God of Music

C.380Mar 06, 2023

If you react emotionally, you can only certify that you are at the same level. The first argument is the first argument. Kang-yoon first went to the house crackdown. I sent a notice to all employees in the company.

– You do not have to shake because of the overlapping dates. We only go our way.

Later, I woke up to watch the audition, but Secretary Moon rang the bell. She informed me that I was contacted by a marketing executive from Hanshin Group, a large company that spoke with the sponsors. Kang-yoon pressed the


– … I’m sorry. This sponsorship has been rejected by the board of directors.

Kang-yoon closed his eyes. I wanted to change the fact that I wanted to put the logos in different conditions so that I could talk well …

“… I can not help it. Thank you for your care, Mr. Min. ”

No. by the way… I have to get stabbed to talk. This is the sponsorship. Gui and … I have signed it. The condition was very good. I put the logo of the Hanshin Group and put an advertisement in the middle.

Eing. I heard a tongue rolling. It was a reprimand for being too overweight. There was a lot to say, but Kang-yoon was pushed into the inside. It was certainly an unreasonable demand for a sponsor, not a sponsor, to insert the logo. The unreasonable interim advertisement affects the degree of engagement with the performance. .

“… No. I’ll see you in a better way next time. ”

After the call, Kang-yoon looked up at the ceiling.

‘… okay . . . Even if it is done in this way, it will be dragged. ”

Kang-yoon opened the sponsor Rist again. It was sighing to see that more than half of the companies marked with the X in red were filled. Next day A planning meeting was held. The first thing that came out of the employees was the public opinion about the world and the place.

“There is a growing number of articles comparing the World Stage to the Big Station.”

“12 hours on the real-time query, the word ‘world court concert’ is in the ranking.”

Lee Hyun-ji, who listened to the briefing of the employees, roughly poured cookies into his mouth.

“It means that the world has been formed. If you try to force it, you can have a side effect. ”

“We’d better wait. Time will go away from interest. ”

Everyone agreed on the opinion of Choi Kyung-ho. There was no reason for me to play in the frames I put on my opponent. Since then, the world’s decision has also been revealed through the stars. During the filming, a reporter from magazine approached Kim Jae-hoon, who was resting.

“Do you know that Ji Ye and World have a concert on the same day? Did it become a story in advance? ”

“It’s the best date. Just before the end of the SAT. Would not I accidentally overlap? ”

EDDIOS, who was filming in China, was asked the same question in interviews with broadcasters. The EDDIOS members laughed as if they were nothing.

That day was good. It would not have been good for us.) I do not think it ‘s important that the dates overlap. It’s more important to make good performances.) Artists in the world studio remained consistent. Celebrities from the Gyeongbuk area also expressed their thoughts in various ways. singer Lee Tae-joon, who was in the music video, made a gap with his thumb and index finger and hit it near the camera..

“More than you. I will prepare to be satisfied. Lee Tae-joon Please give me a lot Saranghae. I love you The sign of the gi idol singer, hello tint also brought the face closer, as if to emphasize the skin without pores.

“On that day, will you come and see me? Are you coming? If I go to another place, why do not I? ”

There was no direct mention, but it was a difference to mention passing. The interviews of the two agents’ singer were spread out in various mediums.

– World stage is truth. Ardu, Aries, EDDIOS !! – Big Stage Chan !!! Ji – eul is doing great this time. Damien Luby is in trouble. – Can not you go to the world to go to the world? Do not change the date?T_T The response was varied, but the level of interest was very high. Two of the best singer companies in Korea had a direct hit, so it had to be hot. In the meantime, I made a prologue article on the side of the governor.

– The Big Station, signed with Ryumma Kaito, Japan’s premier performance director. Only down payment …

Ji-hye signed a contract with Ryumma Kaito (43) to direct the big station. Ryumma Kaito, including the Tokyo Dome. In Japan, which has more than 10 years of experience in performing in a large show, it is called the best. Ryota (51), formerly from Japan, has been recruited as an acting actor, and the performer will perform a concert in this concert. (Omitted) … Ryumma Kaito is a rookie of the world stage performing on the same day in interview that same day. (syncopation) People’s interest in performance directors was not so high.

The problem arose as a result of slander. As the director of the director side criticized the world side director, the interest of the people rose at a moment.

