Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality - C.772 - : Please draw a red rope to connect the man in the clouds (1)Mar 23, 2024

Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality

C.772 - : Please draw a red rope to connect the man in the clouds (1)Mar 23, 2024

Chapter 772: Please draw a red rope to connect the man in the clouds (1)

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The game’s closed beta was to send a limited number of accounts to some players.

In the process of playing the game, they would help the game company find some bugs that needed to be fixed. Not only would they get a certain amount of remuneration, but they could also play faster.

Some of the older players in the gaming industry were the closed beta testers that the gaming company had been looking for.

[ the closed beta will begin today and last for ten days. ]

I’ve distributed 100000 virtual coins and 10000 diamonds to everyone’s accounts. In addition, the drop rate of card draws, item drops, and upgrade success rate are all 100%.

All closed beta players had all cards and items.

In this way, they could quickly experience the growth of each card and the strength of each skill in a short period of time. From there, they could find the problems in the plot or the power system.

[if there’s a problem, please respond at any time

update by newn0el .

all the cards and items from the closed beta account can not be transferred to other new accounts. Please take note.

“Tsk, how could we not know that?”

In a card room, su moqi crossed his legs and leisurely shook them.

“l hope you Sheng won’t disappoint me.”

There were five to six boys sitting beside him, all holding their phones. Everyone’s posture was the same.

Looking at the WeChat screen, he copied the closed beta account and login password given by the game customer service and clicked on the celestial Arts

APP icon. novelbuddy.(c)om

“Ugly! He’s not handsome at all. Let them change this icon.”

Su moqi ridiculed as he logged in.

“l rushed back just to see this?”

You Sheng, the company that produced the celestial art, was currently ranked third in the industry.

However, five years ago, they swept the domestic Xianxia game market with a Xianxia game.

However, after that, the old games became weak and several new games failed. They were gradually surpassed by the two new mobile game companies. This kind of decline made the old players sigh.

And su moqi was the backbone of that group of old players, a shining V14 player.

This time, after three years of hard work, you Sheng had finally come up with a new game. He had come to him again and sent him an invitation to join the closed beta.

Three years ago, su moqi was only 15 years old.

However, he had a lot of pocket money and he wasn’t taking the National College entrance examination, so he spent a lot of time playing games.

After that, he went abroad and played all the famous games overseas. “This time, I’ll definitely give them more advice. Don’t mess it up again!’

Su moqi felt that he was a veteran player of yousheng and had the responsibility to spur them on.

His friends around him all nodded.

“I’ve given them so much money, but I’m still spending six Yuan a day in the

Xianxia game. You can’t waste it. ‘

“I’ll recharge 30 Yuan a day.”

“Alright, did I ask you to show off?” Su moqi frovwned. do the test properly!

His friends were also people who often played games.

This time, he asked customer service and got four beta accounts.

As soon as he spoke, the others naturally didn’t dare to say anything. They began to pay attention to the celestial art and began to play.

card games are just a pay-to-win trap. In theory, there aren’t too many tricks, one of the boys with the hair turned back said. the character cards must be good-looking and have a variety of skills. They have to be constantly updated so that people can draw cards continuously.

He was obviously a rich old driver.

“This” celestial art “is very ordinary. What’s with the card at the beginning?

Pangu split the sky. Who wants this muscular man? I want a soft girl!’

When the male players in the closed beta saw the three cards, Pangu, yugong, and Jiang Ziya, they were all dumbfounded.

Old man, old man, still old man!

This company was done for, it had no future!

However, su moqi, who had chosen the daily card draw, was stunned. free(w)ebnov(e)l

[ please draw a red rope to connect to the man in the floating clouds. ]

A graceful female voice came out of the headphones..

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