I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger! - C.307: Is the Visitor Master Xuan?Oct 03, 2023

I! Accept Disciples and Become Stronger!

C.307: Is the Visitor Master Xuan?Oct 03, 2023

Chapter 307: Is the Visitor Master Xuan?

As the largest cultivator dynasty in the Origin domain, the Dark Origin Dynasty possessed a total of seven spirit origin mines.

However, the most famous was the Profound Origin mine named after Profound Origin.

But a hundred years ago, because of an accident, the Profound Origin Mine had been sealed, and several sky spirit demons had been born.

A spirit demon that had reached the sky spirit demon level was no different from an ordinary cultivator.

They joined forces and set up restrictions based on the special terrain of the Profound Origin Mine, restricting cultivators from entering the Profound Origin Mine.

Even King realm cultivators would be suppressed to the Nascent Soul realm because of the restrictions.

Even the several half-step Heavenly King powerhouses, Heavenly Spirit Demon League members, could only retreat sadly.

However, over the past few years, the Xuan Yuan Dynasty and the nearby Dynasties had broken out in battle many times and suffered heavy losses.

They had no choice but to focus on the Profound Origin mine again.

The geniuses who were able to fight above their realm were dispatched, and fights began to flare in the entire Origin domain.

Unfortunately, there were not many responders.

After all, the risks involved were simply too great.

The five sky spirit demons had been entrenched in the Profound Origin Mine for nearly a hundred years. They relied on the spiritual source of the Profound Origin Mine to cultivate.

Perhaps there were already spirit demons that had broken through to the King realm.

Even though the geniuses were able to cross realms and fight, Demons were not something that could be fought by them.

In the eyes of the Origin domain geniuses, ?it was an impossible mission.

Thus, the reward that the Dark Origin Dynasty proposed was constantly raised, it would even open up mine for cultivators that could solve the trouble.

The Xuan Yuan Dynasty was willing to split the profits for all the divine sources of the Xuan Yuan mine.

Situ Qing had only come to the Xuan Yuan Dynasty after seeing that condition.

A year’s worth of divine source was equivalent to a thousand kilograms.

Situ Qing cultivated the Sovereign King Sutra and broke through to the King Realm. The divine sources she needed weren’t limited.

She estimated that it would take around ten thousand pounds of spiritual power to break through.

“Fourth level of the Nascent Soul realm?”

The executive of the Xuan Yuan Dynasty who was in charge of selecting heavenly geniuses glanced suspiciously at Situ Qing.

“Miss, the Profound Origin Mine isn’t a good place. Don’t let yourself get lost.”

The Guardian tried to persuade him.

Situ Qing’s expression was indifferent as she said in a low voice,

“When your country offered the reward, they did not restrict the cultivation base.”

“Alright, since you want to go, I won’t stop you either. However, I still need to do the test that you should do.”

The servant shrugged and pointed behind him.

There was a dark green puppet standing there quietly.

Situ Qing’s eyes narrowed slightly. From the puppet, she could sense the aura of the sky spirit demon that she had killed earlier.

“This puppet’s battle power is comparable to that of a half-step Heavenly King. As long as you can defeat it, you’ll pass.”

“Ha, she’s at the 4th level of the Nascent Soul realm. Old Tang is trying to prevent that little girl from passing.”

Not far away from Guardian Tang, the other two from the Xuan Yuan Dynasty also noticed the situation.


They couldn’t help but laugh softly.

“Old Tang also has well-intention. That little girl seems to be less than twenty years old, yet she already has such a cultivation. Her talent is not bad, so it’s a pity that she would be lost in the mine for no reason.”

Although the two of them had deliberately lowered their voices, they were still clearly heard by Situ Qing.

However, the young girl did not say much. She preferred to speak with her sword.

In the next moment, the black-green puppet seemed to feel a terrifying danger.

The Spiritual Source core suddenly lit up as his arms intertwined in front of him, taking on a defensive stance!

The expressions of the three envoys of the Dark Origin Dynasty instantly changed.

After all, this Dark Pure Puppet was a treasure left behind by the Grand Ancestor of the Dark Origin Dynasty.