– I’m coming in. Was the great master from the beginning? Somewhere I go to the base. – You are good at me. More skill than career. – Maybe he tweaked the parachute? World had a chute parachute. – Wait. Soon Lee Kang-yoon will take charge of his family’s responsibilities. – Can a rookie director be good? I’m curious.

Controversy and bad rumors spread quickly.

“I’ll have to quit the Internet for a while.”

Gong Ho-jin, who directed the rumor to the staff, shrugged. If you show a sense of shaking when you have eaten, you will believe, and you will not have to say anything to those who have left it. Of course, this incident also went into Kang-yoon.

“Maybe I am …”

Lee Hyun-ji, who heard the report together, withdrew Kang-yoon.

“It ‘s better to stay still now. I am listening to the words “World Public Service”. After that, public opinion will only get worse. ”

“Even rookie directing is directing.”

It was a good word. I already knew Kang-yoon. It was a frustrating act. Lee Hyun-ji asked Kang-yoon, who was just turning the coffee cup.

“What happened to the Wu Ris Tiles sponsorship?”

“I said I need more stories. How about you? ”

“Leomin says he’ll give you a call, but I do not get it. He was trying to make a rumor that he was snooping around. ”

Kang-yoon sighed. There was still no good news to sponsor. I did not have a place to go to sponsor doctor. I just demanded that I request an advertisement for an advertisement or a big advertisement on a ticket. Lee Hyun-ji stared at the ceiling and shook his head.

“Is there really only a place like this? There is no achievement … It’s stressful. ”

Kang-yoon laughed and turned his eyes out the window. The moon was already floating in the middle. Kang-yoon woke up from his seat when he saw the clock on the wall.

“It’s time.”

“Oh, is that so already?”

Lee Hyun-ji stepped out of the Chairman’s room after Kang-yoon. The moon rises to midnight at 11 o’clock. On the 7th floor of World Station, only the sound of the clock was spreading. – The door opened in a quiet studio and the silhouette of the woman shone at the entrance.

“Nobody came?”

It was Kim Ji-min wearing a long dress covering his ankle. Turning on the lights and looking around, I found a guitar standing on one side and glared at my eyes.

“It’s sunny– !!”

The studio door was opened when the pop song was hitting the guitar. It was not a thin waist with a small height, but an often visible seal.

annyeang “Joo-ah Senior, are you here?”

The surprised Kim Ji-min stopped playing and got up from his seat. Joo-ah was a hard Senior who was known to be tough. I hesitated to touch the guitar and hang it on the stand.

“Was it Ji-min?”

“Yes, Senior, do you have anything to say?”

Joo-ah glanced at the guitar as he jumped toward the polite answer. Kim Ji-min picked up a guitar with a flower color.

“Look what you want to do.”

Two unique voices covered the studio. Around the time that the second song became chorus, a man entered the studio this time. It was Kim Jae-hoon.

“Joo-ah, Annyeong …”

Before greeting, Joo-ah beckoned to stand by Kim Jae-hoon. Kim Jae-hoon, who was noticed, stood right next to Joo-ah. Kim Ji-min played guitar with Humming, Kim Jae-hoon played Tenor, and Joo-ah played soprano. As the voice increased, the jam became richer. Each time the door was opened, the voices and instruments were increased one by one. It was a natural step to go even if I did not instruct.

“Do not say – my heart – you – when -”

There were few conversations. When someone called the first measure, the instrument followed. When the instrument first inserted the familiar accompaniment, the voice supported it.

what? It’s funny, is not it? ”

When Lee Hyun-ji and Gong Ho-jin directors came in, the atmosphere of the studio was ripe.

‘This is true, it is heaven.’ Choi Kyung-ho, who came in afterwards, stepped back with a smile. Finally, Kang-yoon and Hee-yoon opened the door. The notes from the instruments and the singers were producing white light. The light stood as the heart ran and the silvery was fading. After Kang-yoon came in, the music slowly slowed down. It was time to start the meeting soon. Finally, when Lee Hyun-ah’s fingers moved away from the keyboard, Lee Hyun-ji clutched and glanced.

“Unfortunately, until today is here.”


