I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

C.9: Mutually Consensual TransactionFeb 25, 2023


So that’s the case!

After reading Wang Xiaofeng’s message, Chu Tian nodded his head in understanding.

This was indeed a difficult task!

Chu Tian had seen those sorts of videos before. Thus, he knew very well how widespread those videos would circulate in a short period of time.

A video like that will very possibly reach dozens of similar websites not long after it’s uploaded to one site.

Thus, a job like that possessed a very heavy workload!

No matter what, one must hack into all those websites and delete the video from their servers to ensure that they will not reappear.

Besides that, the job was also very difficult.

Hacking into those sites was no easy task on their own. Some sites would be easy to hack into. But, for some websites, even a hacker of Wang Xiaofeng’s caliber would not be able to hack into them.

But, that was only the step one. There’s also a step two.

Step two, to ensure that the video would be completely erased from the internet and not reuploaded, one cannot simply eliminate the video from the sites. One must also eliminate the downloaded videos.

As long as the video remains on someone’s computer or cell phone, it could very possibly re-emerge online. At that time, all efforts would become meaningless.

As such, step two would require one to hack into all the cell phones and computers that had downloaded the video and remove it from them.

Only by doing a complete removal of the video could one ensure that it will not reappear online.

With that in mind, Chu Tian typed: “30 million. That is indeed a big job. But, the workload and difficulty of the job is quite terrifying too.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “That is indeed the case. Brother Shadow, are you interested in attempting that job? Since we’re unable to take on their job anyways, it’s simply beyond our skills, if you’re interested, I can contact her so that the two of you could chat among yourselves. What do you think about that?”

“That works,” Chu Tian replied, “It’s best that you give me her contact details.”

Wang Xiaofeng: “Definitely. Wait a while then, I’ll contact her first.”

Time passed. Roughly ten minutes later, Wang Xiaofeng’s message came again.

Wang Xiaofeng: “Brother Shadow, here’s her qq number. 68135*****. The two of you can talk among yourselves. I’m too tired from staying up so long so I’ll go to bed now.”

[1. qq was the top instant messenger in China. It’s that penguin messenger thingy from Tencent. If qq isn’t the top, wechat is. They’re both owned by Tencent either way so meh.]

Chu Tian smiled. He replied: “ok. You go to sleep.”

After finishing his dialogue with Wang Xiaofeng, Chu Tian first applied for a new qq number and nicknamed his account ‘Shadow.’ Then, he began to type on his keyboard to prevent tracking. Only then did he open up the search option and entered the qq number Wang Xiaofeng gave him.

The result of the search appeared.

A user by the name of ‘Black Bastard Go To Hell,’ appeared. The user portrait was that of a penguin. In other words, this was also a newly created account.

[1. Penguin is the default icon for qq.]

Seeing the search result, Chu Tian directly added that user. In the memo, he left the message: ‘Hacker’s Forum, Shadow.’

Soon, the opposing party accepted his friend request and a ‘didi’ ringing sound was heard.

[2. qq have a distinctive ‘didi’ ringing sound as its notification sound. Seems like they even won a trademark battle over the sound. http://www.sixthtone.com/ht_news/1003119/qq-wins-legal-trademark-battle-for-its-notification-sound]

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Hello. Are you the expert mentioned by the administrator of the Hacker’s Forum, Bright Moon Illuminating A Big Bed?”

Seems very urgent.

Chu Tian smiled and replied: “That’s me alright.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Are you really able to help me? No lie, I’m about to be worried to death here.”

Chu Tian: “It’s not too difficult to handle. Your husband still hasn’t found out about it yet, right?”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Right. He still has no idea. If he discovered that video, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now. He would’ve kicked me out already. But, he would also frequent that sort of website from time to time. It’s possible for him to discover that video at any time. It’s true, I’m nearly driven to a state of nervous breakdown over that video.”

Chu Tian: “I can understand. In that case, let us move onto the main topic at once. Let’s talk about the price first.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “30 million. That’s the most I can pay. I’m not lying to you. That’s all the personal money I have. I cannot touch our joint account because he’ll find out. At that time, I wouldn’t be able to explain things to him.”

Chu Tian: “No problem. 30 million it is then. But, I’ll say this in advance. This is a mutually consensual transaction. It’s best to not try to scheme anything here. Since I am able to help you rid that video, I am also able to make it reappear online. In fact, I can make it appear right on your husband’s phone. Understand?”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Yes, of course. You don’t have to worry about that. I will definitely not try anything. As long as you handle that matter for me, 30 million is yours. Not a single cent less.”

Chu Tian: “Very well. In that case, send me a link to the video. I will have to see the video first. Only then will I know what video I need to clear from the internet.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Wait a moment.”

After two minutes, ‘Black Bastard Go To Hell’ sent over a link.

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “This is the video.”

Chu Tian opened the link and entered an adult video website. A video began to play on his screen.

The setting of that video was clearly a hotel room. A young married woman with a good figure wearing a sexy outfit and a dark black man appeared on the video.

The total length of the video was twenty-seven minutes.

Chu Tian only played the video for a short period of time before minimizing it. Then, he began to type on his keyboard.

Five minutes later. Chu Tian nodded his head.

Sure enough, it was her!

During the last five minutes, Chu Tian followed the ip address of that ‘Black Bastard Go To Hell’ and hacked into her computer. Through that, he confirmed her identity. She was indeed the woman on that video. He also managed to find who her husband was.

Indeed, her husband was extremely wealthy. He’s someone ranked among the top 100 wealthiest individuals in the country.

After confirming her identity, Chu Tian messaged: “Are you free tonight?”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “I am. My husband’s not going to be home tonight.”

Chu Tian: “In that case, stay in front of your computer and wait. Your situation is quite urgent. I will help you get rid of the video first. If your husband finds out about it, it’ll all be too late then.”

Black Bastard Go To Hell: “Thank you. Truly, thank you. I will stay and wait before my computer. I wouldn’t go anywhere.”

Chu Tian: “Good. I will notify you once I’m done.”

After ending their conversation, Chu Tian reopened his minimized browser and began to type away on his keyboard.