ah’s solo stage, ‘Hot Smile’. Do it do it do it– Because of the intense bit, Jung Min-ah’s dance came to power. Her b-boying added even more power and added more power to freezing and elbow.

(Wow ah … !!) Chinese There was no such singer among the singers, so the fans’ cheers exceeded the imagination. As if to answer that cheer, Jung Min-ah showed off a back spin on the windmill that was not in the choreographed choreography. It was that chore that was difficult and dangerous and did not happen often.

‘Jung Min-ah ash … Hmm…

Kang-yoon’s eyes shone with worry.

‘Golden?’ In Jung Min-ah, notes of unimaginable size were absorbed into silver. Then the silvery began to shrivel.

‘People reacted differently.’ The light began to permeate even the people of the back row where the light did not smear. It was evidence that the influence was changing. Something went into my head. Yes. When the individual shines at the stage. Talent, stage, ability and so on. When everything is equipped !! ‘ Kang-yoon ran through the cloak and ran toward the back of the stage.

94 – Shake the center of the world, Lee Kang-yoon ⑷ End