I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger! - C.282: – Breakthrough! Human King Pinnacle! (part 2)Sep 30, 2023

I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!

C.282: – Breakthrough! Human King Pinnacle! (part 2)Sep 30, 2023

Chapter 282: Breakthrough! Human King Pinnacle! (part 2)

“Perhaps I should look for those cultivators who came from a large sect. They should know the way.”

Xuan Yi frowned slightly, but the great monks were very difficult to encounter. The Primordial Battlefield was too big, around 100,000 miles, and even speed was restricted here.

Even if there was no evil spirit to block the way, Xuan Yi had comparable combat power of the early stages of a King, and it took dozens of days to travel the battlefield.

However, at this moment, anomalies suddenly occurred.

Not far in front of Xuan Yi, in the middle of the Primordial Battlefield, a terrible roar suddenly came from the area where the evil spirit was diffused.

The pale red evil spirits rolled and gathered, and suddenly a huge monster rolled out, with scales on its body, glowing with black light. The monster was very strange, and it rushed towards Xuan Yi.

Xuan Yi blinked, avoiding the blow of the strange beast, frowning slightly.

This was an evil beast comparable to the peak of the Human King realm. It looked like a giant python, but it had long teeth like a sabre. It had a terrifying breath. The force of a blow crushed the ground into hundreds of meters deep pit.

“Die!” Xuan Yi cut the black giant python into two pieces, half of the black giant python body rolled, and fell back to the area full of evil spirits.

The other half fell to the ground in front of Xuan Yi.


Half of the python’s body lost the nourishment of the evil spirit and suddenly burst into pieces. A small blood-red chip about the size of a fingernail rolled out from the remains of the python body.

“This is … the chip is a treasure?!”

Xuan Yi leaned down and picked up the chip, a flash of joy flashed in his eyes, and his divine sense plunged into it to observe it.

The strange treasure contained the power of the laws, which could help the cultivators to break through the king’s level.

When Xuan Yi broke into the King Realm, he absorbed a large number of laws and strange treasures. The first time he entered the King Realm was in the Yuan Dynasty.

But this chip seemed to be different from the original laws.

The laws and strange treasures that Xuan Yi gained when he broke the King’s level back then, although they contained the power of laws, were very simple and could only be effective against the Nascent Soul realm cultivators. be𝚍nove𝚕.com

But the chip in Xuan Yi’s hand, although it was only the size of a fingernail, the power of laws contained in it was extremely pure.

“Not only a Human King Power powerhouse, but even the Heavenly King can also reap huge gains from it.”

Xuan Yi’s heart was shaken, and without hesitation, he directly refined this chip.

An incomparably pure force of laws merged into his body, instantly circulating his limbs, making Xuan Yi’s spirits refreshed.

His realm was close to the pinnacle of the Human King realm, and it would have to be nourished for dozens of days to breakthrough.

But with the refining of this chip, the bottleneck was directly broken, and he was promoted extremely smoothly to the pinnacle of the King of Human Realm.

“This thing is of great use to me!”

A hot light flashed in Xuan’s eyes.

He came to the Primordial Battlefield to find a shortcut to the Heavenly King realm and wanted to use the wonderful time flow of the Primordial Battlefield to practice.

However, there seemed to be some kind of abnormal change in the Primordial Battlefield, and the time flow was no different from the outside world. Originally, Xuan Yi was a little disappointed.

Unexpectedly, he encountered such a thing.

A small chip can allow him to break through the bottleneck of the pinnacle of the Human King realm.

Xuan Yi estimated that not too much, a palm-sized chip would be enough for him to ignite the first spiritual element node.


Behind Xuan Yi, the long sword trembled, and the sound of the sword sounded like thunder.

In his body, the four peak sword intent was enchanted on the long sword, and it cleaved through the air, forcibly breaking the evil spirits of the road ahead.


As if provoked by Xuan Yi’s behaviour, the originally peaceful wilderness suddenly shook.

Groups of evil spirits gathered, and another evil beast came out from it, covered with black scales and red eyes, but of different breeds, including tigers, leopards, wolf pythons.

But without exception, the weakest had the strength of the middle-stage King realm, and the strongest was even a few points better than the strange python that was killed by Xuan Yi before!


Xuan Yi was not surprised and rejoiced, his figure was like a ghost, walking through the group of alien beasts, and every time he stopped, a cold sword light slashed and burst out of the sky.

Kill a strange beast°

He killed and turned, gradually grasping the law of the formation of alien beasts.

The more evil the region was, the stronger the alien beasts were, and the bigger the law chip was.

After half a day’s effort, Xuan Yi had already travelled a distance of nearly a hundred miles again, killing nearly a hundred strange beasts.

As he ventured deep, the strange beasts condensed in the evil spirits were also getting stronger, and strange beasts comparable to the level of Human King talents appeared.

Several strange beasts came to besiege with an astonishing aura, but after Xuan Yi used the Fen Ji Sword, a ray of sword intent killed all of them.

“Seventeen chips …”

Xuan Yi put away the regular chips dropped by the few strange beasts, and his divine consciousness inspected the storage bag, nodding in satisfaction.

Along the way, he collected a total of 392 light red chips, which were put together in the size of a fist.

The power of laws flowed through them, making people dazzled.

He didn’t progress further, the accumulation was enough.

Xuan Yi slashed the ground with the Fen Ji sword, lifted the soil layer up to the sky, and soon cut out a deep hole.

Going forward again, Xuan Yi had a hunch that he might encounter an alien beast comparable to a Heavenly King. He had to make full preparations before moving on.

He hid in the deep hole and took out the light red chips. For a while, a light red light flashed in the dark cave and regular patterns appeared.


Taking a deep breath, Xuan Yi mobilized the spirit essence in his body and took the chips into his body, and the emperor’s pole was revolving.

With the help of the regular chip, the spiritual power in his body began to quickly consume.

One, two, three, then four chips …

36 chips were exhausted before Xuan Yi emptied the spiritual essence contained in 16,000 acupoints in his body.


Xuan Yi let out a low cry, and the spiritual element inside his body rioted and turned into a pale silver ball of light.

The ball of light revolved, illuminating the 48,000 acupuncture points in the body like a full moon rising, but it turned bright and dark, and cracks appeared, as if it was about to break at any time.

At this moment, the law chip Xuan Yi had absorbed before began to take effect, and a series of light red rule lines fell into his body.

It was like a rope, making up all the cracks on the silver ball of light, and it was tightly closed.


Xuan Yi guarded his mind and didn’t dare to be careless for a moment, the next was the most critical moment.

The condensing of the spiritual element node was only the first step, and it needed to be submerged with the force of the laws and ignited before it was completed.


Another nine regular chips flew out and merged into Xuan Yi’s body. The regular pattern melted into one place turned into a flaming torch and sank into the spirit element node.