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C.305: One Sword! The Six Ancient Heavenly Kings Have Fallen! Situ Qing’s appearance! (2)Sep 30, 2023

Chapter 305: One Sword! The Six Ancient Heavenly Kings Have Fallen! Situ Qing’s appearance! (2)

Hearing what the ancestors of the Xuan family said, and seeing Xuan’s sincere look again, Pu Hang pondered for a moment and nodded.

“Okay, then I will not be polite then!”

After speaking, Pu Hang directly approached Xuan Yi and bowed.

“Little friend Xuan Yi, I offended you before, so please forgive me.”

Xuan Yi smiled and helped Pu Hang up, “Pu Hang is polite, and we will be a family in the future, so we don’t require such words.”

At this time, another void crack unfolded in the sky above the Xuan Family.

Both Pu Hang and the ancestors of the Xuan family were surprised, but the ancestors of the Xuan family and others were already quite familiar with the aura in the crack.

He immediately smiled and said,

“Grandfather Tai, don’t worry about it, this, is another great powerhouse of my Xuan family, Bing Yu.”

The crack opened, he saw a captivating woman walk gracefully out of the crack, and hand a storage bag to Xuan Yi.

“The four ancient Heavenly Kings’ families have been uprooted by me, and their family treasures are all here.”

Xuan Yi took the storage bag and nodded at Bing Yu, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Bing Yu smiled at Xuan Yi, and nodded at the Xuan family Kings, then turned to leave and return to the Central Saint College.

And it was only then that the Kings and the ancestors of the Xuan Family finally realized that their understanding of the Xuan Family was still far too poor.

The matter of the Xuan family finally came to an end here.

For the Xuan family ancestor to hire Pu Hang as the Xuan family’s protector, Xuan Yi was very supportive of the decision.

Even if the ancestor of the Xuan family did not mention it, he would have spoken.

After all, Bing Yu had to stay in the Central Saint Academy for a long time, and he was also in seclusion from time to time.

Especially during the next period, to break through the Heavenly King barrier as soon as possible, Xuan Yi would inevitably enter the Primordial Battlefield from time to time.

Even if he could rush back to the sky through the void cracks, he always had this fear that one day he would inevitably arrive late.

The Xuan family’s defensive power may have been sufficient before the ancient Kings came back, but now that the ancient King had come, the Kings were all like mosquitos in front of them, and the Heavenly Kings could only protect themselves.

If Pu Hang stood as the Xuan family’s protector, he could always rush there in time, due to the former buying him enough time.

Moreover, with the divine source seized from the Hao Tian and bros and family, it wouldn’t be long before the ancestors of the Xuan family could enter the Heavenly King realm.

Anyone who dared to fight the Xuan family would have to carefully weigh that idea before they made a move.

”What about the Origin domain? Why does Dean Xuan want to know about it? ”

The dean of Middle Saint College heard Xuan Yi’s question and couldn’t help but feel a little puzzled.

After returning to the Middle Saint Academy, Xuan Yi did not stop to take a rest and directly went to the dean, wanting to know more about the Origin domain.

If there was a map of this domain, it couldn’t have been better!

Heavenly King Zhang Ji mentioned the affairs of Huang Fu’s family before and said that Huang Fu’s family might encounter an opponent even stronger than the ancient King.

He was going to go and take a look first. If he had time, he could help Huang Fu’s household, and then make some arrangements for them.

At least, when Huang Fu’s family was in danger, he could support them until their reinforcements arrived.

There was nothing to conceal about these things, Xuan Yi directly spoke to the dean briefly about Zhang Ji’s request.

“The Origin domain is very special. I do not know many details, but, in the past, the academy had a mentor from the origin domain. He had a map. It exists in the academy’s Scripture Repository, you can go get it, and make a copy of it.”

Xuan Yi nodded his head and thanked him, then went to the library, but he didn’t want to know that the map of the source domain was no longer there, it seemed that someone had borrowed it to make a copy.

Xuan Yi was disappointed to leave empty-handed, and just as he walked out of the Scripture Repository, he heard a young girl’s surprised voice.


“Yi Yi, why are you over here?”

Gui Yi Yi looked surprised to see Xuan Yi, saluted him respectfully, and said with a smile.

“Answering Master, I’m here to return a map.”

“A map?”

Xuan froze and looked at Gui Yi Yi with an odd look, “It can’t be a map of the Origin domain, right?”

Gui Yi Yi froze for a moment and asked in surprise, “How does Master know about it?”

Xuan Yi laughed bitterly, “I just asked for it and they said that it had been borrowed. I didn’t expect it was you, girl, who took it, but what are you doing borrowing this sealed map, you aren’t on the verge of a breakthrough, yet.”

Xuan Yi remembered that although that Origin domain produced divine sources, they were all incomplete divine sources, belonging to the category of exotic treasures of law.

However, the power of law contained in it was much denser than that contained in other treasures.

However, it was only useful for cultivators below the King realm, and at most, it was only enough to reach the Origin King realm.

Gui Yi Yi gently laughed, “It’s not me, it’s for Xiao Hong and his siblings. They are going to go to the source domain to get some experience and search for some rule foreign treasures. They are in seclusion now, doing their final cultivation, so they asked me to help them borrow the map of the Origin domain.”

Xuan Yi nodded in understanding, took the map of the origin domain from Gu Yi Yi’s hand, unfolded it, swept through it, and memorized the map in his mind.

Then he gave it back to Gui Yi Yi and asked her to return it to the Repository.

Seeing this, Gui Yi Yi could not help but be a little curious, “Is Master going to the Origin domain?”

Seeing Xuan Yi nod, Gui Yi Yi couldn’t help but laugh and say. 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝙣𝒆𝙩

“Then Master might run into sister Qing over there.”

“Situ Qing? Why did that child run to the Origin domain?”

Xuan was taken aback for a moment, a little surprised.

When he was parting with Situ Qing before, the girl should have been in the Nascent Soul realm.

Gui Yi Yi spread her hands and said.

“Sister Qing has the Imperial Physique cultivated by master, and her natural talent is extraordinary. Now she is close to the King realm. However, she said that she had received the great grace of master, and she couldn’t bother him anymore, so she went alone to the Origin domain to prepare the resources needed to break through the King realm.”

Hearing this, Xuan Yi couldn’t help shake his head.

When Situ Qing was young, she was once taken away by a demonic beast who stole her spiritual roots, and her talent was destroyed, and even her subordinates were bullied.

She was even forced by her family to marry out as a concubine. If it hadn’t been for Xuan, reshaping her spiritual roots and bloodline power, Situ Qing’s life would have been ruined that day.