Heroes of Marvel - C.1085: Failure?Sep 26, 2023

Heroes of Marvel

C.1085: Failure?Sep 26, 2023

In his mind, Strange quickly searched his recent memories and soon confirmed what the Eye of Agamotto was. Therefore, he shared the same astonishment and surprise as the other young sorcerers. However, compared to the awe and reverence the other sorcerers had for the Eye of Agamotto, Strange didn’t have such concerns.

“Can this Eye of Agamotto really be used for our research?” To ensure that Wong’s words were true, Strange asked again.

After all, Strange had just experienced a scolding when he stole some magical books, which nearly caused a major crisis in spatial magic. The Eye of Agamotto was a sacred and divine magical item in legends, and its power was undoubtedly more terrifying than the more advanced magic recorded in those books.

“Well, that’s what the Ancient One said. You can feel free to study it; I won’t stop you.” Knowing that Strange certainly had concerns, Wong nodded in response.

With Wong’s affirmative answer, Strange’s gaze once again shifted to the Eye of Agamotto behind him. On the stone shelf, the Eye of Agamotto, casually placed, faintly emitted a beautiful green glow. When Strange saw that green glow, his inner being seemed to be struck by something.

“I think I can give it a try…” At the next moment, Strange’s eyes flickered as he spoke.

Then, he walked past Wong and slowly approached the stone pedestal, finally standing beside the Eye of Agamotto.

As Strange approached, the young sorcerers who had dispersed before intentionally or unintentionally drew closer. Even if they didn’t approach, they all kept an eye on the situation. Every time someone attempted to interact with the Eye of Agamotto, the other sorcerers paid close attention. After all, it was the legendary magical relic.

After getting closer to the Eye of Agamotto, Strange came to a halt. Throughout the approach, his gaze never left the ancient necklace-like item before him. Then, Strange took a deep breath and raised his hands.


Under the gaze of Wong and the surrounding young sorcerers, Strange’s hands emitted waves of magical fluctuations. Obviously, he had begun to attempt communication with the Eye of Agamotto. As Strange’s expression grew more serious, the magical fluctuations in front of him intensified, and golden light enveloped the Eye of Agamotto, creating a particularly magical and magnificent sight.


Just as the golden light swirled around the Eye of Agamotto in front of Strange for some time, a sound emanated from it, indicating that the Eye of Agamotto was about to open.

Hearing this sound, Wong and the young sorcerers observing the scene revealed expressions of surprise, though not as astonished as before. Because among the several sorcerers who had attempted before, two had successfully elicited a response from the Eye of Agamotto.

Crack, crack!

Following the initial sound, two more sounds emerged, and the Eye of Agamotto placed on the stone shelf slowly opened a small crack. The Time Stone sealed within it also emitted a faint green glow.

Witnessing this scene, Strange’s eyes lit up with radiance, and he continued to exert more effort, releasing magical energy to fully open the Eye of Agamotto.

Crack! Pū Pū!

However, just as the Eye of Agamotto opened a crack, it seemed to react negatively to Strange’s magic. With a soft sound, the previously opened crack instantly reverted to its original state. As the crack closed, the Eye of Agamotto released a magical surge, instantly dispersing the magical energy released by Strange.


In response to the situation with the Eye of Agamotto, Strange was pushed back several steps by the shattered magic before coming to a stop. His hands, still raised, were now trembling slightly, and his eyes were filled with surprise and a hint of fear.

“So, it’s the same for everyone…” Wong, who had been watching the scene unfold, shook his head and murmured.

Strange’s experience just now, being pushed back by the shattered magic while attempting to communicate with the Eye of Agamotto, was similar to the other young sorcerers who had tried before. Although Strange had managed to open the Eye of Agamotto slightly, others had achieved the same step as well.

Taking a deep breath, Strange lowered his hands. Whether it was due to being startled by the magic released by the Eye of Agamotto or for another reason, Strange stood still in place, without any movement.

“It’s okay. This kind of situation is normal. Several outstanding sorcerers before you experienced the same. Don’t dwell on it too much.” Seeing Strange’s state, Wong thought he might be disheartened and offered a few words of comfort.

“I’m fine.” Hearing Wong’s consolation, Strange’s eyes flickered, and he replied with a recovery of normalcy.

“Well, I know you’re fine. Although the Eye of Agamotto rejects those who are not recognized, it’s merely a warning and it won’t harm you.” Hearing Strange’s response, Wong nodded and continued.

After his first unsuccessful attempt, Strange glanced at the still and silent Eye of Agamotto before him. Finally, he took a few steps back from the stone pedestal, indicating that he didn’t intend to continue trying.

“The Eye of Agamotto itself possesses immense magical power. It contains not only deep protective and sealing magic but also powerful magic beyond your imagination. So, it’s normal that you’re unable to establish communication with it at this moment. However, the Eye of Agamotto will remain here for some time, allowing you to make multiple attempts. Who knows, you may have some gains in the process.” After Strange stepped down from the stone pedestal, Wong looked at the other young sorcerers surrounding him and spoke loudly.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s normal that we can’t communicate with such a magical relic right now…”

“We should still strive! I didn’t even have a chance to try before.”

“It seems like this is a test for us. This selection process is indeed not simple!”

After Wong finished speaking, the young sorcerers surrounding him displayed different expressions and began quietly discussing among themselves. Clearly, because of Wong’s words and the presence of the Eye of Agamotto, they regarded establishing communication and connection with the Eye of Agamotto as a test in the selection process. However, this was also a good thing.


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