Lee Hyun-ah and human beings stabbed their lips. Kim Ji-min also regretted putting down the guitar. The other singers were no different. I wonder how many chances this singer will be able to jam together. Then, Kang-yoon said.

“It will be 20 minutes, right?”


Hurrah Lee Hyun-ji drove his eyes toward Kang-yoon. All the singer cheered with their hands. Hee-yoon sat silently in front of piano beside Lee Hyun-ah. As the fingers were lifted up and down the keyboard, the singer lifted the red. Singers were singing in the middle of the night, and something went into Kang-yoon’s head.

‘Is this going to be painted?’ Kang-yoon placed his cell phone on the music stand, which was erected at a distance. After focusing on the angle of the studio, Lee Hyun-ji, Choi Kyung-ho and Gong Ho-jin directed the film back into the angle.

“I can not sing …”

Lee Hyun-ji refused, but Kang-yoon set her up next to Lee Jun-yeol. Lee Jun-yeol looked at Lee Hyun-ji and laughed and stroked her with her hand gestures.

“Sometimes I laugh at people – Some day I cry at people – I always do festivals with you -”

Even though the voice of executives came in, overall quality did not change much. Rather, the atmosphere was full, and Lee Jun-yeol danced and laughed.

“It’s been 20 minutes …”

Lee Hyun-ji, who watched the clock, shouted for 20 minutes, but no one seemed to stop.

‘… okay . . . I’ll do it later. ‘ Lee Hyun-ji has released the last line he was holding. A miracle happened in 20 minutes and 2 hours.

“Since I’ve been playing so hard, let’s start a meeting now.”

Singer and executives were exhausted, but the meeting proceeded as scheduled. Everyone was once again tonguing at the horror of Lee Hyun-ji. When the singer was in a hurry, Kang-yoon smiled as he checked his cell phone. Next day I got a message from the chairman room at the world studio PR Team.

– Edit and upload to SEIS TV.

Attachment: Filed .avi All the staff came to the image confirmation from the chairman room. Eunha, and EDDIOS, as well as singers such as Joo-ah, DES, etc., together in the studio.

“This is incredible. It’s a video I can not afford to pay. ”

Even the staff who were accustomed to the broadcast were impressed by improvisation. The cast was good, but the free atmosphere seemed to be the first thing to know that anyone would shoot. After the work, the Shingbo team uploaded it to SEIS TV. SEIS TV, a video specialist site such as Tune, was gradually increasing the number of people after reducing advertisement time due to negotiation with World. The reaction appeared shortly after.

– Go to SEIS TV. One crazy video came up. – There is an audience behind this camera. I saw it. In a dream. – I only hear this at work time. Why? It cleanses the hysteria of the poet.

If there is a positive response, there is also a negative response.

I watched the advertisement for an hour. – Less than I thought. Strong sense of direction. – concert also do not want to go to Ramyeon this level never. The voice is loud and the playing is …

The minority was also beaten by the majority.

– You did it on your cell phone. Are you dissatisfied with society? – Where are you going?Is your ears gone? It was not a chord play, and the beat was cracked. I am an absolute soundtrack in the second grade of my college. – I have come to know you from the garden.

The video has spread in many ways such as SNS and articles. ———— The director of Nature Emotion is one of the leading cosmetics companies in Korea. Hankyoung’s eyes widened as he watched the Tablet PC.

“… Good. People respond well. I know what World will definitely make. ”

Director Han Gi-yeong returned the Tablet PC to the employee. The staff raised the talking tone if they thought the response was coming.

“This is Ramyeon, does not it meet the conditions we are looking for? The main target, China, is also popular with many celebrities … ”

“That’s the same thing.”

Director Han Gi-yeong woke up and put on his arms.

“I can not decide not to let go of my hands with just one image. World performances are too small. It will be 25,000 people, even if you do not have a lot of gi …More than 10,000. You know where to invest. ”

The employee pushed his face closer to Han Gi-yeong.

“On the contrary, we can certainly imprint our cosmetics on them. It may be better than having an advertisement you can not remember for 100,000 people. ”

“Hmm… ”

Director Han Gi-yeong thought for a moment and unzipped his arms.

“Fine.” Put your legs on. I will meet with the people of the world and decide. ”

Episode 10 – Final Stage, Start 4 “End