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C.321: Primordial God Emperor versus Lei Ren! (2)Nov 04, 2023

Chapter 321: Primordial God Emperor versus Lei Ren! (2)

However, the Primordial God Emperor had been an Emperor for twenty thousand years!

The pale-faced old man’s silver hair was scattered, and he held a bamboo staff in his hand as he stood in front of the Thunder Soaring God Emperor.

“The actions of the Ancient Alliance in the past were too domineering, and they’re seeking their destruction. Lei Ren, don’t use this as an excuse.”

Ancient Primordial God Emperor did not descend with his true body. Instead, he used the God Emperor’s Order to descend with a projection.

But this was extremely shocking as well. The God Emperor Token was a secret treasure refined from the God Origin by the God Emperor himself.

The projection within it was comparable to the combat strength of a God Emperor’s true body!

However, Lei Ren was utterly unmoved.

The corners of his mouth curled into a sneer of ridicule, “So what if I use the topic to make a move? A mere First Tribulation Emperor? You want to stop me?”

When the Ancient Primoridial God Emperor heard this, his expression couldn’t help but change slightly. A look of shock flashed in his eyes as he looked at the Thunder Soaring God Emperor.

“Could it be that you …”

Ancient Emperor Lei Ren sneered and didn’t reply at all. He flicked his sleeve and the three-colored divine platform behind him flickered with divine light.

It swept towards the projection of the Ancient Essence Soul Emperor!


When the Primordial God Emperor made his move, he formed a seal with both hands. It was like the Heavenly Emperor had subjugated a devil, turning into a golden dragon.

He pressed down towards the bright light!

Terrifying divine power collided at this moment. It could be said that a heaven-destroying and earth-destroying fluctuation erupted. The boundary of the Origin domain was unable to withstand the battle between the two experts.

With a crack, it shattered.

Is this the might of a God Emperor?”

The present cultivators widened their eyes. The might of a God Emperor could not even be withstood by a large region.

Even though they had all heard these words before, only by seeing them with their own eyes could they truly feel the real terror.

With the battle between the two sides as the junction, heaven and earth were collapsing, mountains and rivers were turning into ashes, and the earth was splitting open a huge chasm that stretched out endlessly, almost reaching till the end of the heavens!


“Save me!”

“I don’t want to die!”

Many cultivators fell into the bottomless abyss and howled miserably.

The pressure of the two God Emperors covered the entire Origin domain, making it difficult for them to even walk, let alone fly.

The Primordial God Emperor’s brows twitched wildly as he shouted in a low voice, “This isn’t the place for us to fight. Let’s go to the void …”


Before the Ancient Primordial God Emperor could finish speaking, Ancient Thunder ?Soaring God Empeor actually revealed a sinister sneer.

His figure was like a bolt of lightning as he arrived behind the Primordial God Emperor the moment he spoke. He had a huge hand that was suffused with lightning.

It directly pierced through the Ancient Primordial God Emperor’s body, and then violently shook!


The core of the God Emperor Token that created the Ancient Primordial God Emperor’s Avatar was directly shattered by the strike of the Ancient Emperor Lei Ren.

“The Ancient Origin God Emperor was defeated?”

The cultivators of the Origin domain, as well as the cultivators who were watching the battle near the Origin domain, were all stunned when they saw this.

It was only after a long time that someone muttered in disbelief.

Ancient Primordial God Emperor, one of the three human God Emperors, was viewed by cultivators as the last line of defense that could God Emperor.

Yet now, even the Ancient Thunder Soaring Emperor was actually unable to endure a single strike!

Was the difference between the two truly that great?

Everyone was silent. Even Heavenly King Zhang Ji sighed in despair. 𝚋edn𝚘𝚟el.co𝚖

Although it was only a projection that was killed, the projection had a combat strength close to eighty percent of its true body.

However, before Ancient Emperor Lei Ren, he was like a child that had been killed with his bare hands, and he didn’t even utilize a Dao Weapon!

Even if Primordial God Emperor were to attack him personally, he would probably be defeated!

It wasn’t a big deal for the three domains to be conquered and ruled over by the ancient Kings.

If the Ancient Emperor Lei Ren was a little more kind and gentle, then even if he were to hand over these three great domains, it wouldn’t be much.

However, from the beginning until the end, Ancient Emperor Lei Ren had assumed the posture of wanting to wash the three regions with blood.

Just like what Ancient Primoridial God Emperor said earlier, it was not just revenge, it was even making use of the problem.

The Ancient Emperor Lei Ren wanted to establish his bloody rule in the Southern Continent, and the bloody cleansing of the three domains was only the beginning.

If he allowed his wild hopes to succeed, then the entire Southern Continent would no longer be peaceful!

But …

“Even if the Primordial God Emperor and the other two God Emperors came to the Origin domain at this moment and joined forces against the enemy, I’m afraid it’ll be too late.”

Zhang Ji felt bitter in his heart. He no longer hoped that he would be able to escape, to the extent where he could faintly feel it.

It wasn’t bad to die here. Otherwise, even if he survived, he could almost predict how his future would be like.

He would also see more tragic and bloody events happening.

This was not an exaggeration.

In the history of the Southern Continent, there had once been a Devil Emperor that had become capable of slaughter. He had suppressed the Southern Continent for a hundred thousand years with a supreme path of slaughter.

In the past 100,000 years, he had sacrificed the blood of millions and millions of Southern Continent cultivators to forge peerless Dao Weapons, hoping to break through to the Dao Sovereign Realm.

Fortunately, he didn’t succeed in the end. He died under the tribulation of a Dao Sovereign.

Even so, the entire Southern Continent’s cultivation world had declined for countless years because of the tragedy of the past hundred thousand years.

Still unable to recover from the setback, it was ranked at the bottom of the various continents!

“If Xuan Yi was here … Perhaps there would’ve been another way?”

Zhang Ji’s mind subconsciously recalled Xuan Yi’s name.

But soon, he let out a bitter smile and expelled that thought from his mind.

No matter how heaven-defying Xuan was, he was only a half-step Heavenly King, even with Frostfeathers.

Two cultivators whose combat strength was comparable to a half-step God Emperor couldn’t even match the combat strength of Ancient Primordial God Emperor.

How could he be able to block the Ancient Thunder Soaring God Emperor?

Xuan Yi had gone to the Primordial Battlefield. To Heavenly King Zhang Ji, he didn’t feel that Xuan Yi had betrayed him or anything. Instead, he felt relieved.

With Xuan Yi present, with his talent, he might be able to become a God Emperor. At that time, the Southern Continent would welcome a turning point even earlier.

It wouldn’t be like the past when he’d fallen for a hundred thousand years.

However, it was at this moment that Zhang Ji suddenly heard the cries of the cultivators in the outside world.

“That figure is …?”