God of Music

C.363Mar 06, 2023

(Fans, Annyeong-hase-yo. It is the second time.) It is the first time I write. This is the second song in White Moonlight. In the meantime, I was able to come up here with the love of my fans. I’ll give you a late autograph. (syncopation) It’s my first post, but I’m really sorry to hear that … ㅠㅠ Sorry, sorry again. However, I thought that it would be polite to tell Saranghae fans first. That second he was leaving White Moonlight. I do not want to make a misunderstanding because I have a different musical meaning between me and the other members. Please do not misunderstand because it is not like a feud. I will greet you later. Dawn White Moonlight ‘s fan cafe, one post on Rivers Luna. It was an announcement of withdrawal, which was published by Mr. Cha. The world, which had not even received a word in advance, was hit by lightning, and the reporters of the door began to make the rice cake.

– White Moonlight member of the forerunner, solo album. Is it right? – White Moonlight bassist Second Cha, withdrawal due to disagreement? – music mean different? White Moonlight What is the truth of the film? The fact that it was not an absolute struggle amplified the suspicions and made public opinion worse.

“Second Hee, this year is real … !!”


Jeong Chan-gyu and Kim Jin-dae, who were unable to sleep until dawn and were looking for Lee Hyun-ah. You’ll see news from the same member in the pan cafe … It was also a notice of withdrawal. The back of the head had no such back ache. Lee Hyun-ah was also terrible. Lee Hyun-ah, who had gone through the Hong-dae and canceled the schedule, also poked Ha-neul into anger. I wanted to hear the excuse, but I kept calling Cha Cha Hee, but I was only hearing that I was absent. World also rushed. In the call of Lee Hyun-ji, Team Leaders were quickly called the Company at dawn. It was an emergency meeting.

“Let ‘s get rid of the hurricane. White Moonlight and protecting the image of the world. ”

“There is a way to be silent and actively explaining.”

In the opinion of PR Team Kang Young-jin, Lee Hyun-ji gave instructions.

“There is a lack of grounds for posting a rebuttal. I ignore it now. Please send an article that says there is no White Moonlight additional member recruitment. ”

“Got it.”

If a member leaves, it is natural to recruit new members. In addition, I was not expecting to withdraw from the program. It is only temporary.

“Leave everything else and look for the second one. Even if I go all over the country !! ”


When Korea was noisy from dawn, Kang-yoon was finishing the USA schedule.

(We are leaving in two days.) She shook her

s at the stage and laughed brightly when he heard the story of Kang-yoon.

(It’s faster than planned. I thought I was going to go to the performance day because of stage installation …) (It was possible because everyone worked well. My hands and feet were hit hard. The worrying customs went smoothly. All that remains is to prepare this stage in Brazil.) (Yes Yes – !!) She shook her body and rose, and ran toward Kang-yoon and lifted her palms. Kang-yoon patted his palm.

(Yeah, well, my eyes were not wrong. Hahaha.) Before Kang-yoon was brought to the USA, concert was possible. He could be sure. What I did best was that I scouted Kang-yoon in Korea. Jittering – Kang-yoon’s cell phone cried loudly. I tried to check and put it in, but my sister was second degree.

(Sheh Mo. I’ll just get a phone call.) Kang-yoon got out of the practice room and pressed the call


“It’s tea.”

– Chairman. Finally I called to say hello.

Greeting What do you mean suddenly? ”

Knight Did not you see? For a few days, I did not know what happened at dawn by building internet and walls. Kang-yoon responded to me..

“It’s tea. Are you really going out of White Moonlight? ”

– … I’m sorry. I can not be in the world anymore.

“Could you hear why?”

– It’s not your fault. So so I am bad, and I am very greedy.

I felt hesitation in the voice of Cha Cha. If the heart was surely gone, I was going to let it go without hesitation. I have not felt that yet. Kang-yoon first broke the silence.

“Got it.” If you really want it, you should do it. ”

– … Thank you for that.

“Let ‘s meet for the last time before that. You and me, only two. ”

– Chairman. that’s… “This is courtesy.”

I heard a deep breath with silence on the phone. Kang-yoon was a benefactor to all of the members of the White Moonlight. White Moonlight, a group that made the world come out.

“Got it.” But I can not go to USA. ”

Learn Three days later, see you at Incheon airport.


