I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger! - C.245: The Difficulties Of The Xianqin Sect!Sep 30, 2023

I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!

C.245: The Difficulties Of The Xianqin Sect!Sep 30, 2023

Chapter 245. The Difficulties Of The Xianqin Sect!

Master Qinhe was an old man with an otherworldly aura all over his body. He mounted a crane and wandered around.

He was the master of Gui Xinmeng! A real Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

And in addition to having reached the Nascent Soul Realm in strength, he also came from the Celestial Xianqin Sect, where he was appointed as an elder. In the sect, including a few Half Step Kings, there was a powerful Origin King who was in charge of it.

When Master Qinhe wandered to the Azure Region, he received Gui Xinmeng as his disciple.

Master Qinhe felt that they had a very similar temperament so he strongly took to her and her master so he requested that they become his disciples then they left the Azure Region directly and returned to the Heaven Region!

Not long after coming to the Heaven Region, Gui Xinmeng hadn’t even recovered from the surprise of joining a King-level power. After a while, she heard of Xuan Yi’s deeds in the Heaven Region.

Competing for different treasures, achieving the strength of a Half-step King, and slaying a King Realm Powerhouse in the secret realm.

Summoning the powerful Heavenly King to slaughter a King’s family member from one of the four overlords, the Phoenix Cave!

Then forcibly changed the power structure of the Heaven Region, turning the Xuan Family into one of the three hegemony of the Heaven Region, and making good friends with the Cai Family, no one dared to mess with it anymore

Scene after scene, all vigorous and magnificent to the extreme.

Fanyin and Gui Xinmeng originally thought this person had a similar name to the Xuan Yi that they knew.

Although the Xuan Yi of the Azure Region that they knew was also a Nascent Soul Realm powerhouse, compared to the Heaven Region, the Azure Region ranked amongst hundreds and the other was in the top 20. It was not comparable at all. Although their Xuan Yi was powerful, if he was placed in the Heaven Region, he couldn’t be called amazing.

However, under Gui Xinmeng’s curiosity and inquiries, they found out the new news.

The vigorous Xuan Yi in the Heaven Region was exactly the one that they knew!

After learning this, her heart trembled.

“A trivial Nascent Soul Realm cultivator can actually kill a King Realm…”

The master and two apprentices looked at each other and were shocked.

“How much time has passed since then?”

Fanyin stared at her apprentice, her eyes filled with shock.

What was the concept of the King Realm, both of them knew in their hearts? In the Azure Region, a King Realm expert was an absolute overlord!

Even in the Heaven Region, there was a huge difference between the power of a King and the power below the King Realm.

And Xuan Yi, with his Nascent Soul Realm cultivation base, could kill a King Realm powerhouse!

Not to mention, Gui Xinmeng was nothing more than an Eighth Level Soul Condensation cultivator, and now, after some time had passed, she had only reached the Nascent Soul Realm.

Such strength might be regarded as impressive in the Azure Region but in front of Xuan Yi, she even felt that she couldn’t even last a moment against him. 𝑏𝘦𝘥𝑛𝘰𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

Fanyin and Gui Xinmeng were shocked in their hearts, but they were able to suddenly come from Qingyu to Tianyu, and even joined the King Realmsect, they were quite satisfied.

Especially after Gui Xinmeng came to Xianqin Sect, she was sought after by many disciples, and the treatment she received far surpassed that of the Heavenly Wind Kingdom, after all, the resources she received were not comparable to that of the Azure Region. Since this period, her strength had continued to rise from the Third Level of the Soul Condensation Realm.

When placed in Half Moon City, she was already a big character.

After meeting with her master, she hesitated for a while, and then vaguely said that the Gui Family, from where she originated, had a connection with a big figure, the Gui Family was not to be trifled with.

However, Master Qinhe waved his hand after hearing the words. Although he didn’t speak directly, his expression was very obvious. He didn’t care.

It was finally just a family in the small kingdom of the Azure Region side, and he didn’t care about it.

He was a Nascent Soul Realm powerhouse who was close to the Half-Step King realm. So he was not worried.

On the contrary, Qinhe gave Fanyin a task, asking her to go out to visit a friend of his, give back something, and at the same time order her to bring Gui Xinmeng with her.

In the words of Master Qinhe, the elders should be more interested when the juniors come to the door for the first time.

See if you could get back some treasure from his friend…

Fanyin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, leading Gui Xinmeng, the two left the Xianqin Sect.

A few days later, the Sect Master of the Xianqin Sect went out to travel in a hurry and returned from the outside world.

The first thing he did after returning was to convene with all the elders and begin a meeting.

“Sect Master, what happened?”

Master Qinhe looked at him stunned at the abruptly convening meeting as the Sect Master sat in the seat of the sovereign, with a solemn expression.

“I killed someone.”

The Sect Master was a little aggrieved. After being silent, he clenched his fists and said the matter.

When he was traveling, he encountered a challenge from a junior and even fought with him. The Sect Master had no choice but to kill the opponent directly. This attack, after a happy moment, caused trouble.

Originally he thought that the other party was just a junior, who would have thought that he was actually the Young Master of another sect.

That sect was called the Heavenly Evil Sect, and there were three powerful Kings behind them, one in the Early Stage of the Origin King Realm and two in the Mid Stage of the Origin King Realm!

They didn’t look at other things and only heard that the other party had three powerful kings, and all the elders fell silent immediately in the meeting hall of the Xianqin Sect.

Their Xianqin Sect, even if they fought, there was only one King Realm powerhouse, a few half-step Kings…

“Sect Master, can you hide this matter?”

Master Qinhe looked ugly as he lowered his voice and fixed his eyes on the sovereign.

If he could conceal it, this was also the King Realm sect, and the Heavenly Evil Sect would not necessarily be able to find Xianqin Sect.

If he couldn’t hide it, this was a catastrophe.

“Forget it.”

“The other party has caught wind of this matter.”

However, the Sect Master gave a wry smile, collapsed on the chair, and waved his hand sullenly.

As soon as the voice fell, the entire Xianqin Sect trembled!


A wave of evil spirits gathered together and began twisting and climbing, like a cloud of dark and gloomy smoke, as they rushed straight into the sky.

The whole Xianqin Sect was shocked.

Several elders looked solemn, and flew out of the conference hall, their eyes cautious and bright.

Through the evil spirits, they could vaguely see outside the mountain gate. The disciples of the Heavenly Evil Sect had surrounded Xianqin Sect, leaving them with no way out, and someone was standing in the air with a terrifying aura that made it difficult for people to look at him directly.

Expressionlessly, he directly released his pressure and covered the entire Xianqin Sect.