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C.119 - : MusketeerMar 27, 2024

Chapter 119: Chapter 119: Musketeer

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“Follower?” Song Jian blinked. “Can NPCs be recruited as followers here?”

“Exactly!” Fiana gestured towards the Dwarven cowboy Zack at the door: “Since the bar officially opened, many wandering NPCs pass by, pays a short visit, have a drink and rest a bit. Whether you can recruit them, though, depends on your skills. Only a few players have been successful during these days.”

“No wonder there are so many people in this bar. 1 thought the players were idling around!” Song Jian shook his head and murmured.

“Brother, you don’t understand. Sharpening the ax will not delay the job of chopping the wood! Once you successfully recruit a follower, whether you are hunting monsters or collecting resources, it’s rapid!” a player next to him explained with a smile.

“Don’t followers demand wages?” Song Jian suddenly asked.

The player was stunned, then scratched his head uncertainly, “They shouldn’t,

1 think. I haven’t recruited any yet, so I’m not sure. I’m just here to try my luck!”

“Every six hours, a wandering NPC will appear, but their qualifications, attributes, and professions are random,” Fiana continued to explain, “This Zack is obviously from the Dwarf Clan, and he should be a Musketeer or Cowboy. His quality is pretty decent, barely considered of excellent quality.”

Song Jian looked over at Zack; indeed, the name displayed on top of this wandering NPC was blue.

However, apart from the name, all of the Dwarf Zack’s attributes were hidden. Right after his attributes were the words “recruitable.”

“Oh, bless the Forging God, the people in this bar are too enthusiastic! So enthusiastic it’s a bit overwhelming, haha!” Zack stroked his beard and laughed heartily.

Fiana’s eyes lit up and she whispered, “Forging God, judging by appearances, this dwarf Zack must be a Forging Master. If anyone can recruit him, it would be a huge gain.”

“Huh, you can be sure he’s a Forging Master just by his use of the phrase ‘Forging God in the Heavens’?” Song Jian was baffled and asked immediately.

“Of course,” Fiana looked at Song Jian and said, “Each race worships not just one God but has many. Among the Dwarf Clan, there are no fewer than ten Gods. Generally, worshiping different Gods will grant different bonuses, but one person can only worship one God. Changing faiths would completely wipe out the value of the previous faith, which is unfavorable.”

“I believe that unless one is a Forging Master, they wouldn’t worship the Forging God. This is because the bonus granted by worshiping the Forging God is a 10% increase in forging success rate,” Fiana explained with a casual expression on her face.

“I see!” said Song Jian, nodding. Many of the in-game information was unknown to the players, but Song Jian found that regular conversations with NPCs could yield a lot of useful information.

“Isn’t your main mission to converse with ten combat-class individuals to understand their occupations?” Fiana suddenly said to Song Jian, “Whether this dwarf Zack is a Musketeer or Cowboy, he is your target!” (f)reewe(b)novel

“Huh, is that so?” Song Jian was surprised. He didn’t understand how Fiana knew about his main mission. If she hadn’t reminded him, he might have forgotten as he had been thinking about the “Sword Immortal” profession.

“All right, I’ll go talk to him.” Song Jian put down his glass and walked over to the dwarf, Zack.

As soon as Song Jian approached Zack, before he could even speak, Zack turned around with a serious face and said, “God’s chosen one, you have embarked on the path of pursuing a profession. Would you like to learn about the ‘Musketeer,’ a great profession?”

“Honorable Battle Profession Advisor, I’m standing at a crossroads of confusion and I don’t know which road to take. Please guide me on forward. 1 would like to hear about the ‘Musketeer,’ a noble profession,” Song Jian followed the system’s prompts and said.

“Hahahaha, of course, no problem!” Zack laughed loudly, stroking his beard and staring at Song Jian, “But before I explain the ‘Musketeer,’ a great profession, to you, I need to confirm if you have the capability to take up this profession. You must pass my test!”

“A test?” Song Jian was shocked, but soon nodded, “No problem, Advisor Zack, I am willing to accept your test.”

“Hmm, let me think.” Zack mused for a moment, a gleam flashed in his eyes, he laughed heartily, “My challenge to you is to purchase a cup of Golden Rum for me!”

System: Battle Profession Mentor, Dwarf Zack, has issued you a challenge task: Golden Rum; Task requirement: Hand over a cup of Golden Rum to Battle Profession Mentor, Dwarf Zack; Golden Rum: o/l; Task deadline: 6 hours; Task Reward: Earn Zack’s trust, receive information on the “Musketeer” profession; Task Penalty: Decrease relationship with Battle Profession Mentor Zack to indifferent.

“Alright, Advisor Zack, please wait a moment!” After giving a bow to Zack, Song Jian turned around and walked to the bar counter.

“Fiana, give me a cup of Golden Rum!” Song Jian shouted.

“Golden Rum, one thousand Doomsday Coins a cup, are you sure you want to buy one?” Fiana asked with a charming smile.

Song Jian was startled, almost losing his balance.

“What? Why is it so expensive? Is this Golden Rum really more precious than the Royal Salute Count Rum?” Song Jian questioned loudly, his face flushing.

“Of course not!” Fiana shook her head and said, “The quality of the Golden Rum is far lower than that of the Royal Salute Count Rum, but…”

Fiana held up a finger and wiggled it at Song Jian, “You purchased the Royal Salute Count Rum because you were helping the boss build a safe house, which was considered a personal gift. But now, you must pay the original price for any fine wine you need!”

“So, if I want to buy a Royal Salute Count Rum now, how many Doomsday Coins will it cost?” Song Jian asked tentatively.

“First, your intimacy level with me must reach ‘Adoration,’ then, you’ll need to pay one million Doomsday Coins!” Fiana alluringly said, gazing at Song Jian.

“Adoration? One million Doomsday Coins?” Song Jian stood with his mouth agape, feeling a wave of belated bliss.

“Young man, you only have six hours. Please make good use of every minute and second. If you can’t even complete a simple challenge like this, then I think, even if I share information about the ‘Musketeer’ profession, you’re unfit for this profession!” Zack shouted at Song Jian.

“Don’t worry, Advisor Zack, I guarantee to complete this challenge task within the given time limit.” Song Jian nodded to Zack and then turned to head towards the bar’s exit.

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