I Love Destroying Worlds' Plot [BL]

C.1072: 16.118 First Red Star - The God of Time [End]Oct 13, 2023

A few moments after An Liang took his leave, a shadow appeared above his head, and saw a boy in grade school falling on himself. He caught it seeing that it was Xiao Jing.

Ye Jingxia hugged his father tightly on his neck, "Father, welcome home!"

"Xiao Jing. Father is back."

Ye Xiajie caught two smaller shadows in his embrace, his toddler twins.

"Baba~ Baba~ back hwome?"

"I mish chu! Baba~"

Ye Jingxia saw his children hugging him, while his hand holding his wife's remains entangled. Daddy was sleeping nearby, and Hei Anjing's appearance had changed, with white hair and more refined features. He exuded an aura of elegance and maturity due to age.

Ye Jingxia asked, "Father, why is Daddy sleeping?"

The God of Void's hold on the children trembles for a bit and gives an excuse that is believable for these little ones to hear.

"You know daddy had been looking after father for a long time right, Xiao Jing?"

"Un! Xiao Jing used to accompany Dad to look for Father!"

"That's correct but because of that Daddy hasn't slept well enough. Right now, Daddy is going to sleep for a long time to recover from lack of sleep." Ye Xiajie said.

Ye Jingmo asked, "Baba~ Wen will Dad wakey up?"

"Father will do his best to wake him up so you guys wait a little while longer." Ye Xiajie said. "Okay, enough playing. Go back home. You'll ruin your Dad's rest."

Ye Anxia suddenly said, "But~ Big Bwother hosn't arvive yet~"

"Your big brother is here though." Ye Xiajie was talking about Ye Jingxia who is in his embrace together with the twins.

This time it was Ye Jingxia who explained it to his Father properly, "Father, they are talking about Brother Qin."

"Qin? You don't mean Xiao Qin?" Ye Xiajie mumbled as he recalled the adopted prince he and Hei Anjing had chosen as the next heir in that Ancient world they used to live in. At that time he and his wife were not capable of meeting face to face until his death arrived. Their only way of communication is through that adopted son of theirs whose name was Ye Qinjing.

Ye Xiajie sighed and said, "Even Xiao Qin had ascended which means a lot of time had truly passed especially in Vearth where time moves slower than the other worlds."

Ye Qinjing had to search for his Uncle An Liang to lead him to the Central Region, unlike his siblings who could teleport there directly. Only those with the bloodline of Mo, Hei, Shen, and Ye could enter, while those outside the bloodline needed permission from Ye Xiajie. An Liang was the only one who could grant access to the region since he controlled the Nether System.

"Emperor Father," The former God Emperor of his own world calls hesitant towards his father who had died before his eyes and had cared for him more than that biological father of his. Though in reality, he is his uncle by bloodline ever since he was adopted this man had become his real father instead.

He still remembers the tall figure of the Emperor Father who saved him from his abandoned palace, where he was neglected by his family's servants and slaves. In their first meeting, he can still recall his words.

{I don't know if I can become the father you want but don't fear me, I will have no other children in this life. You will be the first and last if you agree. All I ask you is to look after your Empress Mother for me. Can you do that? We will become family as long as you agree.}

It was at that point that he went from being an abandoned prince to Crown Prince. His father punished everyone who had harmed him and even barred the man claiming to be his biological father from approaching him. His Emperor Father provided him with what his biological father did not: he cared for him, loved him, and taught him everything there is to learn. Even so, because his father is the ruler of their country, he cannot always be by his side, leaving him lonely.

His Empress Mother unexpectedly appeared in his life at that time. It was the dead of winter.

He was practicing his calligraphy one day while waiting for his father to join him for lunch, but that was canceled due to the snowstorm that hit their capital. It was difficult for people to leave their homes, and going out in such weather is dangerous even for his Father Emperor.

The Eunuch who was supposed to inform him about the cancellation of the lunch feast was stranded on the way at the time. At the time, the Eunuch was Xun Yong, who was the most loyal Eunuch to his majesty. When the snowstorm unexpectedly fell, he became trapped beneath it. The distance between the Main Palace and the Crown Prince Palace is considerable, necessitating the use of a carriage. Xun Yong saw the figure of Hei Anjing's true face in his last visage of consciousness as the carriage Eunuch Yong had ridden was buried under the snow. Just as he thought he would die, the snow that buried him slowly moved away.

Eunuch Yong's thoughts before fainting, 'His Majesty said that his hidden Male Empress possessed a beauty beyond this world and had irises as if the moon was embedded in it.'

Hei Anjing rescued this Eunuch because he was his husband's most trusted confidante.

Even though the Heavenly Laws forbid him from directly assisting his beloved, indirect assistance such as this is not prohibited. That is why, most of the time, he would save his beloved in an indirect manner. He took advantage of those around him and took actions that only indirectly involved Ye Xiajie. When he learns that his beloved has adopted a boy, he feels compelled to assist in his care.

As a result, he saved Eunuch, who was supposed to meet that child. He brought the old man to the Crown Prince's Palace after rescuing him and saw the young child, Ye Qinjing. He was the crown prince, but even as a child, he wished for his parents to accompany him. He witnessed the boy's sadness when his servants informed him that the Emperor would not be arriving due to the snowstorm.