At the end of Kang-yoon’s coming to Korea because of his self, the second snow flicked. ——— 3 Days Later A cafe in Incheon airport. He was wearing a hat and he was waiting for Kang-yoon in the corner. I looked out the window, and my cellphone was busy, so the time went by.

‘What have I done so far? Until now, the name ‘Cha Cha Hee’ rarely climbed from the article. At the most, when I introduced the White Moonlight member, it was all a line. Lee Hyun-ah, the leader and vocalist, was the only one who reported the article.

‘Let’s think of it as a way to go.’ I was watching the news on the internet, and the cell phone on the desk was ringing. It was Lee Hyun-ah.

‘Are you tired?’ I have already been tired of the century. I left it untouched and this time, I got a call from Chung Chan-kyu. I did not receive it. In less than a minute, Kim Jin-dae …

‘Are you tired?’ If you say leave, it’s over. Why do you keep looking for these traitors. The phone kept calling. Now the members were not the only ones. Company singer, employees, personal phone calls …

“Oh, stop it!”

He finally turned off his cell phone. This pattern was for a few days. I hated looking at my cell phone and pushed it to one corner. Then the popularity chuck was heard.

“You’re here.”

“Oh, Chairman.”

Lee Kang-yoon was a man in a comfortable shirt, laughing and waving. Let him see that people started waiting.

‘That’s Lee Kang-yoon, right?’ And hit awhile. Who is she? lover? ‘ Huh? Wait a minute I think I know. White Moonlight Dog? I saw it. ‘ ‘Are you dating? This is the escape of love? ‘ There was a lot of noise in the vicinity. Kang-yoon looked around and gestured to the second party.

“Once you move the reporter. There is a lot of snow here. ”

The two went out to the entrance and took a taxi. It was a taxi booked in advance by Kang-yoon.

“XX Please go to the rest stop.”

The taxi ran to a rest stop at the entrance of the bridge at the airport expressway. The view was good, but there were few people on the weekdays who could drive. It was the best place to talk. The two men sat facing each other at the window of view.

“I wanted to go to a better place, but I have to go right away.”

“You said you were going to Brazil? Are not you overdoing it? ”

“You can not. I was sad. ”

I was sorry that I was too much for myself. Kang-yoon was lucky with his sincere eyes.

“It’s okay. It’s because I have something to say. ”

“You have not seen it already.”

“It’s different to hear it yourself.”

Surely Kang-yoon was different. Feel the coexistence of heaviness and comfort. It was a strange feeling. She looked out the window and opened her mouth with a sigh of relief.

Where do I start? “Is it true that you put it on a fan cafe?”

Kang-yoon’s eyes gleam brightly. The second-hand hand that caught the coffee did not even know it.

That, that’s … ! “I came to hear this answer. Tell me honestly. ”

The soft face was not there yet. There was no second order that was broken. The eyes were already shaking.

“Knights, no contact, discord, scout. It’s okay. I can stop it all. But it does not mean that you want to leave the team. I can not do that. ”

“Chairman …”

“Let me water again. Secondary Hee. Is it true that you’re leaving White Moonlight? ”

He curled his eyes. The other members would have said they would do Ramyeon. A word ‘yes’ did not come out before Kang-yoon. I was just sad, frustrated and angry. Difficult, she asked.

“You know everything? I received a scout? ”

It was a scenario I already anticipated. Kang-yoon nodded.

“I was guessing. So what are you going to do? ”

“If you have not set your mind yet, will you humiliate yourself? I look at the liver. ”

Cha Cha put out a contract before Kang-yoon. It was a contract with no autograph or stamp.

‘So much for the session? Leader of new band in China. Besides, the opportunity to study abroad … ‘ This was enough to shake. The money now was money, but there was a future. I watched if there was a contractual flaw, but I could not see it.

“Good condition. There is a future if only this is done. It does not come out how to send the study abroad for a few years. ”

“I’m not asking for a contract.”

“This is enough to shake it up.

Kang-yoon knew how to reprimand. The second he was uneasy when there was no strange saying.

“… Rather, please blaspheme. ”


When Kang-yoon stood up to his head, the eyes of the second syllable became narrow.

“Chairman, you’re upsetting the company to move in. I’m…”

“So, when you sign up, can you play the music you want?”

It seemed that he did not even listen to his words at all.

“I’ve invested so much in me, too … I can not just sing what I want. That’s not the world. ”

As the conversation became longer, the coffee that did not reach the grain was cooling down coldly. Cha Cha was only touching the cup of coffee and lifted his head with a firm face.

