Chapter 12: Clement’s Student

Translator: Lonelytree

“Ah, how is that possible?”

Kart stood there in a daze. The confidence he had just now was equal to the shock he felt now.

He even thought that there was something wrong with his ears. He patted his own ears. Normal, which meant that what he heard just now was true. Eli and Rias passed the test, but he didn’t.

He didn’t pass the test...

How was this possible?

He was Kart, and he had always been first. How could he not pass the test? It was fine about Rias, but how could a guy like Eli, who lived in the slums, pass the test?

“This is impossible! This is impossible!” Kart’s body trembled, unable to accept this ending at all. He looked at Eli, who was more than ten meters away, and fire of anger rose in his heart.

“Eli must’ve cheated. Otherwise, how could he have passed the test? And how could I not have passed? this is absolutely impossible.”

“I’ve always been first. How could I not pass? There’s definitely a problem!”

Kart shouted, his voice spreading throughout the library. The people who were about to leave were attracted by him.

Scholar Clement looked over and frowned. “This test is fair and just. Everything was done under the eyes of the three of us. We will definitely not do anything that violates the rules.”

Kart had a look of doubt on his face. He couldn’t accept it.

Today’s incident seemed to have turned his past into a joke, a dream he had made for himself. He didn’t want to wake up, and he didn’t want to.

“if you want to look at the test papers, we can check them at any time. Please remain calm. This is the library.” Scholar Clement said softly, comforting Kart.

However, Kart seemed to be unable to accept reality. His eyes were bloodshot as he said in a daze, “That’s impossible, that’s impossible!

“It must be Eli who bribed all of you. Otherwise, how could he have passed the test? he’s just a lowly commoner. Impossible, absolutely impossible!” Kart’s voice was getting louder and louder, and he was losing control of his emotions.

Scholar Clement furrowed his brows. There had been situations where people had doubted the test result before, but it had never been like today, where someone actually dared to be so presumptuous.

The other onlookers also shook their heads. Although they didn’t know what had happened, they knew that they wouldn’t let someone who insulted a scholar join the library, even if he had good grades.

The library would not recruit members who did not know how to respect others.

“Kurt, Herman, throw this guy out.” Scholar Clement gave the students beside him a look, and the two of them walked out, ready to send Kart off.

During this process, Kart was still resisting, shouting, ” I’m going to check Eli’s test paper, or I’m going to spread this unfair act of yours everywhere.”

Even now, he still couldn’t accept the fact that he didn’t pass the test. One must know that he had always been in the first place!

“Let him see!” Scholar Clement also had a hint of anger on his face.

Harman and Kurt stopped what they were doing, and each of them went to get the test paper. They returned quickly and handed it to Kart.

Kart grabbed the test paper and quickly scanned through it.

He looked at the test paper that was filled with answers. Every question was written with reason. Many of them were things that Kart had forgotten or even didn’t know about before. At this moment, they were all imprinted in his eyes.

Especially the last question, so he was really wrong. What Eli said was right.

“How is this possible?” After Kart saw it, he fell to the ground.

“There are two more things. First, you’re in fourth place on this test. Even without Eli, you still didn’t pass the test.

“Secondly, Eli’s results this time are number one, much higher than yours, and far higher.” At this time, scholar Clement told Kart, which almost made him faint.

It usually only took an instant for a person’s belief to collapse. This was Kart’s current situation.

Kart’s eyes were dazed. So, his first place had always been just his own wild fantasy?

Were these people just hiding their true abilities?

In the end, he was dragged out of the library by a few people.

Throughout this process, Eli just stood by and watched without interfering.

His evaluation of Kart was that he was proud.

After sending off Kart, the others left as well, leaving only Eli and Rias behind.

“Carter, you take Rias to handle her induction. Eli, come with me.” Scholar Clement waved at Kurt.

Kurt’s mouth twitched. He was a dignified scholar, but at this moment, he was acting like a guard. ‘Teacher already has a new favorite!’

Carter took Rias away. Before he left, she gave a strange look at Eli as if she had not expected a commoner to score higher than her.

“Scholar, is there a problem?” After Kurt left, only he, Kurt, and Eli were left.

And the first sentence that scholar Clement said stunned Eli.

“Are you willing to be my student?”

“A student?” Eli was a little surprised.

Scholar Clement had been in the library for decades and had a certain influence on the city. He knew many people and had even been an advisor to some nobles.

It could be said that although scholar Clement was not a noble, he had a certain amount of power in the city, which came from his knowledge and the development of his academic career.

Becoming his student was naturally a very good thing. It was something that many people dreamed of, not to mention the help that he might be able to bring.

Therefore, when scholar Clement asked this question, Eli immediately replied, “thank you, scholar Clement. I’m willing to be your student.

“Hahaha! Good, good, good!” Scholar Clement laughed.

He was already 50 years old, and he had long since fought for power and knowledge. In his past life, he had written many excellent articles and dug out some unknown history. He had even been invited by some nobles.

However, only he knew that he still had some regrets.

That was, he had not cultivated a student who was outstanding enough to inherit his ideas and continue to develop them.

Today, when he saw Eli, he felt that Eli might be able to do it. 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝒆𝘸𝚎𝙗𝒏oν𝙚𝘭.𝐜𝒐m

There were many geniuses out there, but it was rare to see someone as hardworking as Eli. On the path of learning, hard work was sometimes very important, or even more important than talent. That was why he had the idea of taking in a student.

“yes, hard work is a sharp sword. It will make others look up to you.” Scholar Clement encouraged him and looked kindly at Eli.

Eli blinked. ‘Hard work?’ 𝒇𝑟𝐞𝐞w𝐞𝑏𝙣𝑜vℯl.co𝑚

What kind of misunderstanding did scholar Clement have about him? He only studied for three or four hours every night after work for half a month, and that was considered hard work..?

Eli felt that there must be some misunderstanding, but he didn’t plan on exposing it. If it were a misunderstanding, he would let this continue.

“How biased, how hateful!” On the side, Herman’s mouth twitched.

Back when he had become his teacher’s apprentice, Clement had been very casual. He had not been so enthusiastic.

“Do you have any other requests? Perhaps I can help you.” After Eli agreed, the smile on scholar Clement’s face never left his face.

“Uh, there really is one.”

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

“Can you advance a few months of my salary?”


In the end, Eli didn’t get an advance salary from scholar Clement.

Because the generous scholar Clement had directly given Eli fifteen silver tars, asking him to find a new place to live and buy some new clothes.

After getting his official member Certification, Eli left the library and returned to his little room in the slums. Speaking of which, he was quite lucky that he didn’t run into any trouble in the slums during this period.

“The test has come to an end.” In the dilapidated room, Eli said in relief.

This time, not only had he passed the test, but he had also become a student of scholar Clement. This was a huge change in his status and identity.

“Poor Kart!” On his way back, Eli even saw Kart. At the time, he was sitting limply on the side of the road with a dazed expression, mumbling, “impossible, impossible!

“I hope he can pull himself together.” Eli shook his head.

Eli didn’t have any irreconcilable differences with Kart, and there wasn’t much between them. Kart’s current state was entirely his own problem, and Eli could only feel pity for him.

Besides, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to other people.

He had other things to do.

Eli thought of Saleen’s notes, and a ‘greedy’ smile appeared on his face.

He had been looking forward to mastering witchcraft for a long time.