Hunting for Love for 101 Times

C.344 - This glass of wine tasted differentOct 27, 2020

Xia Nuan took a pace backwards.

Ansheng didn’t know the conflicts between them. He reached out, “Hug me, dad. Mom is tired.”

Ye Sichen embraced Ansheng. But Ansheng intended to hook Xia Nuan’s neck instead of letting her go. Xia Nuan had to take a step closer and touched Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen saw that she was going to flee, holding her hand.

“Now I’m being held by you two. I’m really happy.” Ansheng held their necks by hands with a sweet smile.

Xia Nuan was unwilling to disappoint Ansheng, so she didn’t withdraw her hand.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt Gu Jinhan.” Ye Sichen promised solemnly, “And I don’t want you to be angry with me because of Gu Jinhan.”

Xia Nuan said nothing, just looking at Ansheng.

“Nuan, I need your support at this time, instead of quarreling with me.” Ye Sichen was dissatisfied with her lukewarm expression. He squeezed her hand tighter.

“How to support you? You just need me in bed, right?” Xia Nuan raised her eyebrows and watched Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen’s face darkened and he lowered his voice, “It’s improper to say that in front of kids.”

He put Ansheng down.

Xia Nuan smiled coldly with a surge of self-deprecation, took Ansheng and left the study.

After meal, Ye Sichen wanted to take Xia Nuan and kids to go for a walk, but he was called by Mrs. Ni to the bedroom. Ye Sichen had to watch Xia Nuan leaving with his three children.

Meng Zuo was also in the bedroom.

He reported to Ye Sichen a matter when he just saw him, “Sir, Xiao Chi was going to meet the Allies, but in Country S, not A.”

Ye Sichen was shocked.

Gu Jinhan was right. Maybe Gu Jinhan was really monitoring Xiao Chi?

Mrs. Ni said while he thought, “Chen, you can utilize this opportunity to expose Xiao Chi by your evidence.”

Then she gritted her teeth.

Ye Sichen pondered, “What did Nan Zhentian say?”

Meng Zuo responded, “He will be there. He will expose Xiao Chi to the Allies. We’ve already discussed.”

“Yuezhao Organization will support Xiao Chi. The evidence is not enough to overturn him. I think we should find a way to alienate him from the Allies and make the Allies and Yuezhao Organization fight against each other.” Ye Sichen said sharply.

Meng Zuo nodded slowly, “You’re right, sir. What should we do then?”

“I have to be there.” Ye Sichen said with a flash of seriousness in her eyes.

A trace of worry flashed in Mrs. Ni’s eyes, “Be careful.”

“Mom, please get along well with Xia Nuan when I’m not here.” Ye Sichen held Mrs. Ni’s hand.

Tears appeared in Mrs. Ni’s eyes. However, she became aloof when she heard Xia Nuan’s name.

“I see. As long as she doesn’t make mistakes, I won’t bother you. Trust me, Chen.” Mrs. Ni said seriously.

“Mom, did dad not like us? I think he is very close to grandma.” Wuyou was good at observing. From the situation in recent days, he felt that dad and mom kept at a distance.

And there were swollen marks on mom’s face. He wondered if dad beat mom. However, mom denied it each time when Nianci and he asked.

“Wuyou, she is dad’s mother. He loves his mother just as you love me. It’s natural to be close. But you have to remember that dad always loves you.”

“Well, I just don’t want you to be wronged. I hope you will always be happy together. And we will be happy.” Wuyou said word by word.

Xia Nuan was touched, held him in her arms, and lifted his handsome cheeks, “I love you, my boy. I will always love you. I can bear everything for you.”

“Mom, I love you too. Both Nianci and Ansheng love you as well.” Wuyou embraced Xia Nuan and said sincerely.

“Dad is here!” Nianci threw away the shell in her hand and ran towards Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen wore a white shirt, came towards them leisurely, looking like a breathtaking view in the wind.

Xia Nuan pulled back her gaze difficultly and looked at the blue sea.

“My little princess, how many shells have you picked up?” Ye Sichen took Nianci’s hand and asked her.

“Ansheng and I picked a lot of shells. All of them are small but beautiful with all kinds of colors. I can make bracelets for mom and dad.”

“You are so amazing. You can actually make a bracelet.” Ye Sichen kissed Nianci on her forehead.

“That’s for sure. I’m amazing because I am mom’s daughter.” Nianci didn’t forget to praise Xia Nuan.