He confronted him with the identity that his beloved had prepared for him. Even though they haven't met, it appears that Ye Xiajie was aware of his existence. He appointed him as his one and only Male Empress, but only his loyal subjects were aware of it. He kept it a secret because he didn't want others to know about the existence of his beloved; after all, he is a being above mortals.

This was the first time Hei Anjing and Ye Qinjing met. He accompanied the boy to his lunch, taught him information, and ignored his training. He will fill the gaps that Ye Xiajie was unable to fill. Hei Anjing would accompany the Emperor when he was too busy to see his child. Finally, the child became attached to him and loves him just as much as he loves his father. When Ye Qinjing awoke one day, he discovered Hei Anjing's identity. That Hei Anjing, an extremely God-like man, was his Empress Mother.

He had been extremely fortunate at the time. He not only has a father who protects and supports him, but also a mother who walks alongside him and loves him exactly as he is. He naturally evolved into a means of communication between his father and mother. Because his parents are unable to meet for some reason. His mother claims that the heavens forbid it and that they will only be able to see each other in death.

It wasn't until his father died that he realized everything; his male mother's job was to keep an eye on his father and observe him from afar. They are in love and care for each other, but they are not allowed to meet. His mother suggested that perhaps it was his punishment to watch his beloved live a life without him. At the time, Ye Qinjing didn't understand. He didn't understand until he ascended and heard his parents' story. Separated by life and death, collecting soul fragments of his father, his father had to live only watching over until his father's death. But now it was his father's turn to watch and experience everything his father had done for him.

When Ye Xiajie saw him, he recognized the figure of his young son, who used to tell him stories about his Empress Mother. He would assist his Empress in passing on some of his gifts and words. He was their little go-between, and Hei Anjing adored him as if he were their child. That is why he gave him his complete blessing and created a being capable of attaining Godhood without difficulty. They had already predicted his ascension and his appearance in Vearth came as no surprise to him.

Ye Xiajie said with a gentle voice despite his expressionless face. His eyes were a bit soft and nostalgic. "You've ascended. Good work, Xiao Qin. Your Dad would be happy to see you when he wakes up."

Ye Qinjing's eyes turned red, and tears streamed down his cheeks. He walked over to his Emperor Father and kneeled. He leans his head on his father's lap as if he is a long-lost child who has finally met his Father.

"Xiao Qin also misses the Emperor Father and Empress Mother so much!"

"You've grown big enough to hold your younger siblings but you are still a crybaby." Ye Xiajie said. "Okay. Don't cry anymore. Your brothers and sister are going..."

The three looked at each other as if they wanted to cry as they watched their eldest brother cry. In the end, it caused all of Ye Xiajie's children to cry. Ye Xiajie had to calm down his children for a while until the wailing sounds in the central region subsided. Because of the excessive crying, the twin fell asleep, and Ye Xiajie and Ye Qinjing carried them to sleep.

Ye Jingxia was fine, despite the fact that his eyes were swollen from crying, and he was now using ice to help his swelling go away.

Ye Qinjing whispered, wanting to say something to his father, "Emperor Father I..."

"Bring these three back to the rooms to rest first. Next time use this Teleportation Device to teleport anywhere you want. Your Dad made this toy for fun. Bring them to rest and come back." Ye Xiajie said as he handed a dark violet jade bracelet to his eldest son before directly teleporting him and his other children back home.

Ye Qinjing, who opened his eyes to the Mo Palace, was unsurprised as he placed his sleeping siblings on the nearby bed and wrapped them in a blanket. On his way down, he runs into Granduncle Mo, who is cooking, and Granduncle Shen, who is watching his wife prepare their lunch.

"Xiao Qin, greet the Granduncles!"

"Did you meet your father? Can you tell him for me that I've already registered that world under his name and he can do whatever he wants with it?" Shen Siwang said.

Ye Qinjing said, "I will Granduncle Shen." 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮

Shen Siwang chuckled and said, "Actually you can just call me uncle. After all, your father is also my brother."

"But... Granduncle Mo said..."

"Shut up, Hubby!" Mo Baojun said.


Mo Baojun spoke to his eldest nephew, "Xiao Qin ignored this old man. Are you going back to see your father?" He noticed the teleportation device in the form of bracelets around Ye Qinjing's right wrist.

"Yes, I want to see Dad as well." Ye Qinjing said.

Mo Baojun said, "You can directly teleport there with that device around your wrist. Just put some Qi in it and imagine the place you wanted to teleport into."

"Thank you, Granduncle Mo. I will go now." Ye Qinjing said. "See you later as well, Granduncle Shen."

Mo Baojun and Shen Siwang nod their heads at him and watch the young man disappear in thin air after he used the Teleportation Device on his wrist.

Shen Siwang said, "That child might be the one who can help Xia in this case."

"I don't know if it was by coincidence or by fate for them to adopt the God of Time and for the child to ascend at this time, maybe it's karma or maybe Xiao Jing'er already calculated everything a long time ago. Either way, it is better if that fool can gather his nephew's soul fragments as soon as possible." Mo Baojun said.

Shen Siwang hugged his wife from behind and said, "Don't worry. They will be fine."