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C.254: Senior Sister Zhirong’s Determination!Sep 30, 2023

Chapter 254. Senior Sister Zhirong’s Determination!

Heavenly King Fan’s eyes squinted slightly, and a wave of imposing power had already enveloped him, and the situation changed in an instant. The imposing power of a Heavenly King was like a huge boulder, pressing on everyone.

At this juncture, what was this group of people dressed in the uniform of Middle Saint Academy going to do?

“What a group of villains! Since there is no tiger on the mountain, what kind of King are you pretending to be here?”

Among the crowd, people were staring at them with disdain and sarcasm.

Although they looked pale under the pressure of the Heavenly Kings and had difficulty breathing, their eyes were still tough and they looked directly at the four Heavenly Kings, very disdainfully.

Inside Middle Saint Academy, the Dean felt the movement and walked to the gate, seeing everyone appearing very excited…

It was the students from Middle Saint Academy who came here.

In recent years, although Middle Saint Academy had been declining, it was ultimately one of the five major Academies and had also cultivated a few talents. However, among this crowd, there were many Origin Kings, and there were even a few Human Kings.

Although they were not enough to fight against the Heavenly Kings, they still let The Middle Saint Academy, which had fallen into despair, feel excited.

“President! I am applying to return to Middle Saint Academy!”

“My Life is as a Middle Saint Academy student, and my death would be as a Middle Saint Academy ghost!”

“And I, Yan Liang!”

After seeing the Dean who revealed his figure, several old students from the Middle Saint Academy immediately screamed and went straight to the gate of Middle Saint Academy that had been sealed off, and they treated a group of powerful Heavenly Kings who threatened Middle Saint Academy as if they were mere flies.

However, a Heavenly King immediately sneered.

“A group of chickens and dogs dare to be presumptuous?”


He attacked directly, sweeping everything with vast and mighty pressure, even the space trembled, and the earth and rocks outside Middle Saint Academy directly turned into dust, flying everywhere.

The power of the Heavenly King was at full display in front of everyone.

Heavenly King Fan kept his face cold. During the time he breached Middle Saint Academy, he would never allow any changes. Some of the younger generations at the Origin King Realm were not terrible. The terrible thing was that they dared to come forward. This would stir up Middle Saint Academy’s belief. Over the years, Middle Saint Academy taught. How many Talents were there?

If because of this, more powerhouses came, and if they wanted to help Middle Saint Academy today, there would be many more variables.

The only thing that could dispel this belief was to directly destroy them with all his power as quickly as possible.

The corner of Heavenly Heavenly King Fan’s mouth was grinning, his palms were raised high, and murderous intent bloomed in his eyes.


However, a force appeared out of thin air and directly protected the students who came to support Middle Saint Academy.



On Heavenly King Fan’s raised hand, the vast Spiritual power formed a giant hand, directly suppressing it, and suddenly collided with a force creating terrible fluctuations that shattered space.

“Who is it?”

Heavenly King Fan looked solemn.

The only one who could block a blow from a Heavenly King was another Heavenly King.

The other three Heavenly Kings also stared at that place with deep eyes.


A beautiful woman with a wry smile showed her figure out of thin air.

“It’s Senior Sister Zhirong!”

Immediately someone looked excited, and the identity of the incoming person was cleared.

A powerhouse who had just been promoted to the Heavenly King Realm had now arrived! She was a student of Middle Saint Academy hundreds of years ago. Because of her outstanding qualifications and beautiful appearance, she was highly sought after by the Middle Saint Academy students at that time, even now, was still recognized at a glance.

“So this was who had arrived? It turns out that she’s a Heavenly King who just broke through.”

After seeing Lin Zhirong, the Four Heavenly Kings relaxed immediately, Heavenly King Fan even shook his head slightly and chuckled in amusement.

“This is not something you should take care of. It’s not easy for you to practice, so hurry up and don’t do stupid things!”

Heavenly King Fan clicked his tongue at Lin Zhirong, who was in a long skirt, and motioned to her to get away.

As a cultivator who had just been promoted to the Heavenly King Realm, although her strength was stronger than that of an ordinary Early Stage Heavenly King Realm powerhouse, she was still far from a threat to Heavenly King Fan or the other Heavenly Kings who had arrived with him.

“The old Dean was kind to me, and Middle Saint Academy was even more so!”

“Even if I lose my life here today, I still won’t go!”

Lin Zhirong shook her head slightly and gave a bitter smile, but her expression became firm, her beautiful and ethereal face was emanating a solemn and powerful air!

She was moving with terrifying momentum, standing in front of Heavenly King Fan, her figure like a javelin, firmly stuck in place, half a step without retreating.

“You want to destroy Middle Saint Academy? Then you’ll have to go through me to do so!”


As soon as this statement came out, all of the Middle Saint Academy students shivered in excitement.

“Senior Sister Zhirong is great! Who said that we would all die here today?”

“As expected of the Goddess of my heart!”

As a Goddess-level figure sought after by everyone. They were looking up to Lin Zhirong at this time. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝑛𝘰𝘷𝘦𝑙.𝘯𝘦𝘵


Heavenly King Fan sneered, and looked Lin Zhirong up and down, shaking his head in disdain.

“Cultivation is not easy. At your age, you will have a bright future. Why bother risking your life for this academy at this time!?”

After sighing, Heavenly King Fan shook his whole body, and his face instantly cooled down.

“Since you insist on doing this, then die!”


Boundless Spiritual Origin turned into the boundless King Energy, just like Divine Qi, and directly locked Lin Zhirong into place!


Heavenly King Fan’s eyes were solemn, and he shouted sharply.


There was a volume of scripture, ancient and mysterious, flying out of the vast King Energy. Its size turned small to large, the Chinese characters were turned into runes, flowing down the pages of the scripture.


Everyone was almost silent at the same time, and a thick haze was enveloped in their hearts.

Someone who was strong in the use of the King’s eyes was astonished, staring at those scriptures closely, and his spiritual sense kept issuing warnings telling him that with these runes, anyone under the Heavenly King realm would die if they touched them.


Lin Zhirong couldn’t retreat as she was unwilling to retreat in the face of this attack, so she rushed up to meet the scriptures and was fully intent on attacking with all her might.