Reborn as a Giant Python!

Wang Mang never dreamed that he would drown in his own reservoir one day.

When he woke up again, he realized that he had transformed into a little python!

Right now, in the bushes not far from the reservoir...

A two-meter-long python was looking at the calm water surface in the distance.

His cold snake eyes held a human-like dazedness.

It had been more than two months since Wang Mang had transformed into a python.

He had come a long way the little python that first broke out of its shell. He was two meters long now.

However, he still found it difficult to accept the fact that he had gone from a super-rich second-generation heir into a python.

Every day, after hunting to fill his stomach, he would run to his reservoir and daydream.

“Sigh! Forget it. It’s better to live idly than to die in glory. A python it is!”

With a sigh, Wang Mang decided to start a new life.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Devouring Evolution System! Binding successful!]

[Ding! Host, do you want to check your personal information?]

After hearing the system’s voice, Wang Mang was stunned for a long time.

By the time he came back to his senses, Wang Mang was relieved.

He had turned into a snake. What else could he not accept?

Moreover, before Wang Mang died, he was a veteran novel reader.

With that in mind, Wang Mang muttered in his heart,

“Yes! Check my personal information!”

Then, a virtual page appeared in his mind.

Host: Wang Mang.

Type: Burmese python.

Status: Young Burmese python.

Status: Healthy.

Body: 2.2 meters and 26 kilograms.

Combat Strength: Bite force 30 kilograms, speed 30 kilometers per hour.

Skill: Death Bind.

Evolution Points: 0/100 (Obtained by devouring prey).

After reading the message, Wang Mang was stunned.

Was this his current state?

Something occurred to him. Wang Mang hurriedly asked in his heart,

“System, can these so-called evolution points be obtained by devouring prey?”

[Yes! The host can evolve through devouring others and become stronger!]

Wang Mang immediately asked excitedly, “In other words, as long as I devour enough prey, I can continuously become stronger, right? I can even become like in the movies?”

[Yes! As long as you can continuously devour your prey!]

After hearing the system’s words, Wang Mang was a little excited.

It was only then that?he began to see a ray of hope for his otherwise boring future.

Furthermore,?he was desperate to evolve quickly, so...

Wang Mang could not sit still any longer!

He immediately moved his body and crawled into the forest again.

Why didn’t he hunt in the reservoir, though?

Because Wang Mang was afraid of dying, of course!

In his previous life, he had been fishing in his family’s reservoir.

However, he had caught some unknown creature that wound up dragging him into the reservoir.

Eventually, he was dragged too far away from shore. Completely drained, he had been unable to swim back to shore, so he drowned.

Back to the present...

Wang Mang began to search for prey after entering the forest.

Wild animals often appeared in this forest.

These included wild boars, goats, and even wild dogs and all sorts of animals!

On the other hand, Wang Mang did not encounter any large carnivores in the past two months.

Despite that, Wang Mang still did not dare to let his guard down.


In his previous life, Wang Mang had heard from the villagers that someone had seen brown bears and tigers in the forest behind this mountain range.

Was it true, or not? Did it really matter?

After dying once, Wang Mang did not dare to risk his life again!

Upon entering the forest, Wang Mang did not find any worthy targets. He only saw squirrels and birds in the trees.

Moreover, because the surface of his body was brown, yellow, and black, it was difficult to hide. Wang Mang could only hide in a pile of withered leaves and wait for his prey to come knocking on his door.

Pythons were not as agile and fast as other snakes.

Everyone knew that pythons could not move quickly, except underwater.

Therefore, Wang Mang hunted these days by lying in wait.

When night fell, he would still be able to catch something.

In addition, the place Wang Mang chose to camp was filled with mountain rats and hares all year round. This was also the reason why Wang Mang had survived until now.

If the prey was too big, he could not eat it. If it was too small, it would not fill his stomach.


Therefore, Wang Mang just barely survived on mountain rats and smaller wild hares.

Of course, a medium-sized hare could keep him going for half a month without going hungry.

Just as Wang Mang was patiently waiting for his prey, the sun finally set, and night fell.

The forest at night was the most terrifying. Wang Mang had long experienced this.

In the forest, all kinds of animals came out to be active, especially carnivores.

Wild dogs, bears, foxes, weasels, and the like were especially active at night.

Wang Mang had personally seen them all. There were quite a number of them in the forest.

As time passed, the night grew darker, and the forest gradually became livelier.

Suddenly, Wang Mang saw a small animal emitting thermal energy walking toward him. 𝑓𝒓𝚎e𝓌𝘦𝘣𝘯𝘰𝐯𝒆𝑙.c𝚘m

The small animal in his line of sight was a huge hare.

It looked around vigilantly and moved closer to Wang Mang.

It clearly wanted to go past Wang Mang’s location in search of food. After all, there was not much food in the forest, so heading out was extremely dangerous.

Most of the time, this hare would look for food near the reservoir.

However, this fat gray hare did not know that it had already quietly entered Wang Mang’s attack range.

When the hare entered the attack range and was less than half a meter away from him, Wang Mang, who had hesitated for a long time, finally moved.

He was like a cold arrow as his snake head shot out. As his snake mouth bit the hare, his body quickly wrapped around its huge body.

After realizing what was going on, the hare began to struggle violently. It even started to bite Wang Mang when it was forced into a corner.

However, Wang Mang still refused to let go, and his body wound around it tighter and tighter.

Besides, the hare’s struggle and counterattack had ticked him off.

He began to wind tighter around the hare, using more strength to strangle it!

The big hare, which was originally struggling violently, began to gradually exhaust itself as time passed.

Fifteen minutes later...

Wang Mang had finally killed this huge hare.

However, his next headache was that this prey was too big!

If he swallowed it whole, he would definitely be stuffed to death!

Fortunately, where there was a will, there was a way.

Half an hour later...

Wang Mang ate the hare by splitting it up.

At the same time, the system’s voice sounded in his mind,

[Congratulations, Host! You have obtained 30 evolution points from devouring the hare!]

A hare was worth 30 evolution points?

Wang Mang was immediately ecstatic.

Did that mean…

That if he ate a few more prey tonight, he would be able to level up and evolve?