Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality - C.748 - : Xiaxia’s literary Foundation is really good (1)Mar 11, 2024

Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

C.748 - : Xiaxia’s literary Foundation is really good (1)Mar 11, 2024

Chapter 748: Xiaxia’s literary Foundation is really good (1)

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She had surpassed him by four points in the previous match.

It was 1.5 points higher than Meng Zhi ‘er, who was in second place in this round and first place in the previous round.

It seemed that he had already reached second place.

The gap between them and the first place had been shortened to less than two points.

From the data analysis … The Xia girl really had a chance of getting first place in the finals!

“Dad, are you okay?”

There was something!

There was too much going on!

Luo yuanchang doubted that he could still be saved!

His expression was obscure.

In the center of the stadium, not long after summerain left the competition ground.

Then, she heard the system’s voice.

[ can you dance for me again and win the favor of the 2199 viewers? ] the completion rate of the second dance is now 86%.

Shiba heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, she managed to make it in time for the competition by practicing her second dance.

Next time, she wanted to practice the third dance, and in the end, she chose to do club exercises.

In the last few rounds, Xia Bo also realized that the equipment in the artistic gymnastics competition had something in common.

Circling, throwing, rope exercise, ball exercise, carry exercise … There were both.

The first time she practiced ball exercise, she had laid down the foundation, which allowed her to become familiar with rope exercise and carry exercise, and she got used to it much faster.

“Continue! I still have one more scene to finish before I can return to acting.” Xia Bo clenched her fists to encourage herself.

When she returned to the stands, she heard her score and the coach’s flattery, which made her blush.

The moment she returned, Meng Zhi ‘er hugged her waist!

“How did you do it? are you pretending to be weak? I’ve been dancing for more than three years, how can you catch up to me so quickly!”

“Ah, is this the strategy that chongyi gave you?”

Meng Zhi ‘er understood Xia Bohe.

They had worked together before and had a heart-to-heart talk through snacks. She knew that Xia Bo Li was very honest and simple, so she asked her directly.

Xia Bo Li’s body shook from her hug, and Lin Qi quickly saved her.

“Miss Meng, xiaxia hasn’t put on her down jacket yet.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Xiaxia, tell me!” Meng Zhi ‘er released her hand.

When she asked this, not only did Lu xiaopiao, Zhong Qiu, and the others look over curiously, even the camera came over.

Xia Bo he scratched his head and opened his mouth. there’s no other way except for my hands.

[ I know this question. Oil-seller Ouyang Xiu! ]

[ hehe, xiaxia has a good foundation in literature. We all know that. ]

[ xixixi was still learning this yesterday. ]

[ I’m suspecting that xiaxia peeked at my Chinese book. ]

[ is there a class representative who can say something? ]

The live comments had already shifted to the content of the Chinese language textbook.

Of the 3000 audience members, some of them were even mothers. After seeing this, they had a good impression of sherby.

Which artiste would memorize the language text before participating in a program?

Which artiste could encourage their fans to flip through their Chinese language textbooks?

Shiba was the first one they had seen!

The mothers were even more determined to like summer mint.

[ I hope xiaxia livestreams more often and teaches my child more poetry. ]

[ ever since I became xiaxia’s fan, my child has been giving her variety shows every week when she’s watching TV. [ I got this livestream slot from a friend.

It’s worth it. ]

Sherbar returned to her studious self.

This was something that no one had expected.

After the show ended, Zhong Qiu organized a team dinner for the sure-win team.

Shiba happily prepared to participate.

However, Luo tianlin summoned her back home with a phone call. freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

“Let Lin Qi bring you back to pack your luggage.”

“As a reward for your great progress, our family will go to Mount Fuji for a week of vacation. You can put your job on hold for now.”

Sherbar was stunned, and then she grinned so happily that her lips almost reached her ears.

It was the first time in his life that he had gone on a vacation!

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