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Chapter 9: Noble Character

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Scholar Clement left with a confused expression.

“This doesn’t make sense!” On the way out of the reading room, scholar Clement was a little confused.

He had only embarrassed Eli in a moment of anger. Even if Eli couldn’t answer him, it wouldn’t be a big deal. He would just educate him a little and let him off. fre𝙚𝓌𝒆𝚋noѵel.c𝚘m

After all, who hadn’t made mistakes before?

But thinking back to the question just now, no matter what he asked, Eli would be able to answer quickly, as if he didn’t need to recall.

It took a full ten minutes.

He actually wasn’t able to quiz Eli.

It was as if he had memorized all the content even though the content that Eli had just flipped through was probably close to a hundred pages. He actually remembered all of it. That couldn’t be possible, right?

Scholar Clement thought that he was quite knowledgeable already, but it was impossible for him to remember so many things so clearly.

“Ah, he must have studied for a long time.” Scholar Clement said with a sigh.

This amount of memory wasn’t something that could be completed in a few days. It would take at least a few months or even a year.

That was very hard!

Scholar Clement automatically imagined a scene in his mind. In a dilapidated wooden house, a young man endured the choking smell and studied with difficulty.

“He’s a hardworking child!” For a moment, scholar Clement felt a little ashamed. He was ashamed that he had almost wronged a hardworking young man.

“However, the test is a comprehensive one. He might be good at history, but he’s average in other aspects. It’ll be difficult for him to pass.”

Scholar Clement shook his head.

The test was comprehensive. The rich families indeed had a huge advantage over the commoners, not to mention the poor. The number of people who passed was generally very small, or even none.

In this era, one’s family background determined how much knowledge one could come into contact with.

“It’s a pity,” Scholar Clement sighed and went up to the second floor. He still had some work to do.


‘It seems that the effect of quick memory is really good.’

In the reading room, Eli looked at Clement’s back as he left and thought to himself.

At that time, he was completely focused on the book, so he didn’t notice that scholar Clement was already standing outside the room. Of course, this was also because he was a new mage and wasn’t very familiar with the powers yet.

However, in the test just now, Eli had also verified that quick memory was indeed amazing.

An ordinary person might need a few months to memorize something completely, but he could completely master it in half an hour.

The mages were too powerful.

Memory and soul were all aspects that mages were good at. In terms of strength, mages were probably above Knights.

According to the notes, as long as one became an official Magus, even a Sky Knight would be no more than a slightly larger ant that could be easily dealt with by a Magus.

But thinking of his talent, Eli smacked his lips.

With his trashy talent, he would probably never be able to become a powerful wizard in his entire life. He would probably only reach the stage of a Level-3 apprentice at the end of his life.

“But it’s a good thing that I’m immortal!” The corners of Eli’s mouth curled up slightly.

If it were an ordinary mage facing this situation, their heart would be filled with despair, and then they would lie flat or even use some special means to increase their spiritual force forcibly.

But Eli didn’t panic at all, and he was very calm.

It didn’t matter if he was lacking in talent. At least he had time.

Even if his meditation speed was slow, at least it was still increasing.

If it were in his previous life, this would be a waste.

But at this moment, Eli felt that this was the path he should choose.

Fighting and killing didn’t suit him.

He was immortal. Why would he fight some short-lived species?

If Eli’s enemies died, they would lose a few decades. If he dies, it’ll be a huge loss. That’s an endless lifespan! Rounding it up, he’ll lose an entire world!

That would be too much of a loss. It was completely unequal!

Eli would win with the power of patience. What? Were you too powerful? No problem. He would just wait until you die of old age.

What? Was he not talented enough to master this?

Then, he would study for a hundred years or even a thousand years.

The thing that an immortal did not lack the most was time, which was also an important reason why he was very cautious during this period of time.

But that was all for the future. For the current Eli, he was still too weak.

He was so weak that he could die from any accident, which was why he decided to join the library, find a place to settle down, and then quietly learn the power of a mage.

“Next, I’ll have to wait for the test in 15 days. No, I think it’s only 14 days.” After much consideration, Eli sat down and continued reading.

The test was coming, so he had to continue working hard.


At night, Roland came in to remind him that it was time to go. Only then did Eli stretch his body and close the book.

It was already midnight, and the library was about to close.

Turning off the candle, Eli returned the books he had borrowed one by one and walked out of the library with Roland. Roland had only returned so late because he had work to do tonight.

At the entrance of the library, they chatted.

“Eli, are you going to Liuying Street?” Roland said with a smile.

“No,” Eli refused.

Liuying Street was located in the underground city district of Jun Lin city. It was the red light district and s one of the favorite entertainment venues of Jun Lin city’s citizens.

Not to mention ordinary citizens, there might even be nobles in some high-end places.

“That’s a pity.” Roland shook his head and left quickly. As the nephew of a noble, his family was not too poor, so he often went there.

Eli looked at the Silver Moon outside, touched his empty pocket, and let out a long sigh.

Liuying Street!

When he has money...

At this moment, scholar Clement had also finished his work and was about to leave the library. As soon as he went downstairs, he saw Eli standing at the entrance, and a different light flashed in his eyes.

It’s already midnight!

Everyone else had left, but Eli studied until this moment before leaving.

“What a hardworking young man.” Under the moonlight, Clement smiled kindly.

As expected, he had misunderstood Eli earlier. He was ashamed!


In the next ten days, after working during the day, Eli read and memorized madly. Other than the history and heraldry he had initially focused on, he had also read a lot of other materials. He had more or less dabbled in various aspects, and his meditation had slowed down.

In just a dozen days, Eli’s knowledge had undergone a complete change. If it was at the level of a kindergarten before, it was now at least at the level of a high school student, and some of his studies had even reached the level of a college student.

During this process, Roland would invite him to ” visit ” Liuying Street from time to time, but he would be sternly ” rejected ” by Eli, not because he didn’t want to but because he didn’t have the money.

This made Roland admire Eli’s character very much.

In this context, Eli waited for more than three months.

The test was finally here.