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C.273: Side Missions Triggered! Realm Rewards!Sep 30, 2023

Chapter 273: ?Side Missions Triggered! Realm Rewards!

“Ding! A side quest has been triggered! Raise the cultivation of at least three disciples to the King Realm. Reward: Host’s cultivation will be raised by a realm!”

Raising cultivation by a realm?

Xuan Yi’s eyes flashed.

At the moment, his realm was only in the early stage of the Human King Realm, and it was indeed a bit low.

The task came promptly.

It just so happened that the war on the Sea Monster Clan’s side had also come to an end, and he had time to train his disciples.

After announcing the victory list, the Heavenly King Zhangji left directly, and the light projection in the sky dissipated.

Xuan Yi also returned to his camp.

Since the founding of Nanzhou, endless years had passed, but this battle was enough to be included in the memorabilia of Nanzhou.

And Xuan Yi’s name also shook the entire Nanzhou once again with the release of the military merit list.

This was destined to cause an uproar, and it would not calm down in a short time.

In the next few days, cultivators kept coming to visit, wanting to form an amicable relationship with Xuan Yi.

There were the heirs of the great families, and there were also the saints who walked out of the big sects, all of whom were geniuses.

There were even talents from other fronts, crossing several big domains, wanting to meet Xuan Yi.

Everyone showed their enthusiasm and respect, but Xuan sneered at how many of them were sincere.

Xuan Yi’s camp was not so spacious, and it was crowded.

But many people had closed their doors, and only a very small number of people had been exceptionally brave and fearless on the previous battlefield.

But their doors were closed to many, and only a very small number of people, who had been exceptionally brave and fearless on the previous battlefield were able to meet Xuan Yi.

Many geniuses feel resentful about this, but they dared not say more and even dared not leave.

If they left straight away like this, even if Xuan Yi didn’t care, the family and sect behind him would blame them.

Fortunately, Xuan Yi quickly left the Southern Front.

Because Xuan Yi’s military merit reward had finally arrived.

After receiving the military merit award, Xuan Yi didn’t stay there and went back to Middle Saint Academy.

He was tired of these kinds of visits.

He didn’t take a look at his reward until he reached the academy.

“Hundred Xuanyuan Grass, ten Huayuan Ning Ling Pill …”

They were all extremely precious five-stage elixir and elixirs, and they were rich in variety and huge in number.

It was quite an amazing wealth.

Xuan Yi sorted out these cultivation resources one by one, divided them into several parts, and kept one part for himself.

He gave the rest to the disciples.

In addition to these elixirs, what Xuan Yi valued more was a long sword spiritual treasure.

In a cultivation cave in Middle Saint Academy.

“Sixth-Rank Lingbao, Fenji Sword!”

Xuan Yi slowly drew his sword in his hand, pouring spirit essence into it.

On the sword body, a series of mysterious lines were lit by Xuan Yi’s spirit element, reflecting a fiery red light.

There was an aura of destruction capable of burning everything, quietly radiating from the sword of self-immolation.


Xuan Yi slashed out with the sword, and a sword intent flew out, cutting the thick stone wall in front of him.

“What an amazing power!”

Xuan Yi looked at the stone wall that had turned into a powder, and there was a hint of joy in his eyes.

That stone wall, seemingly ordinary, actually had a special arrangement.

It could reduce the wall to powder so easily.

“While slaying the Sea Monster Clan’s talents before, two sword attacks were needed, but now, with just one sword, I can kill them all.”

Keeping in the sword, Xuan Yi took out an ice-blue pill.

This was one of his rewards, a fifth-grade spirit pill, the Huayuan Condensing Spirit Pill!

Moreover, it was a top-tier pill.

After taking an ordinary Huanyuan Lingyuan Pill, one could accelerate the speed of Human King Realm condensation within seven days, double from the usual speed.

And this top-level Huayuan Lingling Pill not only increased the duration of the medicinal effect but also greatly extend the speed-up effect.

For Xuan Yi, whose cultivation had reached the bottleneck in the early stage of the Human King Realm, this pill came at the right time.

Immediately he took the Huayuan Ning Ling Pill, and as soon as he entered it, a surging mysterious power suddenly spread within the profound one.

Without wasting time, Xuan Yi immediately entered the cultivation state.

In a blink of an eye, a month passed.

On this day, outside the Middle Saint Academy, a young girl suddenly arrived from the sky.

The girl had bright eyes, with a smile, her big eyes flickered, and she was very curious about everything about the academy.

This girl was Gui Yiyi who left Jian Xuanzong and rushed to the Middle Saint Academy.

When Gui Yiyi entered the academy, the male students o the academy who saw her face opened their eyes wide.

The few began to gulp madly.

Looking at the aura of this glamorous girl, although it had not been released, there was no trace of flaws, and there was no way to see her cultivation.

Think about it, a genius from a big domain came to the Middle Saint Academy to study.

After all, it was not the official enrollment time for the academy.

Those who could come to the academy at this time must have been valued by a certain instructor before and was specially recruited.

The talent of such a disciple would be not low

And the girl’s face was even more peerless.

“Miss, you’ve come to this academy to study, I wonder if you brought a token?” be𝚍nove𝚕.com

A male student took the first step and jumped out, with an enthusiastic appearance, trying to lead the way for this glamorous girl, patting his chest, he said, “In the entire Middle Saint Academy, there is no one more familiar with the path other than me. You are new here, and there must be many chores to do. With my help, it will be a lot easier!”

Gui Yiyi’s big eyes flashed suddenly, looking at the group of male students whose eyes were all green.

Even though she had experienced many big scenes under the guidance of her master, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit overwhelmed at this moment.

She hurriedly pulled the master out as a shield, “Thank you for the kindness of this friend, but my master has arranged it for me, so please don’t bother me.”

Being one step behind this guy, the remaining male students couldn’t stand it anymore.

One by one they jumped out, and one of them even pushed the guy who claimed to be familiar with the path aside.

“You don’t pretend to be all knowing here! Your study has been reduced to three days. If you don’t complete the spiritual task assigned by the instructor, you just wait to write a review!”

He tried hard to pretend to be polite, but he couldn’t hide the eagerness in his eyes anyway, “Girl, the academy is now the largest college in Nanzhou. You come to our school to study, but I’m not sure if you found the right place, I don’t know which mentor chose to recruit you?”

The students on the side also raised their ears with anticipation.

They hoped to be under the same instructor with this new student and have the opportunity to approach her

Gui Yiyi blinked, “Umm … His name is Xuan Yi.”


Dead silence.

A scene flashed by those students’ mind when they heard Xuan Yi’s name …

Lao Tzu’s ranking would fall again …