“Do you need me in the world?”


The answer is very natural. I thought I was in vain.

“Then why do not you actively take me? Other agencies say that if an entertainer tries to go out, he tries to catch it anyway. ”

“I can not be with someone who has no heart. You are not a rookie. ”

My mind flashed in a word. It was scary. It meant that I would not go with someone who had no heart. The more I talked, the more I seemed to be fooled. I drank coffee that was thirsty and had cooled down at once. I wrote a lot but I did not feel anything. My head became increasingly complex.

“If you did not come to persuade me, why are you here?”

Kang-yoon looked out the window and listened to a cup of coffee.

“Our singer is crying, is not it supposed to come?”

“Is that why you’ve been on the plane for over 12 hours?”

“The most important thing is our kids.”

Secondly, he bowed to the table. A word made to the core of the heart that was lost. Who will come back halfway around the earth for herself? I did not care about work or anything.

“What have I done so far …”

I’m fine. That’s why we are there. ”

Kang-yoon was swarming her back with a big hand. ————— Boaaaaan — !!!! At the airport highway, where a camera was located, a SUV vehicle was running with a huge engine sound.


The members of the White Moonlight sitting in the back seat clutched their lips and held the handle. Lee Hyun-ah, who had a nausea, tried to tolerate the shaking with a casual look. I did not even know it was due to the syringe under my ear. Boaaaaaaan —- !! The engine sound was loud. Speedometer goes up and down 200Km /s !! The surrounding scenery literally skimmed.

“Cha Cha Hee, Lee Cha Hee!”

Lee Hyun-ji, who caught the steering wheel, rose black. Thanks to the tremendous runaway, the party arrived at the rest stop in an instant. Lee Hyun-ji and the members of the White Moonlight ran to the observation deck cafe. bang!! The door opened wide and shouted enviously. The staff was not surprised. Kim Jin-dae and Jung Chan-Kyu rushed to the second generation that happened to be surprised.

Your really pretty Secondary Hee — !!! ”

“Secondary hell ah ah !!!!!”

The secondary eyebrows went down. Sorry, I could not look straight at the members.

“It’s cold. Jin-dae Oppa. ”

Only ignored phone calls were hundreds. Lee Hyun-ah, who was behind Jeong Chan-gyu and Kim Jin-dae, was watching.

“You’re not hurt anywhere, are you?”

“Hyun-ah …”

“It’s a bad lie. This bad year … ”

Lee Hyun-ah hugged the three people. Not to mention the party with tears. Lee Hyun-ji, who ran together, seemed to be in vain.

“What is this all about? Why is Chairman here? Is not it supposed to be in Brazil right now? ”


Kang-yoon explained the fallow. Lee Hyun-ji covered all the explanations with his hands.

“No matter what the personality is like, this time, I would have been taken, I would have taken.”

“I’m a bit worried, too.”

“Why do you worry!”

When Lee Hyun-ji drove, Kang-yoon laughed awkwardly. Lee Hyun-ji took a sigh of relief.

“This time, Chairman came out and solved it. I do not have a virtue. ”

“That’s right.”

“Excuse me?”

I was young to live in Lee Hyun-ji’s eyes. Kang-yoon stepped back and grabbed his bag.

“I want to talk more, but the flight is over. Maybe Later “Are you going to run away? Mr. Kang-yoon? ”

Kang-yoon, who had just completed the incident, hurried to the airport. The time was short. I walked in during the procedure and heard familiar words.

– … I’m looking for Lee Kang-yoon, passenger to Sao Paulo. Let me know again.

“Oh, it’s late, it’s late!”

There was no break. To get on the plane, Kang-yoon had to run to death. ————— “Are you sure you can go this way?”

He put a contract without an autograph on the table. Yeong Yoo-hee’s eyes sank coldly.

“I’m sorry.”

“You’ll regret it.”

He was once again bowed and turned. No such hesitation was found. Yeong Yoo-hee, who looked at the young eye with a living contract on a desk, tore it apart. He turned the torn paper into the air and called his secretary.

(The appointment with Kang CEO was today?) (Yes, General Manager.) Pull the appointment forward. World Did they say that? I tried to get hit by a freaky guy, but I got interested.) bang. Yeong Yoo-hee roughly stroked his desk with his palm. Is it because of division? My arms were shivering.

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