“Yes, baby, your mother is indeed amazing.” Ye Sichen looked at Xia Nuan, who was buttoning clothes for Ansheng, with warmth in his eyes.

To avoid him, Xia Nuan led two children, “Let’s go back.”

“Why? I’m just here.” Ye Sichen squeezed her arm to stop her pace.

“I don’t want them to catch cold.”

“But we still want to play for a while. My shells are less than my sister’s.” Ansheng said a bit unhappily.

“Keep doing your work. Dad and mom are here with you.” Ye Sichen pampered.

To keep them staying together, Wuyou and Nianci left deliberately.

“I’m going to Country S. Could we be okay?” Ye Sichen held her hands.

Xia Nuan stared at the line which connected the sea and the sky, “We didn’t break up yet. So, there’s no ‘okay’. I just want to take care of my children now.”

“Nuan, don’t be cold with me.” Yi Sichen held her shoulder and looked at her frosty face, feeling more upset.

“You treat me like this first, Ye Sichen. I don’t want to mention the unpleasant things in the past, but please don’t expose my scars. You do this every time. Abuse my heart then give me some honey. I am silly to be fooled by you. I am dirty in your heart. The only reason you want me is to solve your physiological needs.”

“I had to do it at that moment. If you could apologize, it wouldn’t go that way. Anyway, I was wrong. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t need your apology, Ye Sichen. My heart has been shattered by your slap. I can’t be close with you like before.” Xia Nuan hastened her pace towards kids to get rid of him.

Ye Sichen was sad, looking at Xia Nuan and the kids silently.

At night, Mrs. Ni ordered the kitchen for a feast, because Ye Sichen would go to Country S.

All family members sat together around the table, full of happiness.

Ye Sichen drank glass by glass. He might get drunk and looked at Xia Nuan from time to time. Xia Nuan lowered her head and accompanied three kids, without saying anything.

“You’d better not drink too much, sir. We’re going to leave the island later.” Di Luoke reminded Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen responded but didn’t stop his action.

Seeing this, Mrs. Ni frowned, “Stop drinking, Chen. You have things to do later. What’s the matter with you tonight? You don’t drink in normal days.”

“Since I’m going to leave, you could say goodbye to me. Don’t you want to say something, Nuan?”

Ye Sichen drank another glass before Xia Nuan stuffed her glass. He poured glass by glass, but Xia Nuan ignored him.

“Meng Zuo, take his glass away. Ask him to stop drinking.” Mrs. Ni told Meng Zuo.

According to her order, Meng Zuo tried to grab his glass, but failed. Ye Sichen squeezed the glass tightly.

Ye Sichen poured another glass, looking at Xia Nuan, “You have to toast me, or I won’t stop drinking.”

Mrs. Ni became angry gradually. She stared at Xia Nuan furiously. The latter frowned, stood up, snatched Ye Sichen’s glass, and drank.

“I did it. You can stop then.” Xia Nuan put the empty glass far away from Ye Sichen.

He smiled, held Xia Nuan suddenly in front of all the people, “I’m sorry, Nuan.”

Xia Nuan’s heart trembled.

Seeing this, Ge Li standing behind Mrs. Ni was jealous.

“Send him to his bedroom for rest, Ge Li. And wake him up before they leave.”

Xia Nuan froze, looking at Mrs. Ni.

Obviously, Mrs. Ni matched Ye Sichen and Ge Li in front of her blatantly.

Xia Nuan tried to push Ye Sichen away, because Ge Li was ready to help Ye Sichen leave.

Ye Sichen held her harder to make her stay. And he smiled slightly at Ge Li, which excited Ge Li.

Her face turned red quickly.

“Ge Li, you haven’t toasted me yet.” Ye Sichen said.

Hearing this, Mrs. Ni didn’t urge Ye Sichen to take a rest, and told Ge Li hurriedly, “Toast him.” She glanced at Ge Li, like saying “show yourself.”

Ge Li reached out, poured wine, and handed to Ye Sichen. And Ye Sichen also handed her back. When they toasted, Ge Li felt like drinking wedding wine with Ye Sichen. Her heartbeat accelerated, and her face turned red.

Xia Nuan knew clearly that Ge Li admired Ye Sichen and Mrs. Ni wanted them to get married…

Xia Nuan felt uncomfortable.

Ge Li drank her wine totally, but Ye Sichen paused and looked at the glass, frowning, “This glass of wine tastes different.”

Ge Li looked at Ye Sichen in surprise.

Mrs. Ni said, “Maybe you drink too much and have mixed taste. How can the same bottle of wine taste different?”