Not to mention having a certain level of intelligence, he could even use some martial techniques that weren’t too profound.

Coupled with his battle prowess comparable to a Celestial Demon, even a half-step Heavenly King would be defeated if he were careless!

Ever since the reward had been given, even though it had been a long time, the response hadn’t been good.

However, there were still a dozen peak Nascent Soul realm cultivators who had rushed over, but they had all been defeated by the Black Purity Puppet!

Not to mention the Purity Puppet taking a defensive stance as if it was facing a great enemy.

To be able to withstand its ten moves was a rare occurrence!

However, the young girl in front of it only drew out her sword. The aura she emanated caused the puppet to feel … fear?

Before the three envoys could think any further, Situ Qing’s figure flashed past!

She was like a ghost!

When she reappeared, she had pierced through the Soul Core of the Mystic Puppet!

The crimson colour breakthrough in the puppet’s eyes suddenly dimmed!

“Guardian, may I participate in the expedition of this mine?”

The Minister of Offerings surnamed Tang who was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak, Situ Qing put the sword back into its sheath with a clang.

She said softly.

Right when Situ Qing’s sword strike shocked the envoys of the Xuan Yuan Dynasty, Xuan Yi’s figure also tore through space and arrived above the Origin domain.

As soon as he entered the origin realm, Xuan Yi felt a hint of familiarity.

He was certain that he had never been here before, but this type of natural law power in the air made him immediately think of the Primordial Battlefield.

However, compared to the Primordial Battlefield, the power of laws here was still highly manifested.

Unfortunately, what was revealed was the most superficial layer.

However, thinking about it made sense.

If the Origin Domain could manifest an even more profound power of laws, even if it did not become a cultivation holy land like the Primordial Battlefield, it wouldn’t fall to the point of being ranked at the bottom of the rankings.

Xuan Yi closed his eyes and recalled the map in his mind to confirm his location.

Xiao Hong and his brother should have reached the Origin domain ahead of him.

According to what the two of them said before they left, they ought to go to a place called the Xuan Yuan Dynasty.

In that dynasty, there was a huge spiritual source mine that ranked in the top ten in the entire Origin domain, the Profound Origin Mine.

Moreover, the mine had already been abandoned by the Xuan Yuan Dynasty, so the two of them wanted to go and see if they could obtain some gains from it.

Xuan Yi didn’t stop them from making their plans. He only left a message on the jade talisman for each of them.

In times of crisis, as long as they crushed the jade talisman, Xuan Yi could use this to locate the coordinates and directly project it over to support him.

With this layer of protection, Xuan Yi wasn’t worried about Xiao Hong and his brother.

When his divine sense spread out, he felt Situ Qing, who had cultivated the Extreme King Classics. There was a special connection between the two of them. 𝐛𝐞𝗱𝗻𝐨𝐯𝗲𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

After sensing it for a moment, Xuan Yi locked onto her position and crossed the void several times, using the spirit source to forge the stone platform.

In a short period, he crossed tens of thousands of kilometers and arrived in the sky above the Profound Leaf Sect.

“Is this Senior Xuan Yi?”

Before Xuan Yi could open his mouth, a commotion broke out within the Blackleaf Sect. A moment later, with the Blackleaf Sect’s Sect Master as the leader, elders of the Blackleaf Sect flew into the air respectfully and bowed towards Xuan—

Xuan Yi was stunned.

He remembered that the news channel of the Origin domain was almost non-existent in the outside world.

How could it be that he was already so famous in the Profound Leaf Sect?

“What? Master Xuan has arrived here?”

Before Xuan Yi could reply, a man in the seat of a sect master rose from another mountain gate thousands of kilometers away.

In a short period of time, several dozen Sect Masters and elders of various ranks had gathered in the skies above the Black Leaf Sect.

They all surrounded Xuan Yi respectfully, hoping to stay in their sect for a short while.

It would be even better if he could impart some experience to them.

“This really is …”

Xuan Yi’s mouth twitched as he looked at one of the sect masters with a strange expression.

Impart my experience?

I do want to teach you. The problem is, do you have a system?