God of Music - C.382Mar 06, 2023

God of Music

C.382Mar 06, 2023

Hwang Woo Olympic Day Gyeonggi Zhang.

It is the largest Gyeonggi field in Korea, which can accommodate more than 110,000 people. There are two subway stations in the vicinity, and buses are also available on 10 round trip lanes. Not to mention the internal facilities. Except that the rental fee was expensive, we had all the best conditions for the theater. Speakers climbed over the high ceiling, and under the stage, the planning team staff roamed around the water. The on-site staff moved briskly across the line.

(I need to make the copper line a little quicker when I appear …) The big-stage general manager, Ito Ryota, was checking the line with stage director Kim Young-hwan. Next to it, the staff of the planning team who was doing the interpreter was following the shadow.

“The waiting room needs to be close to make the copper line shorter. Existing waiting room is too crowded. The longer the movement line, the more power you will have. ”

(Then why do not you build another waiting room behind the stage? I installed about three containers. Then I guess it will be okay?) I thought it would be a curtain, but it was a good thing for the stage director. Director Ryumma Kaito was also holding a meeting with staff and staff.

Wait! Did you say you put a laser on the screen? ”

(Yeah. Do you have any problem?) A person from a laser equipment company swept his face. I asked you to install it on the floor last time … The money seems to be huge. ”

Sure. First, the picture should come out.) The staff were bland, but the director Ryumma Kaito was plain.

‘… They are very poured. ‘ ‘I’ll give you a picture.’ I did it all in the picture. The planning team who manages the budget was in a bad mood. At the same time, Kang Si-myeong was leading the sponsors and investors who visited the site.

(Thanks to you, everything is getting ready for you.) The person who spends money is always a law. They sprang out to see that they were ‘A’. When Kang Si-myeong’s mouth was opened with honey, the young man in front of him put cold water on it.

That’s good! I’m sorry though. There are many good planners and directors on the continent too …) In any case, he’s a neutral … Why did not I say that. Of course, I knew that investors would love people in China. I copied everything from equipment to conti and I did not write anything.

Hahaha It’s been a long time since the story went on. It’s also important to have relationships in this industry. I will keep the words of the manager.) Kang Si-myeong laughed at the people, spitting out the sound of the heart and other words. After the field trip, investors went to Gyeonggi market. It was atmosphere that everyone was satisfied. When asked to look around quietly, Mr. Singh asked Kang Si-myeong.

How does the world work? The scale is poorly … I’m strangely concerned. Date overlap also …) Other people were also curious. Everyone’s gaze turned to Kang Si-myeong. For a moment, Kang Si-myeong hesitantly lifted his mouth.

(Do not worry. Lee Kang-yoon has a fatal flaw that disqualifies him as CEO of the company.) Kang Si-myeong did not open his mouth anymore, although everyone’s face was curious. ———— Sponsorship of World and Nature Emotion, investment contract were concluded. Nature’s Emotion has decided to provide hand cream and sunscreen to all audiences who come to see the concert as well as the investment. World, along with Min Jin-seo and Lee Hye-mi’s Nature Emotion China, signed a contract with Hayu Departmental Store director Liu Yang. World, Nature Emotion, SEIS Three companies’ joint venture, concert fund raisers and failure to follow suit have disappeared neatly.

Thank you.

Lee Hyun-ji, who returned from the painting with Neise Emotion, sat down on the couch. Kang-yoon sat on the opposite side and stretched his shoulders without force.

“He suffered. Now one of the big mountains is over. ”

“… Iknow, right. What’s left? Is it ticketing? ”

“Let’s think a little while …”

When Kang-yoon shakes his head, Lee Hyun-ji agrees with his eyes. About 10 minutes ago? Kang-yoon pulled up and stood up. Lee Hyun-ji also woke up and turned his neck.

“I have to decide on the date of the slogan.”

Kang-yoon picked up the calendar. Lee Hyun-ji agreed..

“That’s it. It feels good, but if you schedule the ticketing first, I think it will catch up with you again. ”

“I will not even do that. I will not be able to condemn the public opinion. ”

The concert scale was much bigger. The dates also overlap. What people would say if they overlap the date of the ticketing here. Even if it was a means to win rivals, it could have been counterproductive.

“I do. It is a limit to use such means. I’m sick of it anyway. “You are a junkie.”

put Kang-yoon burst into laughter. When Lee Hyun-ji, who was usually cold, threw a word like that, he laughed. The two people ticked the ticking day. Three weeks later, it was Wednesday. Lee Hyun-ji picked up the desk calendar and circled that date.

“Opened on the SEIS frame and open on Friday, is not it?”

“Yes, and SEIS TV will also go live broadcast for a fee.”

All right. Was the camera supposed to provide it? ”

Kang-yoon nodded. As I talked, I was nervous about a new year. Lee Hyun-ji woke up, shaking his fatigued face.

“I’ll go in early today. I have to rest a little bit. ”

“Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sir … Ah, AHF. ”

Lee Hyun-ji shook his head. He said that Ha-kyang PD was visiting because of the opening of Bob Bus. Kim Jae-ho, Vice President of broadcasting company, will also come along. Thanks to Kang-yoon, I had to go to the theater. It was an extension work, but Kang-yoon laughed.

“I always do. Relax well. ”

After being separated from Lee Hyun-ji who was sorry, Kang-yoon stepped out of Company. Secretary Moon climbed into the driving car and went to the theater, but there was a problem.

“Secretary Moon. We’ll take the right turn lane. If you go there, it’s Jongno. ”

“Oh, right!”

I got out of the way and had to take a right turn lane and burned straight ahead lane. Thanks to that, the car went straight ahead and entered Jongno Road. It is the best traffic hell in Korea. Secretary Moon did not even look up because she knew more than anyone that Kang-yoon was busy.

