I Beg You All, Please Shut Up - C.246Feb 15, 2024


Chapter 246: Qingchuan Kuzi Came Again

The next afternoon, half past one!

A Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of Haicheng Airport.

The door opened, and Chu Tian pulled a small suitcase as Li Sisi and Xia Mo stepped out.

Because Li Niannian knew that Chu Tian was going to Lanzhou with Xia Mo, she drove the BMW that day, leaving the Rolls Royce for Li Sisi to see them off.

“Alright, Sisi.” Chu Tian carried the small suitcase and said, “It’s quite hot today, so go back quickly.”

“Okay.” Li Sisi stood by the car and said, “Remember to send a message when you and Xia Mo get home. Also, be careful on the road.”

“Don’t worry.” Xia Mo smiled and said, “Follow me. I won’t let anything happen to Chu Tian. Hurry up and go back. Don’t you have things to attend to?”

“That’s true.” Li Sisi smiled and said, “I’ll have to find those renovation workers later and let them go to the villa to take a look. Alright, I won’t send you inside. Hurry up and go in. We’ll have to board the plane soon.”

“Sisi, be careful when you drive.” Chu Tian said, “Also if there’s anything, remember to call me. Sister Xia and I will go in first.”

“Well, let’s go in. Nothing will happen.”

As they spoke, Chu Tian and the other two waved at each other. Soon after, Chu Tian and Xia Mo walked into the airport hall, and Li Sisi got in the car and drove away.


Two thirty in the afternoon!

Inside Haicheng Airport, the direct flight to Lanzhou Airport took off on time.

In the business class, Chu Tian and Xia Mo sat together. Looking at Xia Mo staring out the window, Chu Tian couldn’t help saying, “Sis, are you going home… quite sad?”

Xia Mo turned her head to look at Chu Tian and smiled. “Not really, After all, my parents have sacrificed for so many years. Actually, I’ve already accepted it in my heart. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve been back. My home must have been covered in dust. When I think about cleaning up… Sigh, I have a headache.”

Hearing what Xia Mo said, Chu Tian chuckled, then grabbed Xia Mo’s hand and said, “How important is it, Sister? I’ll go back and clean up with you.”

Xia Mo looked at Chu Tian with a smile, then shook her hand and said, “Let go.”

“Don’t let go!”

“Hey, Rascal, hurry up and let go.”

“Don’t let it go for the rest of your life.”

Seeing Chu Tian’s cheap smile, Xia Mo smiled and rolled her eyes. Then she let Chu Tian hold her hand and did not resist.

5:30 In the afternoon!

After flying for nearly three hours, Chu Tian carried a suitcase in one hand and held Xia Mo’s hand in the other as they walked out together at the exit of Lanzhou Airport.

No one picked up either.

After they left the airport, Chu Tian and Xia Mo first took a taxi and then left.

6:20 PM!

In a small area in downtown Lanzhou, as Xia Mo opened the door to the room, a long-forgotten musty smell greeted them.

In the living room, on the sofa, coffee table, television, and air conditioning, everything was covered with a layer of cloth.

Obviously, when Xia Mo left last time, she knew that she would not be able to return for a long time, so she covered everything up.

“Come in quickly.”

After Chu Tian came in, he first placed the luggage to the side and looked around, “Sis, this is pretty good. I don’t think there’s much need to clean it. Lift up the cloth and wash it, then drag it to the ground.”

“That’s what you say…” Xia Mo smiled as she pushed the switch up. “You’re good.”

“Of course, I’ll do it, sis. You said that I’m so lazy.”

Chu Tian rolled up his sleeves. Just as he was about to lift the cloth over the sofa, Xia Mo quickly smiled and said, “Oh, alright, alright, you should hurry up and rest. I’ll do it. If there’s nothing else to do, you should call Sisi and say that we’re home, then mop the floor. Don’t interfere with anything else. I’ll do it.”

“Alright, listen to my sister.”

Chu Tian took out his phone with a smile. He was just about to give Li Sisi a call when he saw something and frowned.

It was a notification text message sent half an hour ago.

“Louis Juna entered Xi’an at 17:50 this afternoon.”

Seeing this message, Chu Tian couldn’t help frowning and slowly bit his lips.

Louis Juna was the ‘Qingchuan Kuzi’, the mixed blood woman who had led Chu Tian into the forest and nailed him to the tree.

Earlier, after Chu Tian had followed this woman, he had listed all of her identity information as a priority.

No matter which of these identities she used, as long as she came to China, Chu Tian would receive her entry notice.

He thought that this woman wouldn’t come to China after ‘killing me’ and avenging Zhang Wei and hadn’t expected that she would come to China again not long after.

However, she didn’t go to Haicheng but to Xi’an.

So… this woman probably did not know that he was still alive. She had come to China for something else.