“I’m sorry, Chairman, because of me …”

“Once we get out of here. Go into the alley there … ”

Kang-yoon turned off the navigation, and went on his own route. As I climbed the hill and passed a narrow road that could not pass by a car, I was able to get out of Jongno quickly.

Wow. Chairman. Was there such a way? Again, Chairman … ”

Looking at the traffic hell behind it, Secretary Moon was resilient.

“Front, front.”


The secretary moon came to mind when he was the Manager who fought time and time with Kang-yoon in the head of the driver.

‘Time is fast.’ As I was locked in my thoughts, the car arrived in front of the theater. Fortunately, it was not late. I hurried inside. Above the stage, Humanities was checking the copper line, and below it was a camera labeled ‘AHF’. Ha-kerang PD was watching this through the monitor. On the one hand, Gong Ho-jin, director of AHF broadcasting station Kim Jae-ho, was running out of steam. Kim Jae-ho, the station’s chief executive officer, was not easy to deal with.

“Chairman Nee – !!”

My feelings went in without knowing. The cry felt so intense that Kim Jae-ho, the Vice CEO, burst into laughter. Kang-yoon approached Gong Ho-jin director and approached him.

“It ‘s a little late because the car is blocked. Deputy CEO. long time no see.”

The director of Kim Jae-ho got in touch with Kang-yoon.

Hahaha Chairman. See you in a long time. ”

After Gong Ho-jin director went to the side, Kang-yoon headed toward the stage with Kim Jae-ho director.

“I heard that you came because of Bob Bus opening next week.”

“I also watched the show with the doorknob, Doo-do. Fort Yoo-ri is a good girl. ”

CEO Kim Jae-ho laughed and Kang-yoon laughed. Bob Bus began broadcasting, and the human rights group has received many titles from ‘Honey Mum’ to ‘Noepper Thirty Years Old’. Even if I set 10 alarms, I could not get up in time, and I made a whole body dedicated character, giving a big laugh after a

that I could not do well. The atmosphere is well preserved with a trot … popularity was high. Timedly, the world also produced a mini album of humanities, and the result was a busy schedules of humanities. Kim Jae-ho, the vice president of the company, raised his hand as he watched the humanoid drawing a V toward the camera.

“It’s great that we met Chairman. I have to put a spoon. ”

Hahaha Is not it too obvious? ”

Kang-yoon laughed and put him in the office. Kim Jae-ho, Vice President, wanted to broadcast the world’s concert on AHF, and Kang-yoon also answered positively. In addition, we decided to discuss with the practitioners. One by one, necessary things were getting ready. Some of the busiest people in the world were Kang-yoon. It was the core of the world that plays an active part in management and field all over the world. The next busiest person was Min Jin-seo. She is also an entertainer who brings the most profit to the world. She has gone beyond Japan, China and Vietnam. It was an idol for aspiring actors who ran all over Asia. China Time: 6:30 am. The world’s private machine, the G320, was in Beijing.

“… I do not like the conclusion when I see it. ”

Min Jin-seo sighed, covering the last page of the book titled “Forbidden Love.” When I tried to pause the book, I heard a landing announcement. Belt buckle, I felt dizzy for a while, it was Beijing airport. Min Jin-seo changed to a denim shirt from a comfortable lining. It was the costume that sponsored. When I walked out of the gate with the Manager in front of me, I was waiting with a lot of nervous policemen. As usual Min Jin-seo smiled at them.

Hmm …

Ramyeon, who usually laughs lightly, was more expressionless as of today. I felt strange, but I hurried to the manager’s prompt and finished the procedure and entered the entry desk.

(Wow Aaa — !!) I heard a lot of fans cry. Min Jin-seo answered his hand with a cheer as usual.

(Min Jin-seo Everything !!) Your really pretty stick!!) Manager felt a strange air flow and got close to Min Jin-seo. Min Jin-seo also felt a strange mood and hid behind Manager. Ramyeon usually shook even the hands of people who cheered I felt strangely furious. Like an angry crowd.

‘Jin-seo. let’s hurry. The policemen can also go quickly. ‘ Got Min Jin-seo The stride of the party has accelerated.

(traitor!! How do you …) As I got out of the airport, I heard the harsh sound of the crowd behind the police.

‘traitor?’ I had a strange idea. A traitor. I rushed to the airport to get to the car waiting to go to the car, Min Jin-seo came to the man who wrote it down deeply.

(Mr. Jin-seo. He said he was hanging out with his company’s chairman, is that true? YES! What the …) Min Manager Jin-seo rushed to the car while the Manager pulled away the man with the cliché. Behind the crowd the crowd grew bigger. Fortunately, the party was able to escape the airport safely. Then the staff took a sigh of relief.

Thank God. It’s Jin-seo. Let ‘s go to the hotel once. I report to the CEO, and today’s schedule is … ”

Manager is soothing Min Jin-seo, the Star Rist, who was on his cell phone from behind, shouted.

“Jin-seo! You knight! ”

“Did you get a strange thing?”

“what the. I do not have words. Totally open. Lee Kang-yoon It’s an article about meeting with Chairman. awhile. What, what is this picture? Like real Jin-seo … ”

Min Jin-seo ran from the Star Rist and played his cell phone.

– Min Jin-seo ♡ Lee Kang-yoon, a sneaky love of an actor and his company’s chairman. Secret dating scene …

There was a picture with a stimulating title. A long while ago, I was photographed at a university with a hand holding Kang-yoon.


Min Jin-seo sat on the floor of the car.

Episode 10 – Final Stage, The Beginning (End)